Kitchen 2023, September

Kitchen-living Room In The Style Of "minimalism" (32 Photos): Interior Design Of Small Rooms

The kitchen-living room is of interest in the interior design of small rooms. How to design a minimalist kitchen-living room? What is characteristic of this style? How to delineate the areas of the room? What are the nuances to consider?

Kitchen Layout 9 Sq. M. With A Refrigerator (63 Photos): A Design Project For A Small Kitchen In The Interior

Kitchen layout 9 sq.m. with a refrigerator enables comfortable and efficient use of space. What are the design features of a small kitchen? What decor is best used in the interior?

Small Kitchen Design 4 Sq. M With Refrigerator (31 Photos): Interior In Khrushchev

Stylish design of a small kitchen 4 sq. m with a refrigerator is a reality that can be realized by wisely using the space. How to transform the interior in Khrushchev? And what do designers advise?

Kitchen Design 7 Sq. M. With A Refrigerator (32 Photos): Planning Project

What if your kitchen is only 7 square meters? How to place a 70 cm wide refrigerator so that there is still room for other appliances, a kitchen unit and a dining group? It can only be saved by a competent design and planning project

Kitchen Design 8 Sq. Meters With A Refrigerator (61 Photos): Layout Of A Small Room

Thoughtful kitchen design with an area of 8 sq. meters allows you to place a comfortable kitchen set with a refrigerator, a dining area and storage space. What is the best layout for a small space? What are the basic decor rules?

Layout Of The Kitchen-dining Room And Living Room (70 Photos): The Interior Of The Room Is 17-20 Square Meters, The Project On Technology, Planning

The layout of the kitchen-dining room and living room allows you to create a single, cozy and functional space. How can you create a combined interior of a room with an area of 17-20 sq. m? What can a redevelopment technology project include? What needs to be considered before planning such a renovation?

Fittings For Kitchen Furniture: Italian And Bloom Furniture Accessories For The Kitchen

New fittings for kitchen furniture will help to update or add flavor to the existing set. How to choose furniture accessories for the kitchen? Review of the best Italian, German and Russian manufacturers

Kitchen Faucet With Pull-out Spout (45 Photos): Flexible Gander From Blanco, Eyeliner And Reviews

A kitchen faucet seems to be a trifle on a scale at home. But when it not only works properly, but is also convenient to use, agree nicely? How to choose such a mixer? What do the reviews of users who have already mastered this innovation say?

Small Kitchen Design 6 Sq. M With A Refrigerator (111 Photos): In Khrushchev

How to create an attractive and stylish design for a small kitchen in 6 sq. m with a refrigerator? What tricks to resort to in "Khrushchev" to make the space seem larger? We will tell you about all this in our article

Kitchen 10 Sq. Meters With A Sofa (53 Photos): Interior Design And Layout

A kitchen with an area of 10 square meters with a sofa can fit into a cooking and relaxation area. What could be the interior design and layout of such a room? How to find the right sofa and set?

Kitchen Project With Furniture Arrangement (65 Photos): How To Arrange Furniture Correctly

A kitchen project with furniture arrangement is used to update the interior. How to correctly place the headset around the perimeter and what exactly should be taken into account for a comfortable location of the fittings? Why is it necessary to apply zoning, and how does it affect the arrangement of furniture?

Kitchen With A Sink By The Window (53 Photos): The Pros And Cons Of Such An Interior Design With A Sink

A kitchen with a sink by the window is an opportunity to save space in a small room. What are the pros and cons of this interior design with a sink? How to install a sink yourself?

Small Kitchen 5 Sq. M With A Refrigerator (148 Photos): Design In Khrushchev

Small kitchen 5 sq. m with a refrigerator can be comfortably and comfortably furnished not only with the help of designers, but also independently. What is the best design for an apartment in Khrushchev? What are the main ideas for organizing space?

