Furniture 2023, June

How To Make A Table With Your Own Hands? 102 Photos: Coffee, Computer, Writing And Dressing Table

This article will show you how to make a table with your own hands. How to design a coffee table and dressing table? How to assemble a computer and writing desk yourself?

Wardrobes (127 Photos): Types And Sizes Of Models In The Room, Furniture For Clothes Under The Stairs In A Private House, Design With Roller Shutters

Cabinets are presented in a huge assortment on the furniture market, so the first question arises - what types and sizes of models in the room to choose? What color should be the furniture for clothes under the stairs in a private house?

How To Make A Bed With Your Own Hands? 58 Photos: Bunk And Double Models At Home, Podium And Transformer, Homemade Bed With A Lifting Mechanism

How to make a bed with your own hands is a question that worries those who dream of original furniture. How to create bunk and double models at home and what materials to choose? How to develop a drawing and assemble a bed yourself?

Round Glass Tables (37 Photos): White Bedside Table With Glass Top, Sliding Glass Furniture On One Leg

Round glass tables are the perfect purchase solution if you want to transform your interior and add something special to it. A white glass top bedside table is the perfect solution for a modern bedroom. How to choose the right table?

Round Tables On One Leg: High Bar Table, Small White Furniture On Chrome Leg, 100 Cm

Round tables on one leg are distinguished by their original appearance, convenience and practicality. What are the features of dining, coffee and high bar tables? Why is small white furniture on a chrome leg good? Who needs a table with a diameter of 100 cm?

Bar Tables (47 Photos): Table-stand And Models On Wheels For The Home, Choose A Support For The Bar Table And Legs, Height And Width Of Products

Bar tables are a great solution for studios or modern apartments. What are the advantages of a table-stand and models on wheels for the home? What are the principles for choosing a bar table support and legs?

Side Table (54 Photos): Side Table On Wheels For A Sofa With An Armrest, Models With Forging On Wheels From Ikea

A side table has long become one of the most popular items in modern interior design. How to choose the right side table on wheels for a sofa with armrest? What styles and colors are considered the most original for these designs these days?

How To Restore An Old Table With Your Own Hands (35 Photos): Restoration Of A Glass Coffee Table And A Wooden Writing Table

How to restore an old table with your own hands? What materials will you need for this? How to avoid mistakes during restoration? Decor options and tips

Table-book (61 Photos): Folding Narrow Castors For The Living Room, Oval White Folding Models

In this article, we will consider the features of folding tables. How to choose the right folding table with wheels? How to place a white oval table in the living room interior?

White Tables (42 Photos): Classic Lacquered Square Table, Long Furniture In Classic Style - Gloss

Do you like long glossy white tables in a classic setting, but don't know how to choose the right model? You will learn how to choose furniture in the classics and other popular styles and where it is better to place a lacquered square table from our article

Tilt Table With Wall Attachment: Ikea Wall Table, Wall Attachment Mechanism On The Bracket

The wall-mounted folding table is a very compact and ergonomic model for small kitchens and other rooms. What types of folding tables are there? How to choose the right model? The principle of the mechanism of wall fastening to the bracket and other mechanisms. Ikea wall table and fashion news

DIY Wooden Table (92 Photos): How To Make A Wooden Table From Boards And Solid Wood, Manufacturing Features

A do-it-yourself wooden table is a functional decoration of any country house or kitchen. How to make a wooden table from boards and solid wood? What features will you have to face?

Radial Wardrobes (49 Photos): Models For The Bedroom And Living Room With Semicircular Doors, Radial Wardrobe With Hinged Doors, Round Models For The Hallway

Radial cabinets will become a comfortable and convenient option for any room. How to choose models for the bedroom and living room with semicircular doors? What are the reviews about them?

Three-door Wardrobes (33 Photos): Three-door Options For Furniture For Clothes, Models With A Solid Wood Mirror, How To Assemble

Three-door wardrobes are ideal for storing wardrobe items in an apartment. What are the most practical interior design options for three-door clothing furniture? What qualities make a model with a solid wood mirror one of the most popular with buyers?

