Doors 2023, February

Interior Doors (212 Photos): How To Choose Room Doors, Which Types Are Best For An Apartment, Selection And Reviews

Interior doors play a huge role in the interior of a living space. How to choose room doors and what types are best for an apartment? Based on what to make your choice and what do the reviews say?

Plastic Doors (94 Photos): What It Is, The Pros And Cons Of Interior Doors And Windows Made Of PVC Profile, Reviews

Plastic doors are becoming more and more popular. But what is it? What are the pros and cons of interior doors and windows made of PVC profile and what do the reviews of those who already use them in their home say?

Installation Of A Door Frame Of An Interior Door: How To Assemble And Install, Do-it-yourself Assembly And Installation

Installing a door frame for an interior door is not an easy task, as it requires minimal carpentry skills. How to assemble and install such a product correctly? What to pay special attention to when assembling and installing with your own hands?

Restoration Of Interior Doors (29 Photos): How To Update Old Wooden Structures Made Of Solid Wood With Your Own Hands, How To Restore Veneer Doors

Knowing the intricacies of the process of restoring interior doors at home, you can transform any canvas. What recommendations are given by professional repairmen for products made of various materials?

Installation Of Interior Doors (49 Photos): DIY Installation With Step-by-step Instructions, Tools And Assembly Rules

Installing interior doors is not a very difficult process, you can do it yourself. How to do it yourself with step-by-step instructions? How to fill up the cracks? How to check the quality of the work done? Useful Tips

Double-leaf Interior Doors (68 Photos): What Is It, Double Or Double-leaf, How Do Their Sizes Differ From Single-leaf Doors, Standard Dimensions With A Box

To decorate the entrance to the hall or living room, double-leaf interior doors are used. What is it and what doors are called double doors? In which interiors is it better to install double glass doors?

How To Choose The Color Of Interior Doors? 45 Photos: Light Floor And Dark Doors, How To Choose The Right Combination Of Colors In The Interior Of An Apartment, Designer Tips

Doors allow not only to protect the room from noise and drafts, but also to give uniqueness to the interior. How to choose the color of interior doors? What style is best for light floors and dark doors?

Folding Interior Doors (74 Photos): Folding In Half And Swing Mechanisms, Folding Glass Doors

Folding interior doors are currently very popular designs that take up minimal space in rooms. What are the types of folding structures and what are their features? Is it better to choose a folding door based on the different sizes of rooms and aisles? What options are suitable for the kitchen: half-folding and swing mechanisms or folding glass doors?

Doors In The Color Of Oak (45 Photos): Interior Doors Made Of Bleached Oak, Light Smoky And Golden Shades, Options In The Interior Of The Apartment

Doors in oak color are the perfect solution for most modern interiors. How are interior doors made from bleached oak? What ensembles look organically light, smoky and golden shades of wood?

Doors From Solid Oak: Interior Models From Natural Spliced ​​wood, White And Unpainted, Classic And Modern, Reviews

Solid oak doors are very popular in the world market. The assortment includes colored as well as white and unpainted products. Particularly noteworthy are interior models made of natural spliced ​​wood. What are the features of natural oak doors and why do they not lose their relevance over the years?

Interior Doors For Painting (50 Photos): Wooden Models From MDF, How To Paint Wooden Models With Your Own Hands, Quick-drying Odorless Paint

It is not difficult to paint a wooden door yourself. On sale there are interior doors for painting from solid wood or wooden models from MDF. You can also remove the old paint from the door yourself. What materials are needed for painting? How to paint wood models with your own hands?

Doors In The "loft" Style (48 Photos): White And Black Interior Doors In The Interior, Sliding Barn Compartments

Loft style doors are an important attribute in industrial design. How to combine white and black interior doors in the interior? How to choose the right sliding barn compartment?

Swing Doors (52 Photos): Double Glass Interior Doors, Dimensions Of Double-leaf Structures

Swing doors are the most common and affordable models. They are single-leaf and double-leaf, deaf or with glass, differ in width, but they are united by the type of fastening - hinges. What are their advantages and disadvantages? What are the sizes of double doors and how to choose double glass interior doors?

