Balconies 2023, September

Adjusting A Plastic Balcony Door: Instructions For Self-adjusting The Balcony With Your Own Hands

Adjustment of a plastic balcony door can be done without the help of a specialist. To eliminate the deformation of the door on the balcony yourself, it is enough to purchase a standard set of tools. How to do it? Read the answer in our new article

Balcony With Your Own Hands (57 Photos): How To Make A Cellar, Ceiling And Box On A Loggia In A Private House

How to make a balcony with your own hands and what are the advantages of this type of expansion of the area in a private or apartment building? How can you comfortably and beautifully equip a balcony from the inside?

Wall-mounted Clothes Dryer On The Balcony (51 Photos): Retractable And Folding Balcony Model

A wall-mounted clothes dryer on the balcony is a great option for competently organizing space. What are the features of the retractable and foldable linen balcony model? Read about this and much more in our article

Finishing The Loggia With Plastic Panels (66 Photos): PVC Sheathing, How To Finish It Yourself

Decorating a loggia with plastic panels is not such a difficult process as it might seem at first glance. Even a beginner in repair can master the balcony cladding with pvc sheets. How to finish with your own hands and where to start? You will find the answer to these questions in our article

Glazing Of Balconies In Khrushchev (51 Photos): Views With A Take-out And A Roof

How to make a balcony in Khrushchev-type apartments more comfortable and cozy? Various types with a roof extension or another glazing option would be the best option, depending on the design features of the supporting plate

Wrought Iron Balconies (66 Photos): Fences, Railings, Trellises And External Flower Beds For Private Houses

Beautiful wrought-iron balconies, elegant railings, railings, trellises and external flower beds for private houses are in great demand among the population and are a sign of the good taste of their owners. What are these products and what makes them so popular?

French Balcony Glazing (62 Photos): Windows And Loggias Instead Of A Balcony Block In The Apartment

French balcony glazing can be increasingly found not in country houses and cottages, but in modern city houses. Why are French windows equipped not only with balconies and loggias, but also installed instead of a balcony block in an apartment? Why is a French-glazed balcony attractive for city dwellers?

Balcony In A Private House (49 Photos): Beautiful Annexes Outside Under The Roof, Closed Outside View

A private house without a balcony looks like an unfinished building. A variety of options for balcony designs allows you to add personality, good style, and a sense of the completeness of the architectural plan to any project of a private house. Would you like to have a safe and beautifully decorated balcony on the front of your private house? Read the article on how to do it

Decorating A Balcony With Clapboard (89 Photos): How To Sheathe Your Own Hands With Eurolining, Sheathing Inside

The cladding inside the loggia can turn it into a separate and cozy room. Have you already thought about finishing the balcony with clapboard? We will tell you how to sheathe a loggia with Euro-lining with your own hands so that it will please you for a long time

Panoramic Glazing Of A Balcony (64 Photos): Design Of A Loggia And A Window In An Apartment, Pros And Cons

Does panoramic glazing always look beautiful? How can the design of the loggia and the window in the apartment complement each other? We analyze the pros and cons of a bold glazing idea

Ceiling Dryer On The Balcony For Linen (80 Photos): Balcony And Electric Models From Liana And Gimi

The ceiling dryer on the balcony for linen is a real assistant to the modern housewife. What is the difference between the balcony and electric models from Liana and Gimi?

Tiles On The Floor On The Balcony (34 Photos): Warm Electric Floor And Frost-resistant Samples

Floor tiles on the balcony are an excellent choice. It is practical and aesthetic. But is it possible to lay a warm floor under it? And are there frost-resistant samples of this floor covering?

Expansion Of The Balcony (37 Photos): A Project Without Permission And GOST On The Base Of The Slab In Khrushchev

Expansion of the balcony is a procedure that allows you to increase the usable area of this room. Some people start such a project without permission, but it is fraught with consequences. What is the GOST for the base of the slab in Khrushchev and is it necessary to agree on such a redevelopment in various instances?

