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Water Heat-insulated Floor (117 Photos): Flooring System In An Apartment, Installation In A Wooden House With A Concrete Base

Underfloor heating is a great way for additional heating of the room and increasing the comfort of living. What can be the flooring system in an apartment, how does it work and how is the temperature controlled? How exactly is installation in a wooden house with a concrete base carried out?

Warm Floor (180 Photos): Which Is Better, Types Of Heating Systems For Houses And Apartments, Water Built-in Convectors

Underfloor heating is an excellent solution for an apartment and a private house in winter. Which floor is better? What types of heating systems for houses and apartments are there and what are water built-in convectors?

Floor Screed (140 Photos): What Is It - A Concrete Screed Device Under A Wooden Floor Surface In An Apartment, Materials For A Floating Structure

Floor screed is an important component of a quality repair. How to produce it? What materials will be needed for this and what tools do you need to purchase in order to do it yourself?

Laminate (133 Photos): How To Choose A Floor Covering And What Quality Product Is Better To Choose For An Apartment In Bleached Oak Color, Ideas 2021

A properly selected laminate will become a symbol of the cosiness and beauty of your home. How long will it last and what colors and textures should I prefer? In what rooms and on what surfaces is it used?

Warm Pipes For Underfloor Heating: Which Are Better - Metal-plastic Or Cross-linked Polyethylene PEX, The Use Of Polypropylene Pipes For A Water Floor

Pipes for underfloor heating should be selected very carefully. Which options are better - metal-plastic or cross-linked polyethylene Reh? What properties do copper structures have and what brands produce quality products?

Laying Tiles On The Floor (96 Photos): How To Lay The Flooring, How To Properly Lay Products With Your Own Hands

Laying tiles on the floor requires special attention and diligence from a novice master. How to properly lay the floor covering on old and new screeds? How to properly lay products with your own hands? What tools and products should you use when laying floor tiles?

Warm Electric Floor (118 Photos): How To Choose An Electric Floor And How Much Electricity It Consumes, Reviews

Underfloor heating is a modern and functional heating system. What types of warm electric floors are there? How to choose an electric floor and how much electricity does it consume? Customer reviews and expert advice

Do-it-yourself Water-heated Floor (87 Photos): How To Properly Install And Install, The Correct Scheme For Calculating The Connection

Do-it-yourself water-heating floor. How to properly install and install, how to prepare the base? Can it be done without a concrete screed? What mistakes can be made during the work and what is recommended by experienced specialists ?

Do-it-yourself Floor Screed: How To Fill In An Apartment, How To Do It Yourself - Step-by-step Instructions, The Best Way To Use

In the process of repair, many have a desire or need for a do-it-yourself floor screed. How to fill the floor in an apartment and a private house? How to independently make a screed on earthen soil? Answers to these and other questions are in this step-by-step instructions

Warm Floor Thermo: Electric Mats Under The Carpet And Tiles From Sweden, Characteristics Of The Collector, Reviews

Underfloor heating Thermo is popular not only in Europe, but also abroad. How to properly install electric mats from Sweden under the carpet and tiles? What characteristics of the collector are important and what feedback do users leave about underfloor heating systems?

Substrate For A Warm Floor: What Kind Of Insulation To Choose Under A Water, Electric And Infrared Film Warm Floor, What Is A Foil Underlay

Underfloor heating is a necessary purchase. What kind of insulation to choose under the water floor? What is the best substrate to choose from? How to properly lay insulation? What manufacturers' products should you pay attention to?

Repair Of Underfloor Heating: Elimination Of Cracks In The Screed, Repair Of The Heating Element And Sewn Polyethylene Pipes In The Apartment

Not everyone knows how to properly repair a warm floor. Is it necessary to contact a specialist in order to eliminate cracks in the screed? What recommendations should be taken into account when carrying out installation work?

Underfloor Heating In A Wooden House: How To Make Screeds In The Country And In A Private House With Wooden Beams, Which Is Better - Radiators Or Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating in a wooden house is an option for those who love comfort and independence. How to make screeds in the country and in a private house with wooden floors? How long will it take to install with your own hands and which is better to choose: an electric or a water heating circuit?

Underfloor Heating Thermostat: Programmable Regulator And Thermostat For Water Floor, Thermostatic Valve

The thermostat for underfloor heating makes it much easier to use the entire system. However, for the most comfortable operation there are many issues to be studied. When should you pay attention to a programmable controller? Do I need a thermostat for a water floor?