Quartz Sinks For The Kitchen: Reviews Of 45 Cm Sinks, Pros And Cons

Various materials are used in the manufacture of kitchen sinks. Recently, quartz kitchen sinks have become popular. You can evaluate all the pros and cons of this material by studying reviews of 45 cm sinks and other sizes

Large Kitchen Sinks: A Choice Of Sink Sizes For The Kitchen

Large kitchen sinks are the dream of many housewives. How to choose the right size for the kitchen sink? Read about this and much more in our article

DIY Kitchen Furniture (84 Photos): How To Make A Kitchen Table From Wood, Restoration, Repair And Assembly

Do-it-yourself kitchen furniture can be made from various materials. How to make a wooden kitchen table? Features of restoration, repair and assembly of ready-made headsets

Plants For The Kitchen (33 Photos): The Names Of Indoor Flowers, Which Are Best To Choose

It may seem that choosing a plant for the kitchen is easy. But there are many nuances to be aware of. Which is the best to choose and where to place flowers in the kitchen? The names of indoor flowers that are suitable for this part of the house can be found in our article

Kitchen On The Loggia (67 Photos): Combining A Kitchen With A Balcony And Is It Possible To Combine

The kitchen on the loggia is one of the most radical ways to expand the space. Is it possible to do such a redevelopment according to the law? Description of combining kitchen and balcony

Kitchen Design Without Upper Wall Cabinets (76 Photos): Kitchen In The Interior

Bold and progressive: create coziness in the kitchen by giving up unnecessary furniture! What is a kitchen design without top wall cabinets? What will such a kitchen look like in different interior styles? What to look for when designing furniture and interior decoration?

Kitchen Without Upper Cabinets (67 Photos): Corner Kitchen Sets Without Wall Cabinets

Recently, kitchens without top cabinets have become very popular. Do you want to build something like this? Not sure how to choose the right lockers so you have enough storage space? Kitchen sets without wall cabinets are considered the most functional

Hanging Shelves In The Kitchen (62 Photos): Kitchen Open Wall Shelves - Hanging And Corner

Hanging shelves help to save and organize the interior of the kitchen. What are kitchen wall shelves? What is the best way to place open hanging corner shelves in the kitchen interior?

Kitchen On The Balcony (108 Photos): Combine Or Combine Rooms, Curtains On A Block With A Balcony Door

The kitchen on the balcony is a cardinal solution to expanding the space. How to combine the premises? How to choose curtains for a block with a balcony door? Interesting solutions in interior design

Kitchen Accessories On Rails (61 Photos): Kitchen Attachments And Stainless Steel Fittings

Kitchen accessories on roof rails remain visible in any kitchen, which allows the hostess to turn the cooking process into a simple task. Kitchen attachments and stainless steel fittings will be a practical choice, especially if the cooking process takes a long time; roof rails made of durable material last a long time and do not lose their attractiveness. What types of roof rails are there and how to choose the right system?

Zoning Of The Kitchen And Living Room (59 Photos): Design Ideas For A Room Of 18 Sq. M

The zoning of the kitchen and living room has a variety of contemporary designs. What are some interesting design ideas for a room of 18 sq. m. is today, how can you functionally delimit the premises?

Kitchen-dining Room Design (72 Photos): Interior 2021 - Modern Ideas, Classic Style

The combined kitchen-dining room helps to save space in the house, but you need to arrange it so that they are combined with each other. How to harmonize the interior? Modern design ideas in classic 2021 style

Kitchen Combined With The Hall (87 Photos): How To Make A Kitchen Together With A Living Room, And Move The Bedroom

The kitchen combined with the hall has become a very popular option for transforming a room. How to make a kitchen together with a living room? How can you move the bedroom to change the layout?

Kitchen-living Room Design With An Area Of 16 Squares (47 Photos): Project Layout With A Sofa

How to choose the right design for a 16 square kitchen-living room? How to arrange everything you need and, most importantly, how does such a kitchen project layout fit in with the most ordinary sofa?

