Bathroom 2023, June

Bathroom Faucet (110 Photos): How To Choose The Right Built-in Faucet, Types Of The Best Accessories, Teka Products And Others

The faucet is an important part of the bathroom. How to choose the right built-in faucet for your combined bathroom? What are the best types of accessories? Feedback on products from Teka and other companies

Black Faucet: High Built-in Version "retro" Under "gold" For A Bathroom Sink, How To Clean A Black Product From Stains, Kludi Product Reviews

The black faucet is an unusual and interesting choice for the kitchen and bathroom. It comes in different varieties, which makes the choice easy and enjoyable. Why is the tall recessed option good? What taps are suitable for retro, loft and hi-tech styles? Where would a gold faucet be appropriate?

Faucets "gold": Matt And Chrome Bathroom Taps In Gold Color

Today, mixers "for gold" are becoming more and more popular. What should be matte and chrome gold bathroom taps? How to choose similar models for home use yourself?

Mixers Nami: Mixer Series From The Manufacturer, Reviews

Nami mixers are a guarantee of quality at an adequate price. Nami's wide range of Mixer taps: how to choose the right mixer? What do you need to consider? Experience-based advice and feedback

Czech Bathroom Faucets: Which Taps From The Czech Republic Are Worth Buying, Esko And Other Popular Brands, Owner Reviews About Quality

Czech bathroom and kitchen faucets are gaining more and more popularity. Which cranes from the Czech Republic are worth buying, and what is their advantage? Why are Zorg, Esko and other popular brands good? What kind of feedback do consumers leave about this product?

Kaiser Faucets: The Choice Of Bathroom Fixtures For A Bath And A Bidet With A Long Spout, Country Of Origin, Reviews

Kaiser faucets - how worthy is this choice of bathroom fittings for bathtubs and bidets with long spout? Which country is the manufacturer of Kaiser sanitary ware? What are the reviews for these products, what models are there, and how well do the designers solve their problem?

Faucets Jacob Delafon (29 Photos): For Sinks And Baths Toobi, Talan And Other Models, Reviews

Jacob Delafon mixers: features and characteristics. What is the difference between washbasin and bath mixers from the Toobi, Talan and other collections? What kind of reviews do customers leave about the brand's products?

Installing A Faucet In The Bathroom: Height On The Sink For Wall Mounting, How To Install A Faucet With Your Own Hands

Installing a faucet in a bathroom is a rather complex process that requires experience and skills What are the types of faucets? What is the height above the sink for wall mounting? What are the stages of work? How to dismantle an old mixer? How to prepare for their installation?

Bathroom Faucet Device: What It Consists Of, Structure And Diagram Of A Ball Water Tap, Types And Characteristics

The design of a bathroom faucet assumes the supply of water at the optimum temperature through various mechanisms, levers or valves. What does the mixer consist of? What is the structure and scheme of a ball water valve?

Faucet Repair: How To Fix A Bathroom Faucet With Your Own Hands, How To Change A Gasket, A Switch Device

To properly repair the mixer, you need to find out the cause of the breakdown. How to fix a bathroom faucet with your own hands without the help of professionals? How to change the gasket in a leaking tap? Switch device

Lilac Tiles: Purple Ceramic Products In The Interior

Lilac tiles in the interior are a spectacular and original design of the room. Ceramic violet products in the interior look beautiful and expensive. What styles is the lilac room design suitable for? What to look for when choosing?

Bathroom In A Frame House: Finishing And Waterproofing, Wall Cladding And Vapor Barrier, Interior Design And Arrangement Of A Bathroom In A Wooden House

A bathroom in a frame house must be provided with high-quality waterproofing and vapor barrier. What materials are suitable for floor and ceiling finishes? How is the wall cladding carried out with protective panels? How to protect the wood in the bathroom from decay?

Rubber Bath Mats: Rubberized Bathroom Models In Rolls For Children

Rubber mats for the bathroom are a necessary attribute to ensure safety. What are the most popular rubberized bathroom rolls for children? What are their features?