Rehau Underfloor Heating Pipe: Characteristics Of Pipe 20, 16 And 17

The Rehau pipe for underfloor heating has many advantages, so many consumers today choose just such products. What are the characteristics of the 16, 17 and 20 mm models? Is it difficult to carry out installation work?

Thermal Head For Warm Water Floor: The Principle Of Operation Of The Thermal Head Rtl, Device Characteristics And Reviews

To fully automate the work of a warm floor, thermostats are used. These are special blocks that are installed and connected to the water floor heating system, which make it possible to set the necessary parameters for the coolant. What is the principle of operation of the thermal head?

Warm Floor "Teplolux": Instruction Manual, Models With An Electric Mobile Floor Controller, Flooring Under The Carpet, Reviews

Warm floor Teplolux is a modern heating system for a floor surface. What models with an electric mobile floor controller does the manufacturer offer? What does the instruction manual for the heating mats say?

Calculation Of Floor Heat: How To Correctly Calculate The Area Of a Warm Water Floor, The Correct Formula For Calculating The Power In A Private House

It is not so difficult to calculate the warm floor, the main thing is to stock up on the necessary knowledge. How to correctly calculate the area of a warm water or electric floor? What is the difference in the calculations for the two types of underfloor heating?

Installation Of Underfloor Heating (61 Photos): How To Do It Right With Your Own Hands, Competent Installation, Laying The Device In A Private House And Apartment

Features of the installation of a warm floor. How to make a warm floor with your own hands? What actions does the correct installation of the structure include? What materials and tools will you need? How to use this floor?

Collector For Warm Floor (49 Photos): Comb And Servo For Water Floor, Collector Group Valtec

Collector for underfloor heating: features and characteristics. What should be a comb and servo for a water floor? Why is the Valtec collection group good? How to choose and connect collector equipment according to all the rules?

Underfloor Heating Pump: How To Choose A Circulation Option For The Floor, Professional Advice When Connecting To A Manifold, How To Calculate The Power

Today we will learn to choose a pump for a warm floor. Without this element, the normal operation of the system cannot be achieved. How to choose a circulation option for a warm floor? What parameters should you pay attention to? Which manufacturers to trust?

Warm Water Floor From A Gas Boiler In The House: Connection Diagram In The Apartment, The Disadvantages Of Using A Gas Boiler, How To Connect The Floor To The Pump Of The Device

A warm water floor from a gas boiler is an ideal solution for those who are used to living in a private house. What are the boilers? How is the connection diagram for gas heating equipment arranged in an apartment? In this article you can find out the answers to all your questions

Warm Water Floors In A Private House: How To Properly Install Your Own Hands In A Cottage And A Wooden House With Ceilings, The Best Wiring Diagrams For A Competent Floor Screed

The installation of a floor heating system requires a certain investment of time and money. However, this system will greatly facilitate the life of the owners of the house. How to install warm water floors in a private house?

Do-it-yourself Warm Water Floor From A Gas Boiler In The House: Connection Diagrams To The Heating System, How To Properly Connect In An Apartment

Is it possible to make a warm water floor in the house powered by a gas boiler with your own hands? How many schemes are there for connecting to a common heating system? What building materials are needed? Read about many nuances in this article

Mats For A Warm Water Floor: How To Choose The Best Heating Mat - Thermal Insulation Materials With "lugs", Unimat, Successful Installation Options

Underfloor heating mats play an important role in the functioning of the entire system. How to choose the best heating mat and which manufacturers of thermal insulation materials are considered the best? Where to use the mats and how to install them correctly?

Knauf Dry Screed: Technology For Laying Floor Screeds, Consumption Per 1m2, Positive And Negative Reviews

Knauf dry screed has long been popular with consumers. The technology of laying the floor screed is quite simple, and the economical consumption of materials per 1 m2 allows everyone to use this technique. What are the features of Knauf dry screed?

How To Level The Floor In The Apartment? How And How To Level The Floor Surface, Options And Methods Of Leveling With Your Own Hands In A Panel House

The simplest room can be changed for the better thanks to a flat floor. But not always a high-quality coating provides an excellent result. It all depends on the correct preparation of the floor before coating. Therefore, when making repairs, many questions always arise. How to level the floor in the apartment? How and how is the floor surface leveled?

