Home textiles 2023, June

White Blanket: Black And White Blanket

A white fluffy or black and white blanket is a symbol of a cozy and clean home. Its versatility allows this textile to be used as an elegant decor, warm blanket and beautiful bedspread. What is a blanket and how to choose it?

Knitted Children's Blanket (30 Photos): How To Choose And Decorate Limbage-related Products For Children, Knitting Ideas, How To Choose The Size

A knitted baby blanket will be a great addition to a nursery and a stroller on a walk. How to choose and decorate limbage-related products for children? What are the most popular knitting ideas right now?

Tapestry (61 Photos): What It Is, Handmade Non-woven Carpets On The Wall In The Interior, Manufacturing Technique

The technique of making tapestries has not lost its relevance over the millennia. What it is? Is it possible to place handmade non-woven carpets on the wall in a classic interior?

Fluffy Blankets (73 Photos): Grass And Shaggy Fluffy, White And Gray, Fluffy With Long Pile, Reviews

Fluffy blankets create extra coziness and warmth both in the children's room and in the bedroom. What does “grass” and “furry fluffy” plaid mean? How to arrange white and gray blankets, fluffs with long pile in the interior and what do customer reviews say about them?

Pom-pom Blanket (35 Photos): Pom-pom Blanket, Pom-pom Blanket, Reviews

A pom-pom blanket is a great accessory for any bed. What are the features and benefits of a pom pom blanket and its pros and cons? What are the subtleties of its assembly and what reviews does the pom-pom cover have?

Fleece Blankets (35 Photos): White Fleece Models With A "Cars" Pattern, Sizes 150x200 Cm And 180x220 Cm, Reviews

What are fleece blankets and what do the reviews say about them? What to choose for a child - white models from fleece with a pattern or with characters from the cartoon "Cars"? In the article we will consider the dimensions 150x200 cm, 180x220 cm and find out more about this useful product

Vladi Blankets: Models With A Size Of 140x200 Cm Others, Reviews

Vladi blankets resemble oversized scarves. They warm up perfectly on cold autumn evenings. These are products filled with chic and elegance. They have models measuring 140x200 cm and others. What are the reviews for these products? What are they made of?

Plaid With Sleeves (57 Photos): Woolen Plaid-robe For Two With Hands And A Hood, Blue And Burgundy, Knitted And Microfiber, Reviews

The sleeved blanket combines the properties of a warm robe and a cozy blanket. What are the features of a terry, plush, woolen plaid robe, and what are the advantages of models with a hood and for two with sleeves? What colors, besides blue and burgundy, do manufacturers offer?

Children's Blankets (53 Photos): Sizes Of Bedspreads For Children, Fleece Or Cotton, Knitted Or Plush, Patterns For A Boy And For A Girl

Baby blankets are products that are bought for every kid and teenager. What are the types of baby blankets and blankets for newborns? How to choose the right size of a bedspread for a bed for children and which is better: fleece or cotton, knitted or plush blanket? Well-known manufacturers and customer reviews of such products

Plush Blankets (35 Photos): Knitted Models From Yarn From Finland, A Plaid From Plush "Minky" Size 120x200 Cm, Reviews

Plush blankets combine the softness and tenderness of the pile, great appearance and warmth. What are the advantages of fluffy products and for what purposes is a plush blanket measuring 120x200 cm suitable? What is special about Minky yarn and what are the advantages of knitted models made from yarns from Finland?

Knitted Blankets (79 Photos): Chunky Knit Blanket, Tunisian Knitting, Patchwork Bedspreads, Cotton

Knitted blankets are stylish accessories for a bed or sofa. What are the features of these bedspreads that make cotton products popular? What types of products, apart from chunky knit plaid, Patchwork style bedspreads and Tunisian knitting, are relevant today?

Terry Products (25 Photos): Terry Blankets, Sheets And Towels, Bamboo

There is hardly a person who would never use terry cloth, be it bathrobes, bedspreads or terry blankets. Not to mention the sheets and towels. But what to look for when buying? Which product will last longer - cotton, linen or bamboo?

