Hallway 2023, February

Hall Design In A Private House With A Staircase (48 Photos): Finishing The Interior Of The Hall With An Ascent To The Second Floor, Choosing Wallpaper

A staircase is a decoration for any home. How to create a hallway design in a private house with a staircase? What can be the decoration of the interior of the hall with a rise to the second floor and what influences the choice of wallpaper and decor?

Hallway Wall Hanger Ideas: Wall Panel Options With Hooks

Ideas for a wall hanger in the hallway are inspiring and allow you to transform the space of a room, make a first impression on guests and make even the smallest corner in the hallway functional. What types of wall panel with hooks are there? How to create it yourself and what is required for this?

Hooks For Clothes In The Hallway: Revitalizing The Design Of The Hallway

What kind of clothes hooks are there? The stores offer a variety of options - in the form of hands and animals, forged and made of plastic. What is right for different styles of room decoration?

Wallpaper For The Hallway: Modern Ideas (54 Photos): Fashionable Interior Design Options For The Corridor 2021

Hallway wallpaper sets the tone for the entire interior. Modern ideas and fashionable interior design options for the corridor will not leave anyone indifferent. What is the best option for covering the walls in the hallway?

Light Entrance Hall (51 Photos): Classic Style Corridor Design In Beige Tones

A bright entrance hall always looks beautiful and cozy. What are the advantages of such an interior and how to design a corridor in a classic style in beige tones? What are the features of the hallway decoration in the spirit of minimalism and other styles?

Wall Hanger And Shoe Rack In The Hallway (42 Photos): Options For Floor Open And Closed Shoe Rack

A wall hanger and a shoe rack in the hallway are not only storage systems for clothes and shoes, all this can be an element of design and decoration of a room. What are the differences between the options for outdoor open and closed shoe racks?

Wrought Iron Hangers In The Hallway (23 Photos): Wall Models For Clothes In The Corridor, Stylish Options From Forging

Durability and original design - this is why forged hangers in the hallway are so appreciated. Which is better to prefer - wall models for clothes in the corridor or floor models? What stylish forging options should you choose when creating an original interior?

Shoe Rack In The Hallway: Narrow Metal, Plastic And Wooden Models With A Seat

A shoe rack in the hallway helps to tidy up the room and organize the shoes. In modern stores, there are narrow, metal, plastic and wooden models with a seat. How to make a choice?

Large Mirror In The Hallway (54 Photos): Interior Design Of The Corridor With A Beautiful Mirrored Wall Frame And Lighting On The Wall

Many people want to have a large mirror in the hallway, but not everyone knows how to best position it. What are the options for the location and design of the hallway mirror? How can you decorate this piece of furniture?

Choosing A Cabinet With A Mirror In The Hallway (41 Photos): A Small Classic-style Chest Of Drawers In The Corner For A Narrow Corridor

A small dresser in a classic style will become a functional and stylish acquisition for a small hallway. What to look for when we choose a cabinet with a mirror in the hallway? Are there models of pedestals with a mirror that can be placed in a narrow corridor in the corner of the hallway?

Solid Wood Entrance Hall (38 Photos): Interior Design In A Wooden House, Rustic Options From Natural Oak And Pine

An entrance hall made of solid wood is a chic and practical interior design solution. What color product to choose for a hallway in a wooden house? Which tree to choose for the design of the room, made in light colors?

How To Make A Hanger In The Hallway With Your Own Hands? 29 Photos Simple And Original Wall Options For Clothes In The Corridor

Not everyone knows how to make a hanger in the hallway with their own hands. What is needed for this? What nuances will you need to pay attention to? What recommendations are worth listening to?

Choosing Wallpaper In The Corridor (38 Photos): How To Expand The Space In The Hallway, The Design Of The Walls In The Apartment, Visually Expanding The Area

When we choose murals for the corridor, we usually think about how to expand the space in the hallway. Is it true that with the current proposals, it is quite easy to do this? What should be the design of the walls in the apartment?

An Ottoman In The Hallway With A Box For Shoes: An Ottoman For Storing The Necessary Things In The Hallway With A Stand And A Shelf

An ottoman in the hallway with a shoe box will help save space. How to choose a pouf for storing the necessary things in the corridor with a stand and a shelf? What should be considered in the first place when choosing the most suitable option?