White Wardrobes (37 Photos): Narrow Swing Models For Clothes With Shelves, Matte Furniture In Classic And Provence Styles

White wardrobes will perfectly fit into the interior of the living space in classic and Provence styles. For which rooms are narrow swing models for clothes better suited? Where is the best place to arrange open cabinets with shelves? When should you choose matte furniture?

Two-leaf Wardrobes (42 Photos): Two-door Wardrobe, Two-leaf Product, 2-leaf Furniture

Double-wing wardrobes are versatile and practical furniture. How to choose the right two-door wardrobe? What are the advantages of double-leaf products? In the article, we will talk in detail about 2-wing furniture

Partition Cabinets (36 Photos): Double-sided Models For Dividing A Room Into Two Parts, Options For Studio Zoning

Partition cabinets can divide the space into separate zones and are additional storage space. What are the characteristic features of double-sided models for dividing a room into two parts? How to divide space with a wardrobe?

Wardrobes (76 Photos): A Three-leaf Version In The Bedroom With Three-leaf Doors, Two-leaf Models With Shelves And A Bar, With A Mirror And A Mezzanine

Wardrobes are essential interior details and are in demand among customers. How to choose the right tricuspid version of the product for the bedroom? What is the difference between a pencil case and a wardrobe with three-leaf doors and which companies are the most in demand?

Bookcases (68 Photos): Modern Closed And Open Shelves For Storing Books At Home, Narrow Solid Wood Models, Closed, Modern Hinged Modular Options

Bookcases are furniture that is relevant today, which can be found in almost every home. What are the models of bookcases? What should be considered when choosing such furniture? Modern closed and open shelving for storing books at home and unusual designer models of bookcases

How To Make A Wardrobe With Your Own Hands (51 Photos): From Furniture Boards, Drawings Of Models For Storing Things And Books, Options For The Hallway And Bedroom, Diagrams And Materials

How to make a wardrobe with your own hands from furniture boards? How to draw up drawings of models for storing things and books? How to save a significant amount and, as a result, get a unique piece of furniture? What to choose: plywood or solid boards?

Wardrobes (75 Photos): What Is It, A Three-door Option In The Bedroom, White And Black Models, Dimensions And Depth

What are wardrobes? Where did they come from and how to choose a three-door option for the bedroom? What interiors are white and black models suitable for? What are the dimensions and depths of a standard cabinet?

Corner Beds (49 Photos): How To Choose Models With A Soft Side Back Or Two, For Two Or One, Sizes 120 X 200 Or 90 X 200

Corner beds create a cozy atmosphere in small apartments where empty corners need to be filled. Which models to choose - with one soft side back or two? Would a corner sofa for two or one be appropriate in a spacious room?

Sizes Of Beds With A Lifting Mechanism (32 Photos): 160 X 200 And 160 X 190, Soft And Wooden, "Ormatek" And "Lazurit", Reviews

The bed plays an important role in the relaxation of a person and can be both comfortable and functional at the same time. What sizes of beds with a lifting mechanism exist, are there among them the sizes of 160 x 200 and 160 x 190 cm? Which is better: soft or wooden, and do Ormatek and Lazurit produce beds with a "lift"?

Bed Frame (21 Photos): How To Do It Yourself, Dimensions 160 X 200 And 180 X 200, Frame Orthopedic Bed With Wood Lamellas

The bed frame is an indispensable, but not obligatory element of the bed. The advantage of the frame is that you can buy it separately or make it yourself. How to make a frame from pallets or wood panels with your own hands? What sizes are found and are there among them 160 x 200 and 180 x 200 cm?

Slatted Bed Bottom (21 Photos): Adjustable Base, 90x200 And 160x200, 140x200 And 80x200, 180x200

A slatted bed base is a common base with dimensions from 80x200, 90x200 cm to 140x200, 160x200 and 180x200 cm. What is an adjustable base and what innovative functions does it have?

Bunk Beds For Adults (38 Photos): A Double Two-story Model With A Working Area Below, Sketches Of A Bedroom For Parents, Two-level Options, Reviews

Bunk beds for adults are becoming more and more popular. What is this kind of furniture, what does it look like and who is more suitable for a double two-story model with a working area below? What reviews do customers leave about this bed?

