Home interior 2023, September

Layout Of The House (252 Photos): The Interior Of A Private Two-story Country House With An Attic, Projects Of Cottages With Two Floors

What are the interesting layout options for a private house? What principles must be followed when arranging a home and dividing it into zones? The interior of a private two-story country house with an attic and other interesting design ideas

Ceiling Noise Insulation (124 Photos): Modern Materials For Soundproofing An Apartment, How To Make Noise Insulation From Neighbors, Reviews

Ceiling soundproofing is becoming more and more relevant and in demand every day. What modern materials for soundproofing an apartment are there? What is the peculiarity of each of them and which one to give preference to?

Shelves In The Shoe Cabinet: Storage Systems, Pull-out Stands, Nets And Grates

Shelves in the shoe cabinet make it convenient to store seasonal and daily pairs. What systems for storing winter shoes are convenient to place in the hallway? How are pull-out shoe racks arranged and what are nets and grates used in shoe storage cabinets for?

Metal Wardrobe: Two-section Welded Wardrobe, 2 Sections

A metal wardrobe can easily be a home decor item. And two-section welded lockers for clothes can be found in working locker rooms, in fitness clubs and other public institutions. How can 2 sections fit into a small space in a room?

Dressing Room In The Attic, Hallway, Balcony, Bedroom Or Under The Stairs To The Second Floor

Where can the dressing room be located and why is the attic, corridor, balcony, bedroom or stairs to the second floor often chosen as its place?

Italian And Swedish Wardrobe Manufacturers, Elfa, Element System

When choosing furniture for a dressing room, it is important to consider which manufacturer it is from. Which Italian and Swedish brands to choose and what to consider?

Small Dressing Room (59 Photos): A Small Room Measuring 2 Sq. M From The Pantry

The size of the dressing room depends on the capabilities of a particular apartment and the needs of its owners. Like a small storage room measuring 2 sq. m to convert into a small dressing room? Is it possible to increase its size?

Design Projects Of Dressing Rooms (90 Photos): Small Corner Ones In The Hallway, For 1, 2, 3, 4 And 5 Square Meters In The Apartment

The modern design of wardrobe room projects is striking in its simplicity, ergonomics and elegance. Real projects of dressing rooms for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 sq. meters in an apartment and a private house

Dressing Room Dimensions (59 Photos): Drawings And Diagrams For Small Systems, Optimal And Minimum Sizes

What size should the dressing room be? What should be guided by when planning a dressing room? The optimal size of the dressing room, which guarantees comfort, is 3.5-5 sq. m. The minimum size of the dressing room should have an area of 1.2 - 1.5 square meters. m

Wardrobe Accessories: Complete Set For Wardrobes, Wardrobes And Freestyle Vitra Systems

Accessories for the dressing room allow you to conveniently and practically place things. What does the complete set for sliding wardrobes consist of? What are the features of dressing rooms and freestyle vitra systems?

Do-it-yourself Dressing Room From The Pantry (61 Photos): How To Make A Dressing Room In 4 Sq. M

A dressing room is every woman's dream. Converting the pantry into a dressing room allows you to solve a number of problems. How to make a dressing room with an area of 4 square meters with your own hands?

Wardrobe Systems Larvij: Reviews, Mesh Storage Systems Larvij And A Set With A Shelf 400

Larvij wardrobe systems have conquered the Russian market. Why are Larvage mesh storage systems so attractive and what are the customer reviews? How much can you pay for a wardrobe system using the example of a set with a 400 mm shelf?

Wardrobe Mesh Systems: Baskets And Shelves For Storing Stuff, Aristo Models, Kansas And Nevada

Wardrobe mesh systems are an excellent storage option. What storage baskets and shelves to install, how are the filling areas in the dressing room highlighted? What are the features of the Aristo model?

