Curtains 2023, June

Night Curtains For The Bedroom (35 Photos): Curtains For Darkening Windows

Night curtains for the bedroom are a necessary accessory for this room, they help to create an atmosphere appropriate for relaxation. What should be the curtains to darken windows? Which option should you choose?

Lilac Curtains In The Bedroom (34 Photos): Curtains And Veils

Curious to know how the lilac curtains in the bedroom will change the atmosphere? Then this article is for you. Let's also talk about curtains and veils in this color scheme

Curtains For A Small Bedroom (56 Photos): Curtains For A Small Window, Design And Original Decoration

Curtains for a small bedroom should not have large patterns. In what style is it better to arrange curtains for a small window? What is the difference between the design and the original design of a large window?

Beautiful Curtains On Eyelets In The Bedroom (34 Photos): Interesting Models

What are eyelet curtains? What beautiful curtains on eyelets in the bedroom will look the most harmonious and stylish? Consider the most interesting models of these models and also find out how you can sew them yourself

How To Choose Curtains For The Bedroom? 37 Photos: Tips On How To Choose The Right Cornice And Curtain Color

How to choose curtains for the bedroom? This question is asked by many people who have just finished renovating a room. They are interested in knowing how to choose the right cornice and the color of the curtains, what criteria to rely on and what is the main thing in the curtains. In choosing the right curtains, advice from experienced designers who know how an ideal bedroom should look like can help

Curtains In The Bedroom (116 Photos): Design Of Curtains, Fashionable Beautiful Curtains In A White Bedroom In The Style Of "Provence", Double Light Curtains

What are the types of curtains in the bedroom? How to choose a curtain design? Fashionable beautiful curtains in a white bedroom in the Provence style: how to sew it yourself?

Lambrequins In The Bedroom (54 Photos): Curtains In A Room With Hard And Soft Draperies, Beautiful Do-it-yourself Tulle

The bedroom window is the first thing most people see in the morning. How to choose lambrequins in the bedroom and make a beautiful tulle with your own hands? Should you opt for curtains with hard or soft draperies?

A Set Of Curtains And Bedspreads For The Bedroom (33 Photos): A Beautiful Set Of Elite Models From Italy And Turkey

A set of curtains and bedspreads for the bedroom is now offered in a large assortment. Do you want a beautiful set of luxury models from Italy and Turkey? Welcome to specialty stores. But first, find out the nuances of the choice

Short Curtains To The Windowsill In The Bedroom (48 Photos): Curtains In The Bedroom Without A Balcony, Modern Design

Short curtains to the bedroom window sill are a very functional solution. If you think over the design correctly, it will also be beautiful! What are the best curtains for a bedroom without a balcony? What combinations of curtain models will fit into a modern bedroom design?

Curtains For The Bedroom (43 Photos): Beautiful Cornices And Curtains, A New Collection

How to choose the right curtains for the bedroom? How to choose beautiful curtain rods and curtains for a particular style? What is the new collection of curtains, and will be discussed in the article

Tulle In The Bedroom (84 Photos): Beautiful Modern Curtains, Design Of Short Tulle Curtains New In 2021

Tulle in the bedroom will create a serene and calm atmosphere. Beautiful modern curtains will brighten any window. What design of short tulle curtains would fit better in the bedroom? What's new this year?

Classic Curtains In The Bedroom (32 Photos): Design Of Curtains In A Classic Style

Classic bedroom curtains are perfect for almost any interior style. What designs of classic style curtains can be seen today? How to choose the right color scheme? What are the most popular varieties?

Modern Curtains In The Bedroom (105 Photos): Fashionable Curtain Ideas, Beautiful New Items

Choosing modern curtains in the bedroom is not difficult if you know what to push off from. Trendy curtain ideas, beautiful novelties, elegant touches - how do you know what exactly suits your bedroom? You will find the answers in this article

Tulle "spider Line" (25 Photos): Options For Use In The Interior, Reviews

Spider web tulle is very popular among designers and people who have nothing to do with the world of decor. What are the best interior use cases? How to take care of the material? What reviews can be found on the internet?