Wrought Iron Furniture For The Hallway (38 Photos): A Wrought Iron Bench With A Galoshes For The Home, Products With Wicker Baskets In The Interior

Wrought iron furniture for the hallway has recently been at the peak of its popularity. It is quite functional and suitable for different interior styles. In which hallway would a forged bench with a galoshes be appropriate for the house?

Wallpaper In The Hallway "like A Brick" (31 Photos): Design Options With Bricks In The Corridor, Stone In The Interior

Wallpaper in the hallway under a brick is one of the most common design options when you want something unusual. Why is it not always appropriate to use stone in the interior? What are the design options with bricks in the hallway?

Choosing A Mirror With A Shelf In The Hallway (36 Photos): Ideas For A Wall Mirror Design With Lighting In The Corridor And A Room, Options With A Shelf

When we choose a mirror with a shelf in the hallway, several questions arise. How should it look like? How to place it in a small hallway and how to choose the right piece of furniture? You will find the answers to them in this article

Metal Wall Hangers For The Hallway: Iron Options For Clothes With A Metal Shelf

Metal wall hangers for the hallway are a great interior detail to help owners keep personal belongings tidy. How to choose iron options for clothes with a metal shelf? What should you pay attention to?

Wall-mounted Wooden Hangers For The Hallway (28 Photos): Stylish Options For Wooden Clothes

The most popular are wooden wall hangers for the hallway, as they are the most environmentally friendly, beautiful and distinguished by natural energy. Classic or modern stylish options for wooden clothes will fit better in a small hallway?

Key Holder In The Hallway (28 Photos): Wood Key Hooks, Original Wall Holders

The key holder in the hallway is not only decorative, but also functional. What are the original wall mounts? How to choose a housekeeper so that it fits most successfully into a certain style of the interior?

Wallpaper For The Corridor, Expanding The Space (36 Photos): Models For A Narrow And Long Hallway In The Apartment

To choose wallpaper for the corridor, visually expanding the space, you need to know certain rules. What models are suitable for a narrow and long hallway in an apartment? What shades of coating should you pay special attention to?

Tiles On The Walls In The Corridor (46 Photos): Decorative Wall Stone In The Hallway, Ideas For Using White Convex Ceramic Materials In The Interior

Tiles on the walls in the corridor are an ideal option for finishing a modern interior. Decorative wall stone in the hallway will look elegant, stylish and interesting. What are the features of her choice?

What Do They Do First - Doors Or Laminate: What To Do First - Laying Flooring Or Installing Interior Doors, Decorating The Junction Of Tiles And Laminate, Reviews

When renovating, it is always important to install the flooring correctly. And the question often arises: what do they do first - install doors or lay a laminate? You can learn how to do it right in this case from this article

Plasterboard Ceilings In The Hallway (39 Photos): Design Ideas For Suspended Plasterboard Models In The Corridor

Plasterboard ceilings in the hallway are a modern solution that replaced the traditional options: plaster and concrete ceilings. What is the difference between design ideas for suspended plasterboard models in a small corridor and in a spacious hallway?

Design Of A Long Corridor (51 Photos): Ideas And Solutions In The Interior For Arranging A Wide Corridor In A Three-room Apartment

It is difficult to arrange a narrow corridor in an apartment in a practical and beautiful way. The main task in this case is to visually increase the space. How to choose a long corridor design? In what color scheme is it better to decorate the hallway?

Mezzanine In The Corridor (43 Photos): The Design Of The Hallway In The "country" Style, How To Make Modular Mezzanine Under The Ceiling With Your Own Hands

The mezzanine in the corridor is a practical solution that allows you to place a lot of things without cluttering up the space. They will help to emphasize the design of the hallway in country style. How to apply mezzanines correctly?

Shoe Rack With A Seat In The Hallway (39 Photos): Open Soft Shoe Rack With A Bench

A shoe rack with a seat in the hallway will become a highlight of your interior. What is remarkable about an open soft shoe rack with a bench? How to choose the right products?

Entrance Halls To A Small Corridor (62 Photos): Small-sized Wardrobes For A "hallway", Design Of Hallways In Small Apartments, Long And Narrow Models

A small hallway can become a headache during the renovation and furnishing of the premises, or it can become the hallmark of your home. How to harmoniously create a place for storing clothes and shoes? What accessories and decor elements will help create coziness?