The Bottom Valve In The Mixer: What Is It And What Is It For, Choose A Faucet For A Washbasin

Choosing a tap with a bottom valve for a washbasin. A bottom valve in a mixer - what is it and what is it for? What varieties are there? Which valve to buy for installation in the kitchen? Selection Tips

Blanco Faucet: Mida And Fontas, Sora And Trima Chrome, Daras Silgranit And Klea, Product Reviews

Blanco faucets are highly demanded, high quality and reliable. What are the characteristics of the Mida and Fontas, Sora and Trima chrome, Daras Silgranit and Klea? What are the design options? How to choose and install a Blanco mixer correctly? What product reviews do users leave?

How To Disassemble The Mixer? Single-lever Version For Bathroom And Two-valve Type Faucet Models

How to disassemble the mixer? What is the difference between a single-lever version for a bathroom and two-valve type faucet models? What are their features and how best to disassemble them? What to look for in case of a breakdown?

Children's Bath Mat (55 Photos): Anti-slip On Suction Cups And Non-slip Mini Model

The baby bath mat is a reliable anti-slip protection for your baby. How to choose the right anti-slip mini suction pad? Top brands review and reviews

Grohe Faucets: Bath And Sink Product, Faucet Cartridge, Shower Device, Faucet Repair Parts, Tropical Design, Reviews

Grohe faucets are suitable for bath, sink, shower device. In the line of the company there are many models of products that have a cartridge, thermostat, touch control. How to choose such a mixer?

Faucet Handwheel: Faucet Models With Valve And One Side Handle, Ceramic And Gold

Faucet flywheel - what is it? What are the differences between valve models and one side handle? What are the benefits of ceramic, metal and plastic options? How to repair a mixer with two valves by yourself?

Eccentric For A Mixer: Types And Sizes, Elongated Versions For A Bathroom, A Short Adapter M-10-M-8 For Argo Faucets

The eccentric for the mixer is an important detail that allows you to level the difference in distances between the mixer inlets and the water supply outlets. But what are the types and sizes of this product? Are there elongated bathroom options? How to install the eccentric correctly?

Oras Faucets: Finnish Touchless And Single-lever Bath Taps, Coras And Saga, Polara And Cubista, Quality Reviews

Oras faucets are quite popular in the domestic market. How to distinguish Finnish touchless single-lever bathtub faucets from Chinese Coras counterparts? What are the reviews for Oras faucets in the Saga, Polara and Cubista ranges?

Bellows Connection For Water: What Is It, Flexible Stainless Steel And Corrugated For A Bellows-type Mixer, Diameter 1 And 2 Inches, Stainless Steel Models

Bellows water liner - what is it? What are the main advantages of bellows models? What to consider when choosing a corrugated hose for draining water from a washing machine?

Installing A Toilet (77 Photos): How To Install It Yourself, Installing A Hanging Toilet, Installing It On A Tiled Floor And Connecting To The Sewer

Installing a toilet is a difficult task, but doable. With your own hands, you can carry out the installation of the suspension structure and the floor model. How to install a vertical plumbing structure correctly? What are the methods for fixing the bowl?

Mortise Faucet For Acrylic Bathtub (24 Photos): Options For A Jacuzzi Of 3 Pieces, One-way Faucet With One Hole

Our recommendations will help you choose a quality inset acrylic bathtub faucet. How to choose options for a 3-piece jacuzzi? What are the distinguishing features of flush-mounted mixers?

Iddis Faucets: Choose Calipso Bath Models From The Country Of Origin, Spare Parts And Reviews Of Plumbers

Faucets of the Iddis company are reliable, durable, stylish products, the country of origin of which is Russia. What to look for when choosing a mixer? The device with which mechanism is it better to buy? Choosing models "Calipso", "Alborg", "Jeals" for the bath

Installation Of A Concealed Mixer (25 Photos): Built-in For The Bathroom, Sink And On The Wall, Installation Mechanism

You can install a concealed mixer yourself. What kind of mixer, built-in for the bathroom, sinks and on the wall will fit the Provence style? Where can I get hidden bathroom equipment on the wall? How to learn the assembly mechanism for self-assembly?

Damixa Faucet: Design For Bath And Sink, Repair Kit For The Device, Product Options Arc, Gerdamix, Red Blue By, Reviews

The Damixa faucet is a quality and durable appliance with a stylish design. What are the design features of the mixer? What is the difference between bath and washbasin faucets? Why do I need a repair kit for the device? What options for Arc products can you find in plumbing stores?