Electric Roller Blinds: Somfy Automatic Electric Blinds

Electric roller blinds are appropriate both in an apartment and in a country house. What is the difference between Somfy automatic blinds and what other manufacturers are there on the market? What are the functions of the remote control?

How To Wash Roman Shades? Washing And Care At Home, How To Remove And Clean

Washing and caring for any curtains at home is not a very difficult task for a good housewife. They usually know how to remove and clean regular curtains. But what to do and how to wash Roman shades?

Tulle On The Balcony (36 Photos): Modern Models On A Window With A Balcony Door, How To Hang Without A Cornice

How to choose tulle for the balcony? How to hang a curtain made of this material without a cornice? The use of modern models of tulle curtains for a window with a balcony door and much more - in this article

Roller Blinds On The Balcony Door (23 Photos): PVC Blinds In The Doorway Instead Of The Door

Roller blinds on a balcony door are a spectacular decoration of any room in any style. PVC blinds in the doorway instead of the door are easy to install and quickly clean. What you need to know before buying roller blinds? How to take care of them?

Curtains With Photo Printing (34 Photos): Curtains For A Bedroom With A Print, Curtains With A Print

Curtains with photo printing are a breakthrough in the design of a window opening. In the interior of what style the curtains for the bedroom with the print will look better? What colors should be printed curtains for a children's room?

Tulle-veil (35 Photos): What Is The Difference, A White Monophonic Micro-veil In The Interior, Reviews

Veil tulle is very often used to decorate window openings in various rooms. What is the difference between voile and organza curtains? What style in the interior is a white monochromatic micro-veil suitable for and what are the reviews about this type of curtain?

Bamboo Curtains (53 Photos): How To Install Roller Blinds On Windows, Combination With A Curtain, Reviews

If you want to give up the usual curtains, but want to create coziness in the room, bamboo curtains will do. How to install py and what kind of feedback do customers leave?

Red Curtains (33 Photos): Background For Curtains Of Red And White Color In The Interior Of The Kitchen And Living Room

Red curtains are a bold solution for window decoration in the house. What background for curtains of red and white color in the interior of the kitchen and living room is better to choose? What material is better to make this window decor?

Scandinavian-style Curtains (27 Photos): Blue Curtains In The Interior Of The Kitchen

Scandinavian-style curtains are at the peak of their popularity today. What are their main features and advantages? Is it appropriate to use blue curtains in the interior of the kitchen?

Linen Tulle (39 Photos): Imitation Of Flax, Curtains From Turkey With Embroidery In The Interior, Reviews

Linen tulle has aesthetic and useful properties. How to check what is in front of you - natural flax or its imitation? What curtains from Turkey can be purchased in stores and what reviews do linen curtains with embroidery receive?

How To Bleach Tulle At Home? How To Wash Tulle So That It Is Pure White, How To Bleach Fabric Quickly And Efficiently

How to bleach tulle at home and wash it so that it is pure white? These questions concern many housewives who maintain cleanliness and strive to make their home perfect. There are many whitening methods that many people don't even know about

Roller Blinds (87 Photos): Blinds For Plastic Windows In The Interior, Blinds, Mini Options

Roller blinds are a very comfortable modern design that allows you to adjust the light level of the room. What are the types of roller blinds, how to choose the right design and install roller blinds? Blinds for plastic windows in the interior, blinds, mini and wide models. Roll Model Design Ideas and Customer Reviews

Openwork Lambrequins (58 Photos): How To Make Curly Lambrequins, Sketches And Stencils, Carved Options, New Items 2021

Different variants of openwork lambrequins cannot be attributed to new products, but they do not give up their positions in the design of curtains. You will read about how to make curly lambrequins, what sketches and stencils are used, what technique is used and how to choose the right model, you will read in this article

How To Hang The Tulle Beautifully? 66 Photos: Window Decoration With Tulle, How To Hang Curtains Correctly, Options In The Interior 2021

The question of how beautifully to hang tulle is asked by many housewives. There are various options for decorating windows with tulle in the interior. So how do you hang your curtains properly? What methods are suitable for different styles of premises?