Greenhouse For The Balcony: Balcony Mini-model For Seedlings On 3 And 4 Shelves, Reviews

A greenhouse for a balcony will allow you to grow the plants you need without leaving your apartment. How should a balcony mini-model for seedlings on 3 and 4 shelves look like? What reviews do balcony greenhouses receive from experienced gardeners?

Sliding Windows To The Balcony (51 Photos): Aluminum And Plastic Balcony Models With Blinds

Sliding windows to the balcony are a very popular way of glazing a balcony. Which profiles are right for you? And can aluminum and plastic balcony models be fitted with blinds?

Warm Floor On The Balcony (105 Photos): How To Raise The Wooden Floor On The Logs On The Loggia, Which Is Better

Warm floor on the balcony is a definite advantage for creating a cozy atmosphere. How to raise a wooden floor on logs and what type of heating to choose for a loggia? Installation and coating

Do-it-yourself Wardrobe On The Balcony (74 Photos): How Beautiful To Make A Locker On The Loggia

How beautiful to make a wardrobe on the balcony with your own hands from PVC panels or lining? What kinds of designs would be appropriate? Interesting ideas in the design of the loggia

Sliding Doors To The Balcony (64 Photos): Balcony Plastic And Glass Models On The Loggia

Sliding doors to the balcony are a very comfortable modern design. These doors are very practical and take up very little space. How to choose the most suitable type of balcony door? What is the most reliable material for a balcony door? Balcony plastic and glass models for the loggia, as well as models made of aluminum and other materials, are described in our article

Window Sill On The Balcony: How To Install And Do It Yourself, Installation On A Loggia

Installing a window sill on a balcony or on a loggia will help to equip a cozy green corner in the apartment. How to install it and do it yourself? How to choose the most suitable material for your worktop?

Finishing The Balcony Inside (112 Photos): Interior Decoration Of The Loge And The Better To Sheathe

The modern decoration of the balcony inside allows you to create a warm and functional space. What is the best way to sheathe a balcony? Ideas for a beautiful interior design of the loggia

Loggia (103 Photos): How Does A Balcony Differ From A Loggia And What Is The Difference And Difference Between Different Designs

Loggia is an obligatory part of a modern apartment. Some people ask the question: how does a balcony differ from a loggia and what is the difference and difference between different designs? The answer to this and many other questions on this relevant topic can be found in our article

Balcony Design 2021 (109 Photos): Modern Apartment Interior Ideas - Finishing Inside A Loggia Measuring 3 Meters

Modern design options help to present the design of the balcony in a functional and beautiful light. Interesting ideas for decorating balconies 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 meters wide

Sheathe The Balcony With Your Own Hands: Finishing And Insulation With Plastic, How To Finish And Sheathing From The Inside, We Sheathe With Plasterboard

Decoration and insulation with plastic is very popular nowadays. Don't know how to sheathe a balcony with your own hands? Read the article carefully, and you will learn how to decorate this room, and the cladding from the inside will not be a problem for you

Glazing And Finishing Of Balconies (63 Photos): Reviews Of Interior Decoration With Cold Bamboo Material

Glazing and finishing of balconies are important measures that allow you to get an additional functional room. Reviews about the interior decoration with cold bamboo material, as well as other suitable users, give the most positive. Do you want to know about cold and warm glazing of balconies and how they are finished? Read this article

Flowers On The Balcony (75 Photos): Balcony Boxes With Climbing Plants For Decoration, Petunia And A Winter Garden

Flowers on the balcony are very beautiful and will undoubtedly attract the attention of aesthetes. How to choose the right plants if the balcony faces the sunny and shady sides? How to choose balcony boxes with climbing plants for decoration?

Sheathe A Balcony (73 Photos): What Is Sheathed Inside And Out, Better Sheathing With Plastic Or Laminate

You can beautifully sheathe the balcony yourself. How to sheathe yourself from the inside and outside? What is sheathed and which is better: plastic or laminate sheathing?