Do-it-yourself Wardrobe (96 Photos): How To Make A Wardrobe System At Home From Drywall, Layout

A cozy dressing room with your own hands is quite simple to create. Where can you post and what materials are most commonly used? Interesting ideas in the interior

Built-in Wardrobes (63 Photos): Small Built-in Wardrobe Systems In The Hallway And Niche, Filling

Built-in wardrobes are very convenient for small Khrushchevs. What types are there and where is it convenient to locate the system? How to ergonomically design the filling?

Dressing Room (114 Photos): Equipment And How To Equip A Room Of 2 Sq. M For Shoes And Outerwear

A walk-in closet in an apartment or a private house is a very common phenomenon. How to properly equip a dressing room and where is it better to arrange it? How beautiful and ergonomic it is to equip a room of 2 sq. m for shoes and outerwear?

Wardrobe From The Pantry (74 Photos): Options For How To Make A Small Pantry Room In A Panel House Wardrobe

A closet from the pantry is a great idea for a small apartment in an ordinary panel house. How to properly organize the conversion of a room into a dressing room? Interesting options

Wardrobe Systems Elfa (68 Photos): Swedish Storage Systems Russian Analogue Of Elfa, Wardrobe Planner

A wardrobe system is a modern way of storing things and organizing space in an apartment. What are the advantages of Elfa wardrobe systems? What are the differences between the Swedish storage systems and the Russian counterpart of Elf?

Kansas Wardrobe System (25 Photos): Up To 2-4 M, Reviews And Instructions

Kansas is a universal wardrobe system that allows you to rationally place clothes, shoes and accessories. What is included in the construction kit? Is it possible to purchase a system up to 2.4 m high? What do customer reviews say and are installation instructions included in the kit?

Corner Dressing Room (49 Photos): Wardrobe In The Hallway, Corner Bar Systems For A Small Room

Corner dressing room helps to save space in a small apartment. How to equip a wardrobe in the hallway? How to install corner bar systems in a small dressing room?

Walk-in Closet Shelving: Prefabricated Metal Shelving Systems For Rooms, Wardrobes And Clothes

Dressing racks help to properly distribute the space in the dressing room and arrange clothes and shoes favorably. What varieties are there and how to choose the most suitable option correctly?

Pax Wardrobe (35 Photos): Reviews, IKEA Corner Planner In The Interior, White Bergsbu, Hasvik And Vikedal, Assembly

Pax wardrobe from IKEA is distinguished by a wide variety of designs and excellent quality. What are the features and benefits of the system? Review of the most popular models such as Bergsbu, Hasvik and others

Wardrobe Shelves: How To Arrange Hangers And Metal Wall Shelves For Wardrobe And Shoes

When designing a clothing storage system, it is important to think in advance how to arrange hangers and metal wall shelves for wardrobe and shoes in it, choose the material from which the shelves for the dressing room will be made. Then all things will always be in perfect order

Aristo Wardrobe Systems (63 Photos): Aristo Storage And Wardrobe Planner And Reviews

Aristo's stylish wardrobe systems represent the best solution for optimizing the space in your home. What possibilities does the aristo storage and wardrobe planner provide? These questions will be answered by customer reviews and excellent characteristics of all products

Corner Dressing Room In The Bedroom (59 Photos): Design Of A Drywall Dressing Room In A Room Of 14 Sq. M

The corner wardrobe in the bedroom looks especially good in vintage style. How to choose the design of a drywall dressing room for a room of 14 square meters? How to do it yourself?

Wardrobe Systems (81 Photos): Modular And Open Metal Constructors For Storing Things, Joker And Home Space

Modern wardrobe systems allow the most ergonomic use of all available space. What varieties are there and how to assemble them correctly?

Wardrobe Hardware: Folding Wardrobe Door Systems

Dressing room fittings are one of the most important components of a storage system. It is responsible for the smooth running of folding and other wardrobe door systems. The service life of the entire wardrobe system depends on the quality of the fittings

Wardrobes (65 Photos): Built-in Wardrobe, Built-in For Clothes In The Hallway, Project Design

The wardrobes are very comfortable and spacious. What types of built-in wardrobes are there? How to do it yourself? Interior design projects

Dressing Room In The Hallway (59 Photos): How To Make A Wardrobe In A Small Hallway, Mini-system From An Array Of Classic

The dressing room in the hallway is a tribute to fashion and great convenience. How to make a wardrobe in a small hallway? What to consider when planning? Which is better - metal sections or mini-systems from the classic solid wood?