Doors Made Of Eco-veneer (46 Photos): What Is It, The Pros And Cons Of Interior Products Made Of Eco-veneer, Customer Reviews

Doors made of eco-veneer are distinguished by high wear resistance and an affordable price, in contrast to their wooden counterparts. What it is? What are the pros and cons of eco-veneer interior products and what feedback do customers leave about eco-veneer?

Doors "Terem": Interior Veneer Doors, Quality Assurance And Customer Reviews

Doors "Terem" are a guarantee of quality and durability, they are distinguished by their original design and conscientious performance. This is evidenced by numerous positive customer reviews. How to choose interior veneer doors that are suitable for your interior design?

Interior Doors In Wenge Color (31 Photos): Examples In The Interior Of An Apartment, Combination With Laminate, How To Paint Yourself And Whether A Light Floor Is Suitable

The choice of interior doors in wenge color is huge. How to choose the right combination of such a door with linoleum? Where can I see examples of the use of doors in the interior of an apartment?

Doors With A Mirror (41 Photos): Interior Suspended Doors With A Mirror With Rhombuses On One Side, Mirror Structures In The Pantry

Doors with a mirror will be a great solution for small rooms. Choose interior suspended doors with a mirror or models with mirrored rhombuses on one side? What to look for when buying?

How To Choose A Door To The Hall: Features And Recommendations (27 Photos): Double And Double Interior Doors For A Walk-through Room, Models For A Living Room With Three Doors

How to choose a door to the hall? This question worries many who make repairs in their apartment or house. What are the features of canvases for walk-through rooms? What recommendations do experts give on this score?

Photo Wallpaper On The Door (45 Photos): Narrow Vertical Self-adhesive Options For Interior Doors, Frescoes On The Wall, Ideas For The Interior

Photo wallpaper on the door is a new word in decorating the space of apartments and houses. Why are narrow vertical self-adhesive options for interior doors convenient? What is the difference between applying a mural on a door and pasting it with paper photomurals?

Non-standard Interior Doors: Entrance Models To An Apartment And A Private House Of Atypical Sizes, Plastic And Wooden Options Of Unusual Heights

Non-standard interior doors differ in higher or lower height and width. What are the parameters of non-standard interior doors? What are the entrance models to an apartment and a private house of atypical sizes and how to choose non-standard doors?

Latch For An Open Door: Roller And Ball Models Of Stoppers For An Interior Compartment Door, Floor Holders "goat's Leg" For Child Safety

Open door catch is a mechanism that stops the movement of the door leaf. What are the features of the various types of such devices? How do floor, door and wall holders differ from each other? What are roller and ball models of stoppers for an interior compartment door?

Installing A Balcony Door (17 Photos): How To Install Models With A PVC Window, Installing A Threshold And Finishing With Your Own Hands

What is the difference between installing a balcony door and installing a balcony block? How to install models with a PVC window by yourself? Installation of the threshold of the balcony block and its decoration with your own hands

Installing A Wooden Door In A Wooden House (29 Photos): How To Insert Metal And Plastic Interior Models

Installing a wooden door in a wooden house allows you to unusually emphasize the architectural beauty of the building and acts as an excellent protection against unwanted intrusion. How to install a metal door correctly?

Doors With Laminate (41 Photos): Sheathing Of Entrance And Interior Structures And Finishing Of Slopes, How To Sheathe A Door Leaf With Your Own Hands

Laminate is ideal for door upholstery. How is the cladding of the entrance and interior structures and the finishing of the slopes carried out? How to choose a suitable finishing material and what classes of laminate are there?

Do-it-yourself Door Upholstery With Dermantine (32 Photos): How To Sheathe With Insulation, A Step-by-step Guide On Sheathing The Front Door, How To Fit Correctly

Do-it-yourself upholstery of doors with dermantine is not such a difficult task as it might seem at first glance. How to sheathe a door with insulation? Can a dermantine door be painted?

DIY Wooden Door (35 Photos): Making An Insulated Solid Wood Model, Step By Step Instructions

Do-it-yourself wooden door allows you to create an original design. How to make an insulated solid wood model? Step-by-step instructions for installing doors

Installation Of Accessories On The Door (27 Photos): How To Put On The Front Or Interior Door With Your Own Hands, How To Properly Fix The Products

Installing door fittings is an important and necessary procedure. How to put these strips on the front or interior door with your own hands? How do you know the correct size? What should you pay attention to during installation? Can addons be replaced with something else?