Floor On The Loggia (60 Photos): How And From What To Make A Coating With Your Own Hands

When equipping the floor on the loggia, each owner inevitably faces a difficult choice: how and from what to make a covering with his own hands? You can finish the surface with the usual wood, lay the cork floor or carpet, which is fashionable in our time. Which option is safer?

Finishing The Balcony With Siding (50 Photos): How To Sheathe The Outside With Plinth Material, External And External Cladding

Finishing the balcony with siding allows not only to create reliable protection of the structure, but also acts as an original decorative element. How to sheathe a balcony outside with a basement material? How is external and external cladding made?

Rack On The Balcony (59 Photos): Metal And Wooden Model For Seedlings With Doors

A rack on the balcony is a necessary thing for the proper organization of space. A metal and wooden model for seedlings with doors will keep the balcony tidy. What are the best racks to install? What are the main advantages of the structures?

Windows On The Loggia (55 Photos): Installation And Decoration Of Balconies And Sliding Loggias

Windows to the loggia are more of a necessity than a luxury. How is the installation and design of balconies and sliding loggias carried out correctly? Read about this and more in our article

Cellar On The Balcony: How To Make A Cellar On The First Floor Loggia

A cellar on the balcony is ideal for storing preservation in multi-apartment buildings. How to make your own cellar on your own loggia? Instructions for the construction of a full-fledged cellar under the first floor loggia - in our article

Built-in Wardrobe On The Balcony (46 Photos): How To Assemble A Built-in Compartment Model On A Loggia With Your Own Hands

A built-in wardrobe on the balcony is a necessary element of the apartment interior, which will help "unload" the kitchen, hallway and even the children's room. Do you know how to assemble a built-in coupe model on a loggia with your own hands? Our article will help you

Furniture For The Balcony (75 Photos): A Sofa And A Bed For A Loggia, A Small Sofa With A Box With Your Own Hands

Balcony furniture should be light, beautiful and functional. How to choose the right sofa and bed for a loggia? How to make a small sofa with a box with your own hands?

Balcony Roof Repair: Top Floor Roof Repair

Repairing the roof on the top floor is not easy. How to repair a balcony roof yourself? What materials to choose?

Repair Of A Balcony (130 Photos): And A Loggia 6 Meters Inside With Your Own Hands, Repair Of An Oblique Balcony In Khrushchev

A high-quality balcony renovation will help expand your living space by a few more meters. How to make repairs correctly and where should you start? Features of finishing and repairing a slanting balcony in "Khrushchev"

Decorating A Balcony With Wood (34 Photos): Build And Decorate In A Wooden House

Decorating a balcony with wood is a way to create a warm, stylish and cozy space. Is it expensive to build and decorate a small balcony in a wooden house? What types of wood to choose for decoration?

Do-it-yourself Loggia Insulation (75 Photos): How To Properly Insulate, Step-by-step Instructions

Warming the loggia with your own hands is quite possible if you approach this seriously and consistently. How to properly insulate, what materials to use? Step by step instructions will help you with this. Do you want to make the loggia warm and cozy? Study the article and get started

Brazier On The Balcony (33 Photos): How To Make

The brazier on the balcony is a fairly fire hazardous device, so its use is prohibited. Modern shops offer great alternatives for barbecuing on the loggia. How to make a delicious dish on the balcony without creating a dangerous situation?

Insulation Of The Loggia With Penoplex (56 Photos): Insulate With Extruded Polystyrene Foam With Your Own Hands

Insulation of the loggia with penoplex is an excellent solution that allows you to make a cozy room of any purpose out of this space. Now you can buy such material and carry out the work yourself quite freely. Do you know how to insulate with extruded polystyrene foam with your own hands? Read the article

Do-it-yourself Curtains On The Balcony (28 Photos): How To Make And Hang Tulle Without A Cornice, Samples

Balcony curtains have several functions. They organize space and protect from light. How to sew curtains on the balcony with your own hands? How to hang tulle without curtain rod?