Fireplaces 2023, December

Drawings Of Brick Fireplaces (26 Photos): Projects And Diagrams Of Fireplaces With An Open Firebox, Do-it-yourself Masonry

A brick fireplace is a popular and stylish solution with heating for your home, as well as a spectacular element of the interior. How to choose the type of fireplace for masonry with your own hands? Drawings, projects and diagrams of fireplaces with an open hearth

Installation Of A Fireplace Stove: How To Install A Fireplace In The House With Your Own Hands

To insulate a country house, you can use several design options. If you are going to visit it in winter, then you cannot do without installing a fireplace stove. How to install a fireplace in the house with your own hands?

The Dimensions Of The Fireplace (73 Photos): A Decorative Built-in Fireplace In The House, A Standard Model With A Do-it-yourself Firebox

The dimensions of the fireplace are determined by its purpose and the volume of the room. What dimensions to choose for a decorative built-in fireplace in the house? How to calculate the dimensions of a standard model with a do-it-yourself firebox?

Fireplace Marseille: Reviews Of The Mini-oven From The Meta Company Under The Ardenfire Trademark

To heat a country house and create a cozy atmosphere in it, it is worth purchasing a Marseille fireplace. Knowing all its advantages and features, it is impossible to do otherwise. And what will the reviews of the ardenfire brand mini-oven from the meta company say?

Fireplace Pipes: Chimney Sandwich Pipes, Ceramic And Stainless Steel

Chimneys for fireplaces have special requirements. Where are chimney sandwich pipes used? What are the features of ceramic fireplace pipes? How are stainless steel pipes installed?

Why The Fireplace Smokes: Possible Reasons And What To Do, Fuel For A Room Without Smoke, How To Light A Fireplace

The smoke from the fireplace is an unpleasant and rather life-threatening phenomenon. What are the causes of smoke emissions and what to do about it? How to properly light a fireplace without smoke?

Ventilation Grilles For The Fireplace (35 Photos): Metal Overhead Ventilation Grilles

Due to the fact that the fireplace heats the room much worse than any other heating device, ventilation grilles for the fireplace have been created. But what are the metal overhead ventilation grilles and what is their difference from the usual ones?

How Much Does A Fireplace Cost: What Does The Cost Of The Work Consist Of - Lay Out A Turnkey Fireplace

Many are interested in how much it costs to place a fireplace. What can and cannot be saved on when installing in an apartment and in a house? What does the cost of the work consist of - to lay out a turnkey fireplace from a professional stove-maker?

Dimensions Of Brick Fireplaces: Calculation - How Much Kipich Is Needed For The Chimney

Fireplaces for summer cottages and cottages have become especially popular lately. What sizes of brick fireplaces are sufficient for a living room in a country house? How to calculate correctly and how many bricks are needed for a chimney, this article will tell

Doors With Glass For The Fireplace (37 Photos): Do-it-yourself Glass Fireplace Doors

Doors with glass for a closed fireplace serve for certain functions, but they also have some disadvantages compared to open fireplaces. Is it possible to make glass fireplace doors with your own hands?

Corner Fireplace Stove (48 Photos): Wood-burning Models For Giving Bavaria Long Burning

Corner fireplace stove can be a source of heat, used for cooking and decorate the interior. How to choose the right wood-burning model for giving long burning? Review of models Bavaria, Amur, Meta, Teplodar and others

Large And Small Fireplaces (41 Photos): Models For A Small Room

Large and small fireplaces create warmth and comfort in the house. But how to choose models for a small room, what to consider and what to pay attention to? How to make your home warm and cozy?

Reviews Of The Eurokom Fireplace Stove: Models Ambra, Richard, Baron, Ingrid, Sven, Harold, Pineto And Others

Faced with reviews about the eurokom fireplace stove, you can once again be convinced of the quality and variety of models. The most popular models ambra, richard, baron, ingrid and many others meet all the requirements for safe operation. The company's products are able to offer a model for every taste. What are the benefits?