Glass Doors For A Bath (41 Photos): Frosted Glass Models, Door Frame Sizes, Reviews

Is frosted or transparent glass more practical for steam room doors? How to choose the right frame size? We will analyze the reviews of fans and critics of glass doors for a bath and consider popular models

How To Remove A Door From Its Hinges: Dismantling A Metal Entrance Model, How To Remove A Trim, How To Disassemble A Plastic Balcony Door, How To Install It Back

Dismantling a metal entrance door model and a wooden interior door is a rather difficult task, but it is quite accessible to a home craftsman. The main thing is to know the technology of the process. How to remove the door from the hinges and how to remove the trim?

The Door To The Bathhouse With Your Own Hands (62 Photos): How To Make, Insulate And Install The Door To The Steam Room, Installation Step By Step

Do-it-yourself bath door: how to do it? How to insulate and install the door to the steam room? Examples of door installation step by step. How to paint a finished door?

Adjustment Of Plastic Doors (54 Photos): Instructions For Self-adjusting The Pressure Of A PVC Entrance Door

Adjustment of plastic doors can be done independently. What is the instruction for self-adjusting the pressure of a PVC entrance door? How to avoid defects?

Belarusian Doors: Interior Products Made Of Oak And Pine, Customer Reviews

Belarusian doors are very popular in different parts of the world. Particularly noteworthy are the interior products made of oak and pine. Numerous customer reviews speak of the incomparable quality of door designs, as well as their functionality and long service life. Why are Belarusian doors so in demand and which manufacturers of these products occupy the highest positions in the popularity rating?

Hidden Door - A Modern Design Solution (45 Photos): Invisible Interior Models With A Box In The Wall, Paint Options With An Aluminum Box

The Hidden Door is a modern design solution that allows you to enjoy your very own secret room that no one else will know about but you. Did you dream about something like that as a child? Then interior invisible models with a box in the wall are what you need

Installing Doors (38 Photos): How To Install It Yourself, Installing Plastic Doors, How To Put It Right

Installing doors is not as difficult as you might imagine. How to install a door with your own hands? How to install plastic doors correctly? How to quickly and easily deliver them?

Doors "Bulldors" (33 Photos): Entrance Metal Doors With A Thermal Break, Customer Reviews

How to choose Bulldors doors? What is the difference between the production technology and what are the advantages of entrance metal doors with a thermal break? What do customer reviews say?

Tambour Doors (40 Photos): Metal Entrance Models To The Staircase In The Vestibule, Wooden And Lattice Options, Iron With Glass

What are vestibule doors? How to correctly select metal entrance models for the staircase to the vestibule? What do you need to know about the materials used, finishes, door sizes? What is the difference between high quality products and economy class goods?

Doors "Volkhovets" (57 Photos): Interior Sliding Doors, Customer Reviews 2021

The Volkhovets factory produces interior swing and sliding doors. These are solid oak and beech doors and pine veneered doors covered with resistant varnishes. What types and styles of doors can you buy for an office, hall, bathroom and what are the reviews about them?

Upholstery Of Metal Doors (38 Photos): Finishing The Entrance Door From The Inside, Trimming And Facing With Decorative Stone

Upholstery of metal doors - methods and options. What are the features of finishing the entrance door from the inside? What should be considered when trimming and facing doors with decorative stone? Original design options

How To Make A Door With Your Own Hands? 64 Photos Manufacturing Of Sliding Interior Doors, Accordion Model And Sliding Options, How To Insert Correctly

How to make a door with your own hands is a question that may concern many residents of private houses. How difficult can it be to manufacture sliding interior doors? What are the most popular models? How to choose decor and finishes?

Laminated Doors (41 Photos): What It Is, Interior Structures Made Of PVC And MDF Coated With Laminate, White Models And Walnut Colors

Laminated doors can be matched to any interior. But what is it? What properties do PVC and MDF interior structures or laminate-coated options have? What styles do these designs look like?