Canopy Bed (66 Photos): Attachment To An Adult Bed, How To Do It Yourself, Interior Ideas For Girls

A four-poster bed is a very beautiful piece of furniture that can decorate any bedroom and make it more luxurious. What is an adult and children's canopy? How can a canopy be attached to an adult bed? How to choose the right canopy or make it yourself?

Transformer Table-bed (54 Photos): Folding Furniture With A Workplace, A Modern Transformation Mechanism, How To Assemble, Reviews

The transformer table-bed is an excellent solution for small apartments. What are the features of these beds? Why is folding furniture with a workplace good and how to choose a modern transformation mechanism?

Orthopedic Bed Base: A Lattice With A Mattress Measuring 160x200 Cm, 140x200 Cm And 180x200 Cm

An orthopedic bed base is essential for a healthy and sound sleep. Why is the lattice with a mattress of 160x200 cm, 140x200 cm and 180x200 cm really useful? How to choose and assemble such a model on your own?

Bed Sizes: European And Russian Standard, Table Of Measures, Three-bed And King Size, Which Are In Centimeters

The size of the beds is an extremely important characteristic when choosing a bed. What European and Russian standard sizes exist, what is the table of measures? What size room will fit a triple bed and a king size option?

Drywall Furniture (40 Photos): Do-it-yourself Kitchen Rack, Kitchen Set, Cabinet For The Interior Of The Room

Drywall furniture has more advantages than disadvantages. How to make a kitchen rack with your own hands? How to make a gycardboard kitchen set yourself? What should be a plasterboard cabinet for the interior of the room?

Shelves In The Bedroom (34 Photos): Wall Shelves In The Interior, Book Mounted Models On The Wall

The shelves in the bedroom save space, they also serve as a decorative function. Where to place wall shelves in the interior? How to decorate wall-mounted book models? What are they like?

Office Furniture: Classic Armchairs For A Home Office In An Apartment And A Private House, Design Of A Workplace In A Modern Style

Choosing the right office furniture can be tricky. What are the nuances worth considering? What classic and modern armchairs for a home office should be chosen and how to equip an office in an apartment and in a private house?

Storage Racks (48 Photos): Wooden And Metal Shelves, Storage System, Prefabricated Iron Corner Shelves In The Apartment

Storage racks are the best way to use space efficiently. Why are wood and metal shelves good? What storage systems are there? How to choose the right shelving unit?

Leather Computer Chairs: An Eco-leather Computer Chair, Home Products, Genuine Leather And Leatherette

Leather computer chairs are quite popular, but very expensive. If such products are chosen for the home, then it is much wiser to buy a computer chair made of eco-leather. What is the difference between genuine leather and leatherette?

Furniture For A Small Hallway (45 Photos): Design Ideas For Modular Options In An Apartment

Furniture for a small hallway performs many different functions, and is also the face of the apartment. What interesting design ideas for modular apartment options can you use for a tiny hallway?

Pier Glass (67 Photos): What It Is, A Design With A Mirror, Beautiful Corner Furniture, A White Chest Of Drawers With Lighting, Do-it-yourself Options

The pier glass is a sophisticated and functional addition to the interior of the room in which the woman lives. What it is? What are the features of the design with a mirror? What are the models? How to harmoniously fit beautiful corner furniture and a white backlit chest of drawers into the interior?

Office Table (41 Photos): A Designer Desk For A Working Space In The House, Elite Models In The "loft" Style For A Home Office

An office table is one of the most important things for successful work. A designer writing desk for a workspace in a home has a lot to say about its owner. How to choose the right elite loft-style models and what to look for when choosing a classic? What are the nuances to consider when arranging furniture in the office?

DIY Home Idea (77 Photos): Storing Things On The Wall In The Interior Of A Small Apartment

Storing things is one of the main goals of any apartment. What are the features of a rational organization of space? Ideas of home storage systems that you can do with your own hands, decor and storage of things in the interior of a small apartment and its different zones

Chest Of Drawers With A Mirror In The Bedroom (48 Photos): White Corner Dresser-transformer, IKEA

Do you need to save space and place a large number of things nearby? Then a chest of drawers with a mirror in the bedroom is a great solution. It is a chest of drawers with a mirror that will help give the room a finished look. There are, in fact, a huge number of dressers - for example, a white corner transforming dresser, or dressers from Ikea