Reflector For Mixer (28 Photos): Telescopic Deep, Flat And Square, Large And Other Sizes For The Bathroom

The reflector for the mixer is a unique detail that no modern interior can do without. What are they needed for? What are the types and shapes of reflectors? What is the advantage of a telescopic bowl? Which one to choose: flat, deep, round or square?

Faucets Am Pm: Universal Options For The Bathroom, Gem And Joy, Sense And Like, Reviews On The Quality Of The Brand's Products

How do Am pm mixers differ from other manufacturers' sanitary ware? What are the versatile bathroom faucet options? How do the Gem and Joy, Sense and Like faucet collections differ from each other? What feedback do consumers leave about Am pm?

Hansgrohe Faucets: Built-in Version For Bath And Shower, Built In Sink, How To Choose A Cartridge For The Logis Model

Hansgrohe taps: how to choose a built-in version for bath and shower? The built-in mixer in the sink, what is the peculiarity of the products of the German manufacturer? What feedback do consumers give, and what advice do professionals give?

Replacing The Faucet: How To Change It In The Bathroom With Your Own Hands, How To Remove And Replace The Faucet, Dismantling From The Sink

Not every owner knows how to change the bathroom faucet with his own hands. How to replace the mixer yourself? What does it take to remove and replace a tap? What instructions are there for removing the mixer from the sink? What advice from practitioners?

German Faucets: We Choose Faucets For Sinks And Bathtubs Of Brands From Germany

German mixers are made of materials that are recognized throughout the world as the most comfortable and safe. How do we choose brands for sinks and bathtubs from Germany? What are the advantages and disadvantages of German mixers?

SmartSant Faucet: Features Of Bath Models, Reviews

The SmartSant mixer is a domestic product of the highest quality. What are the features of this brand's bathtub models? What are the reviews of SmartSant sanitary ware?

Cascade Mixer (50 Photos): Glass Faucet-waterfall For Sinks And Bathtubs With Lighting, Features Of The "cascade" Spout And Reviews

How does a cascade mixer work? How to choose and install a glass waterfall faucet for sinks and bathtubs with lighting? What are the special features of the spout of cascade taps? Which is better to choose - a conventional mixer or a cascade?

Lemark Mixers: Choose For Sinks And Baths, Country Of Origin And Plumbers Reviews

Lemark faucets perfectly combine excellent quality, durability, economy, attractive price and stylish design. What should you pay first attention to when choosing washbasin and bathtub faucets? What options are there, what collections are in demand? Which country of origin of Lemark products? What are the reviews of professional plumbers and consumers today?

Milardo Faucets: Bering And Torrens, Niagara, Nelson And Bosfor Models For The Bathroom, Plumbers Reviews

Choosing a bathroom faucet is a responsible business. The question always arises: which one to take? What are the features of the mixers of the domestic manufacturer Milardo? What are the differences between Bering and Torrens, Niagara, Nelson and Bosfor? What do the reviews on the Internet say?

Flexible Hose For Water (50 Photos): Dimensions Of The Hose For The Mixer And Technical Characteristics Of The Reinforced Rubber Hose

Flexible water hose - what is it for? What are the specifications and types of hoses? How to choose the right quality product and avoid counterfeiting? What are the rules for installing flexible liners with your own hands.?

Gappo Faucets: Official Dealer Of Bath Designs, White Chrome Device, Faucet Accessories, Plumber Reviews

Features of Gappo mixers manufactured in China under a German license. What models does an authorized dealer offer? What designs are suitable for the bath? Is a white chrome device available in the brand's range?

G-Lauf Mixers: Models For Bathtubs And Sinks, How To Assemble And Install, Customer Reviews And Plumbers

How are G-Lauf bath and washbasin faucets different from other products? Is it worth thinking about the question of how to assemble and install a plumbing element? What customer and plumber reviews can you read about G-Lauf products?

D&K Faucets: Characteristics Of Bath Products, Hessen Goethe Designs, Product Reviews

Range of D&K mixers. What characteristics and criteria should be considered when choosing products for a bath or kitchen? What are the design features of the Hessen Goethe? What reviews about the products of this company can be found on the Internet?