Landscape design 2023, September

Fences Made Of Corrugated Board (145 Photos): Structures Made Of Corrugated Sheet, Corrugated Board, Metal Profile Fences

Fences made of corrugated board have excellent performance characteristics. How to choose designs from a profiled sheet? How are they installed and how to install metal profile fences?

Flowerbed (170 Photos): Beautiful Designs Of Stones In The Courtyard Of A Private House, Flower Models And Design Options For Flower Beds With Flowers Near The House

A flower bed is the main decorative element of any suburban area. How to independently make beautiful structures from stones in the courtyard of a private house? What do you need to know about colors and what types of them to choose?

Do-it-yourself Flower Beds (210 Photos): Decor Made Of Stones, Beautiful Design Of Flower Beds In The Courtyard Of A Summer Cottage For Beginners

It is not so difficult to arrange flower beds with your own hands if you know some of the nuances. How to make stone decor? How to make a beautiful design of flower beds in the courtyard of a summer cottage for beginners and what types of flower beds can be used on the site?

Sliding Gates (162 Photos): Sliding And Sliding Automatic Structures, Universal Sliding Products And A Mechanism

Sliding gates are the perfect solution for a private house or summer cottage. What are the automatic sliding and sliding structures? What materials are such gates made of and how to choose the ideal option for your home?

Layout Of The Site (179 Photos): Arrangement Of A Summer Cottage Plot Of Land, Landscape Design Of The Territory

Site planning is an important process in the design of any landscape work. What does the arrangement of a summer cottage garden plot consist of? What is landscape design of the territory?

DIY Sliding Gates (89 Photos): Installing Sliding And Sliding Gates, How To Make A Drawing For Installation

Is it possible to make a sliding gate for a country house with your own hands? What elements does the installation of sliding and sliding gates consist of? How to make a drawing for installation? What tools do you need?

Garden Paths (129 Photos): Universal Design Options For Paths In The Country, Ideas And Forms In Landscape Design

How to improve the paths at the summer cottage? What types of paths are there, what is the difference between the technologies of their arrangement? What to be guided by when choosing a finishing material? We get acquainted with the technology of laying the track with our own hands: we will conduct an overview of stylistic design solutions

Hedge (146 Photos): Fast-growing Perennial Evergreens, Brilliant Cotoneaster

The hedge will naturally blend in with your garden setting. Which fast growing perennial evergreens should you choose for your live fence? How to plant a brilliant cotoneaster and how to zone the space with a hedge?

Slate Fence (39 Photos): Options From Wave And Flat Slate, Slate Iron Fence

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a slate fence? What are the options for wave and flat slate fences? Slate or iron fence - which is better? In what ways can you decorate a slate fence?

Decorative Fence (56 Photos): A Universal Product Made Of Plastic For The Garden, Models From Mansel And Panels, Structures From Pine, Birch And Logs

A decorative fence is often erected in many suburban areas. What makes a versatile plastic garden product different? What do you need to know about mansel and panel models? How to properly build and maintain a wooden decorative fence?

Wooden Fence (93 Photos): Do-it-yourself Wood Products For A Private House, A Universal Fence For A Summer Residence

Wooden fence - beautiful, modern, environmentally friendly. This is a universal fence for a summer residence, a private house, a garden. How complex are wood products for a private house with your own hands you can create? What is required for this?

A Fence Made Of Brick And Corrugated Board (32 Photos): A Universal Design Of A Fence Made Of Corrugated Sheet With Brick Pillars

A fence made of brick and corrugated board is able to give a respectable look to any country house. What material to choose, how to calculate all the parameters and install the fence yourself? How to combine the fence with the design of the site and the house?

Polycarbonate Fence (47 Photos): Universal Gates On A Metal Frame Made Of Honeycomb Carbonate For A Private House

Polycarbonate fence - a universal synthetic polymer fence. How to choose the right type of hedge? What characteristics and parameters must be taken into account during installation? How to install the structure in accordance with all the rules and regulations?

Fence Blocks (37 Photos): Cinder Block And Sand Block For Fencing, Decorative Concrete Products, Characteristics Of Expanded Clay Concrete And Foam Blocks

Correctly selected blocks for the fence are able not only to reliably protect their owner from the outside world, but also to delight him with their aesthetic appearance. Are cinder block and sand block used for fencing? How to install decorative concrete products?

The Foundation For The Fence: Strip Base With Brick Pillars With Your Own Hands, Universal Options For Corrugated Board Fencing, Optimal Depth

Making a foundation for a fence with your own hands is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, but you need to be patient. How to make a strip base with brick posts? What types of bases are there in general?

Fence Mesh (58 Photos): Mesh Metal And Plastic Fences, Sectional Shading Structures

Fence mesh is a very popular material today. What are the features of mesh metal and plastic fences? What are sectional shading structures used for?