Fireplace Slabs (30 Photos): 430 Kg Per Floor, With And A Stove Bench, Insulating And Heat-insulating

Fireplace slabs have high thermal insulation properties. What varieties are there and what are the ways of application? Interesting design solutions

DIY Cardboard Fireplace (64 Photos): How To Make A Decorative Cardboard Fireplace

The fireplace gives the home comfort and style. It can be difficult to distinguish a layout made of cardboard with high-quality production from the real one. How to make a decorative cardboard fireplace with your own hands?

Wood-burning Fireplaces With A Water Circuit: A Water-burning Fireplace For A Summer Residence, With A Water Evaporator

Fireplaces with a water evaporator cannot heat a house with an area of 100 sq. meters. Even a classic wood-burning stove cannot cope with the task. Heat will be in one or more adjoining rooms, but half of the house will remain cold. Wood-burning fireplaces with a water circuit come to the rescue. What is it - a water stove-fireplace on a wood for a summer residence?

Do-it-yourself False Fireplace From A Cardboard Box (46 Photos): How To Make A Decorative Box For A False Fireplace And Chimney

An open hearth is a symbol of comfort. That is why many people install a fireplace at home. How to make a false fireplace from a cardboard box with your own hands? How to decorate a decorative chimney box? Varieties of false fireplaces

Fireplace With A Steam Generator: How To Make An Ultrasonic 3D Fireplace With Your Own Hands

A real fireplace is a complex engineering system that cannot be installed in an apartment. In a private house, a bookmark is possible only at the construction stage. A fireplace with a steam generator is installed whenever and wherever you want. There are successful ready-made solutions, for example, from Dimplex. How to make an ultrasonic 3d fireplace with your own hands if the budget does not allow you to purchase a ready-made one?

Fireplace Stoves (76 Photos): Models Amur, Ermak, Malta, Thorma, Supra, Tomera, Ambra, Volga And Others

Fireplace stoves are used to heat the home and at the same time are an original decoration of the house. What are the pros and cons of the models Amur, Ermak, Malta, Thorma, Supra, Tomera, Ambra, Volga and others? How to choose the best fireplace?

Do-it-yourself Fireplace From Boxes (82 Photos): Step-by-step Instructions On How To Make A Fireplace

Do-it-yourself decorative fireplace from boxes is the most budgetary, although not very durable version of the fireplace. How to make a fireplace with your own hands? Step-by-step instructions for manufacturing and installation

DIY Polyurethane Fireplace (45 Photos): Decorative Fireplace Framing In The Interior

Today, many people want to make a polyurethane fireplace with their own hands. What materials and tools are needed for this? How does the decorative framing of the fireplace occur in the interior and what aspects should be taken into account when working?

Stove-fireplace For Giving Long Burning (73 Photos): Rating And Reviews Of Models Bavaria, Petrograd And Others

What is the advantage of a fireplace stove for giving long burning over other heating devices? How is the rating distributed and what reviews do customers leave about the models Bavaria, Petrograd and others?

Brick Fireplaces (104 Photos): How Much Does It Cost To Fold A Brick Model, Making A Beautiful Red Brick Model

Modern brick fireplaces are especially popular. How much does it cost to fold a red brick model? Which is better: brick or cast iron fireplace?

Corner False Fireplace (47 Photos): Step-by-step Instructions On How To Install A False Plasterboard Fireplace With Your Own Hands

Do you want to create a special comfort in your apartment, but don't know how? An excellent option for solving a similar problem is a corner false fireplace. Step-by-step instructions on how to install a false plasterboard fireplace with your own hands will help you cope with this goal

Decorating A Fireplace With Your Own Hands Photo (57 Photos): The Technology Of Decorative False Finishing Of Stoves

Decorating a fireplace with your own hands is available even for a beginner. Many are interested in what technology is there for decorative false finishing of stoves and what materials are used in decorating fireplaces?

Do-it-yourself Fireplace Portal (72 Photos): Fireplace Portals, Drawings For Electric Fireplaces

A portal for a fireplace with your own hands can be made in various ways, depending on the material of manufacture. What types of fireplace portals exist for installation at home. What drawings for electric fireplaces need to be used for installation?