Blankets From Velsoft (26 Photos): Features Of Selection And An Overview Of The Best Models, Reviews

Velsoft blankets are loved by many for their softness and hygroscopic qualities. What are the features of choosing such textiles? An overview of the best models and reviews on them can be found in our new article

Plaid In The Form Of A Mermaid Tail: Knitted Model In The Form Of A Fish Or Mermaid Tail

A plaid in the shape of a mermaid tail is a very interesting solution. Which fishtail or mermaid crochet pattern is best for a given situation? What should you focus on when making a choice?

Merino Wool Blankets: Knitting From Alpaca Wool, Designer Models From Yarn For Chunky Knitting From Italy

Merino wool blankets will not only help to keep warm in the cold season, but also to decorate the interior. Which model to choose and what are the advantages of this material? Can knitting lovers be able to make such blankets from alpaca or merino wool with their own hands?

Wool Blankets: Models From Camel And New Zealand Sheep Wool, From Peruvian Alpaca And Mongolian Yak

Woolen blankets can be made from the wool of a wide variety of animals. What features do camel and New Zealand sheep wool models have and how do they differ, for example, from merino wool models?

Plaid "Chinchilla" (22 Photos): A Blanket Of Faux Fur, Reviews

It's so comfortable to wrap yourself in a blanket with a book on a cold evening And the "Chinchilla" faux fur blanket will be an irreplaceable attribute here. What is it made of? What reviews do the owners leave about this product?

Blankets With Hearts (20 Photos): Models With A Picture Of A Heart, Reviews

Blankets with hearts become one of the most romantic gifts that symbolize love and tenderness. Models with the image of a heart are suitable for both adults and small children and even newborn children. What are the reviews for these cute bedspreads?

Microfiber Blanket (32 Photos): Chinese Bedspreads, Reviews

Microfiber blankets are gaining popularity. There is a wide selection of such models on the Russian market. Where to buy quality Chinese bedspreads and what kind of care do they need? What are the reviews for this product?

Absolute Blankets: Features Of Choice And Distinctive Features

Absolute blankets are quite popular and demanded products of Chinese manufacturers in the domestic market. What are the selection features and distinctive features of these products? What reviews do you leave about Absolute blankets?

Massage Chair Cover: Back Massager, Electric Massage Bedspreads, Shiatsu And Other Popular Home Massage Mats

The massage chair cover is a great back massager. Such electric massage bedspreads can now be bought in specialized stores. What are the nuances of choosing such a product you need to know in order to make a good purchase?

Blanket Sizes: 140 X 205 And 150 X 200, 172 X 205 Cm And Other Dimensions, Size Table And Standards For A Single Blanket, Which Are

Blanket sizes are an important factor when choosing bedding. What is the classification of models with parameters 140 x 205 and 150 x 200 cm, 172 x 205 cm and other dimensions? What influences sizing and what is the accuracy of measurements?

Standard Size Of A One-and-a-half Duvet: Dimensions Of A Duvet Cover For A One-and-a-half Duvet, Bed Linen For A Lorry

What does the standard size of a one-and-a-half duvet mean? How to determine the dimensions of a duvet cover under a one-and-a-half duvet? Everything you need to know about choosing a one-and-a-half blanket can be found in this article

Pillow Sizes: Table Of Standard Options For Sleeping, Euro Size 50x70 Cm

The size of the pillows is an important factor in choosing pastels. What are the models, what parameters does the conditional table of standard sleep options consist of, in addition to the euro? Is the size 50x70 cm standard?

Naperniki For Pillows: What Is It, What They Sew, What Material Is Better For The Covers, How To Change

What are pillow cushions? What are they made of and what material is better to use for covers? You will find answers to these questions, as well as tips on how to change this sleeping accessory, in our article

Blankets Togas: Anti-stress Models, Reviews

Togas blankets can rightfully be considered one of the best. Which filler to choose - natural or artificial? What anti-stress models are there and what are the most common reviews about them?

Anatomical Pillows (33 Photos): An Accessory For Sleeping, For Children And Adults, With A Memory Effect And Filled With Microspheres, Reviews

Anatomical pillows are no longer considered an innovation today. This sleeping accessory is essential for everyone who wants to relax in the most comfortable position. What are the different types of anatomical pillow fillers? What is the difference between a child and an adult model?

Anti-decubitus Pillows: Orthopedic Anti-allergenic Polyurethane Seating Models

Anti-bedsore pillows today are indispensable for disabled people and patients with disabilities. What are the orthopedic antiallergenic polyurethane seating models?