Lambrequins In The Bedroom (49 Photos): Beautiful Lambrequins From A Veil, Design Of A Young Man's Room, New Items 2021

Lambrequins in the bedroom will be very useful if you want the decor of the room to be complete. Beautiful lambrequins made of a veil or dense fabric will help to decorate the room. What lambrequins to choose for the design of a young man's room? What new items should you pay attention to?

Loft-style Curtains (35 Photos): Which Curtains Are Suitable For The Kitchen Interior

The Loft style is popular when decorating the interior of different rooms: bedroom, living room, kitchen. How to choose curtains in this style? What curtains are suitable for a kitchen interior in a fashionable Loft style? You can find answers to these questions in this article

Greek Curtains (37 Photos): Curtains With Ornaments In The Greek Style In The Interior Of The Kitchen

Greek curtains are simple and austere. In which room are Greek-style curtains appropriate? How will a classic Greek curtain look in the interior of the kitchen?

How To Hang A Lambrequin? How To Hang On A Double Curtain Rod, How To Attach Two-way Curtains

Lambrequin can significantly change the interior of a room for the better. There are several ways to attach it. How to hang a lambrequin? How to hang it on a double curtain rod and attach two-way curtains?

Roller Blinds Mechanism: Spring And Chain Mechanisms, Roller Blinds

The mechanism for roller blinds is an important detail, since the durability and ease of use of this device depend on it. What is the spring and chain mechanism and the arrangement of such blinds?

White Tulle (46 Photos): Black And White Veil In The Interior, Brown Curtains And Dense Tulle With A Pattern

White tulle is a decorative element that will never lose its popularity. Where does tulle come from and what types of it exist, in what style is black and white veil used in the interior? Where to hang brown curtains and thick patterned tulle?

Curtains With A Lambrequin (65 Photos): Modern Options For 2021 For The Hall And Bedrooms, Kitchen And Living Room, Hard Lambrequin For Beautiful Curtains

Curtains with a lambrequin are a frequent guest in houses and apartments. It is not difficult to choose them for the interior of almost any room, they sometimes look pompous and solemn, and sometimes modern. What are the modern options for the hall, bedroom, kitchen, living room?

Purple Curtains (45 Photos): Models In The Interior Of The Bedroom And Kitchen, Purple-beige Curtains

What is the role of purple curtains in decor? How do these or those models look in the interior of the bedroom and kitchen? Purple-beige curtains, their various combinations and a lot of interesting things can be found in this article

Roller Blinds With Photo Printing (43 Photos): Curtains For Plastic Windows With A Pattern, Print, Blinds

What curtains are suitable for plastic windows? A great option is roller blinds with photo printing. They combine the practicality of blinds and the beauty of curtains. These printed curtains will be a great addition to your room decor

Organza Tulle (42 Photos): How Tulle Differs From Organza, Options With Embroidery, How To Hem Tulle Fabric, Differences

You still don't know how tulle differs from organza and have no idea how to hem tulle fabric? Organza tulle differs from other types of curtains - it has options with embroidery and print

Yellow Curtains (32 Photos): Light Yellow Curtains With Blue Edging In The Interior Of The Kitchen And Living Room

Yellow curtains are an assistant in creating the cosiness of your home. Will light yellow curtains with blue piping look in the kitchen and living room? What should you do if you want bright accents in the interior?

Night Curtains (33 Photos): Design Of Beautiful Curtains For The Bedroom, Hall And Kitchen

Night curtains are an ideal complement to the interior of the bedroom and other living rooms. Unusual design of beautiful curtains for bedrooms, halls and kitchens will help to transform the interior. What are the benefits of night curtains? What do you need to know before buying them?