Kitchen-living Room Design With An Area Of 25 Sq. Meters (60 Photos): Project Of The Combined Layout

Creating a design for a kitchen-living room of 25 square meters is an interesting lesson. Where to begin? What to look for when creating a combined layout project? Features of the choice of style and other aspects - in our article

Kitchen Without Upper Cabinets (61 Photos): Corner Kitchen Sets Without Wall Cabinets

Today, kitchen sets without top cabinets are becoming more and more popular. These can be kitchens with open hinged shelves, corner layouts or linear ones. How justified is this kitchen design option, what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Kitchen-living Room (151 Photos): Combined Kitchen With Living Room In The Interior, We Combine Together

A kitchen-living room is an ideal solution for many apartments and houses. How to visually separate the combined kitchen from the living room in the interior? In what ways and techniques can you combine small rooms together?

Arch Between The Kitchen And The Living Room (59 Photos): Bar Counter Design

The arch between the kitchen and the living room can visually enlarge the space and is an original detail in the interior. What does the design of a bar counter in an interior arch look like, and what other interesting projects exist?

Kitchen Combined With A Room (63 Photos): Entrance Hall In Khrushchev, Design Of A Kitchen That Turns Into A Corridor

For the design of the kitchen, combined with the room, you can choose the Scandinavian style - light, laconic and unusually cozy. How to decorate the kitchen together with the hallway in the "Khrushchev"? What design style to choose for a kitchen that turns into a hallway?

Kitchen-living Room Design With An Area Of 18 Square Meters (69 Photos): Combined Kitchen - Top View

An interesting and original design of a kitchen-living room with an area of 18 square meters is easy to translate into reality. What should be considered in the design of such an interior? Combined kitchen ideas and a top view will help you make the right choice

Kitchen Design Without Upper Wall Cabinets (73 Photos): Examples Of Kitchen Interiors

Kitchen design without top wall cabinets has its pros and cons. How else can you store your dishes? What is the best way to arrange the kitchen set? Examples of the most interesting kitchen interiors

Installing An Oven In A Kitchen Set (27 Photos): Kitchen Interior With Built-in Wardrobes

Installing an oven in a kitchen set is a rather complicated undertaking. Kitchen interior with built-in wardrobes does not always allow this. How to choose and prepare a place? Safety recommendations when installing the oven - in our article

Corner Kitchen With A Bar Counter (56 Photos): Design Of A Kitchen Set In A Modern Interior

A corner kitchen with a bar counter is an actual solution for the design of a kitchen set in a modern interior, as well as for a classic and any other style. How to decide on the details of such a kitchen? What size should the bar be?

Kitchen-dining Room (102 Photos): The Interior Of The Room In A Classic Style, Options For Kitchen Tables And Chairs

A combined kitchen and dining room is a good solution for small spaces. How to plan a room so that it is comfortable in it? What style will look the most attractive? What color scheme to choose for the decoration of the room?

Shelves In The Kitchen Instead Of Cabinets - Real Interior (79 Photos): An Additional Shelf In The Kitchen Cabinet

In fashion magazines on the interior, more and more often you can see photos where there are shelves in the kitchen instead of cabinets. With them, the real interior seems lighter and not cluttered. An additional shelf built into the kitchen cabinet from below will look very original. You can place beautiful jars of spices or small souvenirs on it. Wondering how to do it yourself? Read our article

Small Kitchen-living Room (54 Photos): Design In The Interior Of A Combined Studio Of A Small Area

A small kitchen-living room is a cozy room that requires special decoration. Design in the interior of a combined studio of a small area is a problem for homeowners. How to make your interior attractive and stylish?

Kitchen-living Room Design (92 Photos): Interior, Combined Kitchen With The Hall, Modern Ideas

The design of the kitchen-living room is important for the correct and harmonious interior of the room. What modern design ideas for a combined kitchen with a hall are relevant this year?