Sizes Of A Double Duvet: Standard For A Double Duvet Cover, Tables And The Difference Between The Sizes "euro" And Accepted In Russia

The size of a double blanket is an important aspect to consider when choosing bedding. What is the standard for a double duvet cover? What tables should you look at and what is the difference in size and how to calculate the euro sizes?

Bedspread Of The Size "euro": Plaid 240 X 260 And 160 X 220, 100 X 140 And 230 X 250, 220 X 240 And 200 X 160, Other Dimensions In The Table

Euro size bedspreads are a welcome decoration for every bed in every home. Is there a blanket in sizes 240 x 260 and 160 x 220, 100 x 140 and 230 x 250, 220 x 240 and 200 x 160 cm? What does the euro size mean?

How To Choose The Perfect Blanket? 67 Photos: Double Bedspread On The Bed In The Bedroom, Beautiful New Items, Satin And Other Topical Fabrics

How to choose the perfect blanket? This question worries everyone who wants to choose a double bedspread for the bed in the bedroom or a small cover for the armchair in the kitchen. In fact, it is not at all difficult to do this - you just need to pay attention to beautiful new items, periodically look into stores with textiles and study some types of materials. What are the top secrets to choosing the perfect home textiles?

The Size Of The "euro" Blanket: What Size It Is, 200 X 220 And 220 X 240, 200 X 200 And Other Dimensions In The Table, The Length And Width Of The Maxi Model

Size is an important consideration when choosing a blanket. What size is it - Euro, and how to choose it? For which bed is a 200 x 220, 220 x 240, 200 x 200 and other dimensions in the table suitable?

Orthopedic Pillow "Trives": Children's Model With Memory Effect, Company Reviews

The original orthopedic pillow "Trives" will help you feel great and maintain your health. What materials make a baby model with memory effect indispensable for a comfortable and healthy sleep? What makes the reviews of Trives' orthopedic products only positive?

Decorative Pillows (104 Photos): For A Sofa And For A Bed Instead Of A Backrest, Large Sofa Pillows And Covers For Them, Examples In The Interior

Decorative pillows add extra comfort. They can be used for sofa and bed instead of backrest. How to choose large cushions and cushions? How can you fill pillows and how to do it yourself?

Baby Pillows (46 Photos): In A Crib For Children 2 And 3 Years Old, For Sleeping And Decorative, Made Of Latex And Wool, Reviews

Parents need to know how to choose crib pillows for children 2 and 3 years old. What is the difference between products for sleeping and decorative? What are the properties of latex and wool halves? What kind of reviews do they usually leave?

Swan Down Blankets: Models With Artificial Down Pillows, Reviews

Swan down blankets are now at the peak of their popularity. What models with faux down pillows are most in demand? How can you explain the high demand for such blankets and what kind of feedback do customers leave about them?

Bamboo Plaid (30 Photos): Fluffy Models With Long Pile, Pluses And Minuses, Turkey And Other Production Leaders, Reviews

The bamboo blanket appeared on the world market not so long ago and has already taken its rightful place among other goods. Fluffy models with a long pile are in special demand, the pluses and minuses of which must be taken into account in the selection process. Currently, Turkey and other production leaders are actively engaged in the supply of these products to different countries of the world. Why are bamboo blankets in such great demand among buyers?

Bamboo Pillows: The Pros And Cons Of Filler, How To Wash, Which Models Are Better In Size 50x70, Reviews

Bamboo pillows are good not only for their functionality, but also because they are good for the health of the neck. What are the pros and cons of such a filler and how to wash it at home? Which models are better - 50x70 or 70x70? What do the reviews of those who have already used pillows say?

Chair Pillows (62 Photos): Round Cushion For Sitting On Kitchen Benches, Options For A Child, Products For The Back, Seats

Chair cushions allow you to create a comfortable seating position even from the toughest chair. What is a round seat cushion for kitchen benches for? What are the options for a child?

Cool Pillows: Original And Unusual Models, Interesting Shapes, Funny Inscriptions And Beautiful Applications

Cool pillows are not only original, but also comfortable to lie on. The most original and unusual models, which have interesting shapes, are presented today in a wide range. What are their features and what types of them exist?