Floor Design In The Hallway (66 Photos): What Is Better To Lay In The Corridor, Warm Flooring, Ideas And Examples Of Implementation

Floor design in the hallway - features, subtleties, nuances. What is better to bed in the corridor? What are the special features of warm flooring? What color to choose for the hallway? Advantages of the combined coating

Narrow Shoe Racks In The Hallway (69 Photos): Beautiful Straight And Angled Ikea Models With A Seat Made Of Iron And Plastic Materials, Dimensions 13 Cm Deep And Others

Narrow shoe racks in the hallway allow you to save an already small free space in small apartments. Which models have the most capacity? Which manufacturers offer the best compact entryway cabinets?

Decorating The Hallway With Decorative Stone And Wallpaper (45 Photos): Interior Design, Decorated With Artificial Stone And Liquid Wallpaper And Photo Wallpaper

Decorating the hallway with decorative stone and wallpaper allows you to create a modern interior, fills the room with coziness and warmth, makes the room unusual and presentable. How to choose an interior design for the hallway?

White Hallways (67 Photos): Classic - Black And White Gloss, Play Of Colors, Furniture Design In A Modern Classic Style

White hallways are quite popular furniture lately. They have a wide range of models, and the classic here is the black and white gloss. The play of color makes this furniture quite elegant. What other modern and classic white furniture designs are applicable?

A Curbstone With A Seat In The Hallway (45 Photos): A Narrow Bedside Table Or Chest Of Drawers For Shoes, Options With A Soft Seat In The Corridor, Models For A Phone

A curbstone with a seat in the hallway: features and benefits. Which cabinet to choose? How to choose a narrow bedside table or chest of drawers for shoes in the hallway? Options with a soft seat in the corridor: stylish examples and photos

Hallways In The Style Of "Provence" (79 Photos): Design Of Fashionable Furniture For The Corridor, Create A Stylish Interior

At the peak of popularity, there are original Provence-style hallways. How does the design of fashionable corridor furniture fit into a modern Provencal atmosphere? We create stylish interiors to feel full of inspiration and happy owners

Benches In The Hallway (57 Photos): A Decorative Bench With A Shelf For Shoes, Furniture Design In The Form Of A Bench With A Stand In The Corridor, Graceful Benches With A Soft Seat

Benches are an integral part of cozy hallways and corridors. What points should be considered when buying them and how to find a model that fits perfectly into an existing interior? A decorative bench with a shoe rack will help solve these problems

Entrance Hall For A Narrow Corridor (91 Photos): Furniture Design For A Long Hallway, Ideas For Repairs In The Khrushchev Apartment, Modular Options With A Mirror

What do you need to know so that the entrance hall for the narrow corridor in the "Khrushchev" was decorated as comfortably as possible? What furniture design to choose for a long hallway? The most interesting ideas for renovating an apartment. Popular hallway models

Ottomans In The Hallway (50 Photos): An Unusual Pouf With A Soft Top In The Corridor With Your Own Hands, Original Furniture For Seating

The ottoman in the hallway must be chosen responsibly so that the interior is as beautiful and organic as possible. How to choose an unusual ottoman with a soft top and in what colors are ottomans produced? Is it possible to make a product in the corridor with your own hands?

Wallpaper In The Corridor (74 Photos): Design Ideas For The Hallway In The Khrushchev Apartment, Which Products To Choose And Where To Start Gluing

What wallpaper to choose in the corridor? Consider the idea of ​​ u200b u200bdesigning a hallway in an apartment. How to decorate a small corridor in Khrushchev? How to choose products for repair and where to start gluing wallpaper?

Modular Hallways (54 Photos): Furniture And Vertical Paintings From Modules, Modern Systems In The Style Of "high-tech" And "classic" From MDF

Modular hallways are increasingly seen in modern apartments. How to choose similar furniture? How to choose accessories and fit furniture and vertical paintings from modules into the interior? Modern high-tech systems, classics, minimalism - what to choose?

Hallway Furniture (57 Photos): Stylish Couch, Armchair And Cabinet Models In The Corridor, Design Of Elite Solid Wood Headsets

What hallway furniture will decorate your home? Maybe a stylish couch or dressing table? How to choose a chair and body models in the corridor? How to arrange furniture beautifully in the hallway? Our article will tell about all this