Wardrobes-sliding Wardrobes (60 Photos): Built-in And Corner For Hallways, Shelves Arrangement Of Shelves In The Wardrobe

Wardrobes are a very successful development of modern designers, which is extremely popular. What types are there and how to successfully arrange the shelves in the wardrobe?

Mini Wardrobe (40 Photos): Minimalist Minimalist Wardrobe And Minimum Width And Passage In The Dressing Room

Minimalist style is in vogue today. It can be traced both in the wardrobe itself, as well as in the places of its storage. For a minimalist, you need a mini dressing room. For such a dressing room, a small width and a narrow aisle are characteristic. What is the best way to place things in it?

Corner Wardrobe In The Dressing Room (57 Photos): Wardrobe With A Sliding Radius Door To The Bedroom, Nursery Or Hallway

If you want to know how best to store things at home, then we suggest considering the option of a corner cabinet in the dressing room. A good option would be a wardrobe with a sliding radius door. It fits perfectly into the bedroom, nursery or hallway. Read more about this in our material

Wardrobe Room Furniture (44 Photos): Modular Wardrobe Furniture, Solid Wood Furniture Accessories

Furniture for the dressing room allows you to make the room functional and attractive. It is she who determines the convenience of using this space. Modular wardrobe furniture is affordable and easy to use; it can be purchased ready-made or made to order. Solid wood furniture fittings are chosen by practical people and those who prefer luxury in everything. What are the nuances when choosing furniture for a dressing room and filling it?

Wardrobe Hanger: Metal Floor Hanger For 20 Clothes Hooks, Wardrobe With A Cover On Wheels

A wardrobe hanger is an indispensable item for such a specialized room. Now such products are offered in a large assortment and in different models. For example, a metal floor hanger with 20 hooks for clothes is very popular. Do you know that there is even a wardrobe with a case on wheels? About this and more - in this article

Compartment Doors To The Dressing Room (100 Photos): How To Make Compartment And Semicircular Doors, Installation For A Room

Today a wide range of doors is presented. The most popular among the doors to the dressing room are the sliding doors. How to make compartment and semicircular doors yourself? What are the similarities and differences with installing room doors?

Filling For Wardrobes And Wardrobes (63 Photos): Rooms And Systems For A Small Wardrobe With Your Own Hands

Filling for wardrobes and wardrobes allows you to place clothes from an advantageous position and significantly save time for choosing them. It is not difficult to create rooms and systems for a small wardrobe with your own hands, for spacious rooms it will be more profitable to purchase ready-made or custom designs. What are the features of filling the dressing room and how to place things in the most reasonable way?

Layout Of A Dressing Room With Dimensions (107 Photos): A Project For 1.5, 2, 3 And 4 Square Meters. M, Design How To Plan With Your Own Hands

The size of a dressing room layout for a small space must be thought out with great care and attention to detail. How to design with your own hands for a space of 1.5, 2, 3 and 4 square meters. m.? Projects

Dressing Room In The Bedroom (66 Photos): Drywall Wardrobes, Cabinet Layout In A Small Interior

A wardrobe in the bedroom is every woman's cherished dream. What varieties are there and how to do it yourself correctly? Wardrobe layout in a small room

Sliding Doors For A Dressing Room (75 Photos): How To Make Mirrored And Glass Doors Like A Compartment Into A Room Yourself

Are you interested in sliding doors for a dressing room, but can't decide on the choice? Find out how to make mirrored and glass doors of the compartment type to a room yourself, and your problem will be solved

Mirrored Sliding Doors For The Dressing Room (36 Photos): Swing Models With A Mirror

Mirrored sliding doors for the dressing room help to visually increase the space and make your dressing room more functional. How to choose swing models with a mirror? What are their varieties and which structures are easier to mount?