Sand-cement Screed: Device And Density Kg Per M3, Do-it-yourself Floor Mortar Preparation Technology

Sand-cement screed is the leader among the current options for leveling the floor. It is easy to prepare it even with your own hands, without spending extra money on specialists. However, what is the structure and density? How much kg per m3 is required?

Cement Consumption Per 1 M2 Of Screed: Calculation Of The Proportion Of Sand And Dry Mix For The Floor, Cement Screed - How Many Materials Are Needed Per 1 M2

Determining the amount of screed materials is an extremely important issue. What is the cement consumption per 1 m2 of screed? How to calculate the correct proportions of sand and dry mix for the floor? In the article you will find information about the many nuances, as well as an example of calculating consumption per 1 m2

Fiber For Floor Screed: Fiber Consumption Per 1 M2, How Much Fiber To Add

What are the functions of fiberglass floor screed? What are its varieties? How to choose the right fiber? How to calculate the fiber consumption per 1 m2? How much fiber should be added to the solution? How to fill in a fiber-reinforced screed? Read about many nuances in the article

Floor Screed With Expanded Clay: Pros And Cons Of Expanded Clay Concrete Pouring, Technology Of Pouring Dry Expanded Clay Screed

Screed floor with expanded clay is a popular and economical way to arrange thermal insulation in a private house or apartment. The expanded clay concrete filling has its pros and cons, but given the budget and properties of this building material, its use is always justified

Dry Screed: The Pros And Cons Of A Dry Floor Screed In An Apartment, How To Make A Mixture With Your Own Hands, Interesting Repair Ideas

The dry screed has become especially popular thanks to the appearance of the Knauf Superpol system, but there is also a dry screed from Rockwool. What are the pros and cons of a dry floor screed in an apartment? How to make it with your own hands and what dry mixture to use?

How Long Does The Floor Screed Dry? How Long Does A Cement And Concrete Screed Dry, How Long Does A Coating 5 And 10 Cm Thick Set, How Many Days A Solution Of Sand Concrete Hardens

The screed is a preparatory step before laying the floor covering. How long does the floor screed dry? How long does it take for cement and concrete screed to dry? What are the optimal conditions for drying it?

Square Laminate (18 Photos): Flooring From Large Squares 60x60 In Size, Examples Of Covering From Square Boards In The Interior

Square laminate - flooring made of large squares measuring 60x60 cm, designed to decorate all types of premises. What is it made from? What are its features? Why choose a square laminate?

Laminate Class 31 (39 Photos): What Does This Mean And What Are The Characteristics Of The Wear Resistance Of The Coating, Reviews On Use, The Colors Of Pear, Oak And Wild Cherry In The Interior

Class 31 laminate is a popular and inexpensive finishing material. What does this mean and what are the characteristics of the wear resistance of the coating accompanying the 31st class laminate? What kind of reviews do modern consumers leave about such materials?

Laminate Texture 36 Photos: High Quality Seamless Laminate For Light Oak, Dark Wood And Brown Walnut Flooring

The texture of the laminate is an important factor influencing the design of this flooring. What are the pros and cons of a high quality seamless floor covering? What does a light oak laminate look like in an interior?

Infrared Underfloor Heating Under The Laminate: Film Floor Technology - Installation And Installation, Instructions And Reviews

Infrared underfloor heating under the laminate is an excellent solution that does not spoil the coating. What types are there? How to choose the right insulation and laminate flooring? What is the technology for laying and installing the film floor? You will find instructions, as well as customer reviews in the article

Laminate Wax (33 Photos): Choose A Wax Pencil And Liquid Crayon, How To Use Them, How To Grease The Seams To Restore Parquet

Laminate wax extends the life of your flooring. In what forms is this product available? Choose a wax crayon and liquid crayon. How to use them correctly?

Substrate Under The Laminate For A Warm Water Floor (24 Photos): Perforated And Cork Models, Which One To Choose For Laying On A Concrete Floor

Substrate under the laminate for a warm water floor - selection rules. Today, perforated and cork models are popular. They are quite versatile

How To Level The Floor Under The Laminate? Preparing The Wood Flooring For Laying, Leveling The Wood Base With Plywood And Other Materials

The preparation of the wooden covering for laying can be carried out independently. How to level the floor under the laminate and how to fill the floor correctly? What tools will be needed to independently carry out such work?