Fireplace Doors (66 Photos): Do-it-yourself Glass And Forged Fireplace Doors For Stoves, How To Open

Fireplace doors provide safety and protection against accidental fire. What types of fireplace doors are there? How to do it yourself and how to open it?

Do-it-yourself False Fireplace (86 Photos): Drawing Of Imitation, Step-by-step Instructions For Installing A False Fireplace, How To Make Decor From Cardboard And Foam

The presence of a fireplace in the setting makes the room warmer and more comfortable. How to make a false fireplace with your own hands and what can you decorate with? Making a fire for an artificial false fireplace

Fireplace With Water Heating: A Water Jacket For A Fireplace, A Scheme For Heating A Private House With A Stove With A Boiler

A hot water fireplace is quite simple. What are the advantages of a water-jacketed fireplace over others? What are the features of the heating scheme for a private house with a stove with a boiler?

A Set For A Fireplace (66 Photos): A Set Of Tools Knight For Caring For A Fireplace From Forging

The fireplace set includes the necessary accessories for caring for it, as well as decorative elements. Such products are different, but they are usually made very stylishly and beautifully. For example, a knight forging fireplace care kit will remind you of old times and make the room look like a castle hall. Do you want to know more about these kits? Read the article

How To Brick A Metal Fireplace (34 Photos): Iron Or Cast Iron Fireplace, Fireplace Insert

Do you have an iron or cast iron fireplace in your house and you want to improve it, but do not know the specifics of the process? In this article you will find complete information on how to brick a metal fireplace. There is also information on how the fireplace insert is refined. All this will help to refine the fireplace and make it an interior decoration

DIY Artificial Fireplace (60 Photos): Step-by-step Instructions On How To Make A Fireplace

What nuances do you need to know and take into account when making a fireplace from different materials? How does a do-it-yourself artificial fireplace change the space of the house and affect the cozy atmosphere of the house? Step-by-step instructions on how to make a fireplace with your own hands - in our article

Wood-burning Fireplaces For Giving Long-term Burning (63 Photos): Fireplaces For Heating A House And A Wood-fired Bath

Wood-burning fireplaces for giving long burning - the most productive and economical option for a fireplace. How to choose the optimal design of a wood-burning fireplace for heating a house or a bath?

How To Build A Fireplace With Your Own Hands: How To Properly Position A Fireplace In The House

Many people are interested in how to build a fireplace with their own hands? From this article you will learn how to properly position a fireplace in the house and what tools are needed for construction

Firewood For The Fireplace (75 Photos): What Are The Best Briquettes, Decorative Backlit, Ceramic Imitation, Artificial For Your Own Hands

Correctly selected firewood for the fireplace plays an important role in the proper functioning and creation of comfort. Which is the best to choose and can briquettes be used? Features and benefits of decorative firewood

Dimplex Fireplaces: Electric Irish Opti Myst, Vega, Synergy, Vega, Juneau, Albany And Modern From Dimplex

Modern Dimplex fireplaces are used for heating apartments and private houses. What are the features and advantages of the company's products? Review of popular models

Fireplace Tiles (91 Photos): Heat-resistant And Heat-resistant Facing For Gzhel Stoves, How To Glue

Beautiful and heat-resistant fireplace tiles can significantly reduce the cost of the cladding process. What varieties are there and how to glue? What is the cost of the service?

Brick Corner Fireplaces (48 Photos): Project And Dimensions Of A Mini-fireplace With An Oven For A Summer Residence

Brick corner fireplaces have many advantages over other types of such heaters. In addition, many people want to know the project and dimensions of a mini-fireplace with an oven for a summer residence. How to build such structures and what materials are needed for this?

Do-it-yourself Brick Fireplace (91 Photos): How To Fold A Fireplace - Ordering The Masonry

It's not difficult to make a brick fireplace with your own hands. How to choose the size and shape of the fireplace? How to fold the fireplace yourself? How to choose an ordering scheme for laying a fireplace with a gazebo?

Stove With A Brick Fireplace For A Summer Residence (37 Photos): English Brick Fireplaces In The House

A stove with a fireplace for a brick summer cottage can serve both for heating the house and for cooking. What are the features of the construction of English brick fireplaces in a private house?