Do-it-yourself Fence Made Of Corrugated Board (66 Photos): Installation Of A Universal Fencing From A Corrugated Sheet, Installation Of A Fence From A Metal Profile

A fence made of corrugated board with your own hands is not at all difficult to make, as it might seem at first glance. How is the installation of a universal fence made of profiled sheet? What materials and tools will you need for this?

Garden And Vegetable Garden Design In A Private House (57 Photos): Landscape Design Of Decorative Beds, Decor Of Modern Courtyards

The design of a garden and a vegetable garden in a private house should be thoughtful and interesting. What should be the landscape design of decorative beds? What styles should you use? What can be the decor of modern courtyards?

Plants In Landscape Design (64 Photos): Group Names With Conifers, A Combination Of Hosts And Geychera, Japanese-style Planting Schemes

Plants play an important role in landscape design. What group names with conifers should a gardener focus on? How to choose a combination of hosts and geyhera, how to choose the optimal style of flower garden formation?

Ideas For A Summer Residence (70 Photos): Garden Tips For A Garden, How To Decorate A Yard With Your Own Hands, Interesting Options For A Home And Garden

Ideas for decorating a summer house will allow you to turn any site into an original resting place. How to decorate the yard with your own hands, using improvised items for this? Country design tips for arranging a garden are given in this article

Landscape Design Of Flower Beds (54 Photos): Options For Decorating Flower Beds In Front Of The House With Your Own Hands, A Project For Decorating The Territory With Conifers And

How to plan the landscaping of flower beds? What are the options for decorating flower beds in front of the house with your own hands? What types of beds and flower beds are there? Look for answers to these and many other questions in this article

Do-it-yourself Pool In The Country (51 Photos): Building Covered Options, How To Do It Yourself And How To Build It - A Step-by-step Description

It is not at all difficult to create a pool in the country with your own hands. It takes a little time and knowledge. How to build indoor options? How to build a pool in the country with your own hands?

Tui In Landscape Design (68 Photos): Street Brabant And Junipers In Pots, A Spherical Variety Of A Tree In The Garden, Interesting Examples Of Site Design

If you decide to use thuja in landscape design, then you should decide on their type and size. Should I use potted street brabant and juniper? How to place and arrange everything on the site correctly and beautifully?

Flower Garden (82 Photos): What Is It, A Flower Bed In The Country And In The Garden Of A Private House, Beautiful Options From Perennials Of Continuous Flowering

The flower garden is a real decoration of the land and the highlight of the garden. What it is? What types of flower beds are there? What does it consist of? How to properly organize a flower bed in the country and in the garden of a private house? What nuances should be considered when organizing a flower garden?

Flowers For A Flower Bed (144 Photos): The Names Of Popular Autumn Plants, Flower Beds With Lavater, Rose And Ornamental Grass, What Species Grow In The Shade

Flower beds with lavender, rose and ornamental grass can decorate any territory. How to choose the right flowers for a flower bed? What are the names of the most popular autumn plants? Which flower garden is right for your garden?

Fountains For Summer Cottages (59 Photos): Do It Yourself Landscaping, How To Make Garden Waterfalls At Home, A Pump And Other Accessories For The Arrangement

What fountains are suitable for decorating a summer cottage? How to create a spectacular modern landscape design with your own hands? How to make beautiful garden waterfalls at home?

Mixborder (76 Photos): What It Is, Schemes For Planting Perennials In Landscape Design, Do-it-yourself Selection Of Plants

Miskborder is a unique solution for creating a mesmerizing and stylish site, be it a garden or an urban environment. What is a mixborder? What rules should be taken into account when creating it and what is the best way to use perennial planting schemes in landscape design?

Flowerbeds Of Tires (61 Photos): How To Make A Flower Garden From Tires With Your Own Hands, How To Paint Wheels In The Country, What Figures Can Be Cut Out Of Old Tires

Tire beds are original and easy to design, therefore they are very popular. Tire flowerpots are a budget and bright decoration of any summer cottage. How to make a flower garden from tires with your own hands? How to paint wheels in the country?

Beds Of Perennials (86 Photos): Beautiful Diagrams Of Planting Plants Of Continuous Flowering With Your Own Hands In The Country

Is it possible to make a flower bed of perennials with your own hands? How to choose plants for a flower garden? Recommendations from experienced gardeners to help you decorate your garden and create a flower arrangement. What are the beautiful schemes for planting continuous flowering plants with your own hands in the country?

Garden Figures (76 Photos): Figurines For Giving In The Shape Of A Dog And Other Animals Made Of Polystone And Concrete, Large Structures Made Of Plaster And Topiary Products Made

Garden figures - decorative elements that allow you to make suburban areas unique, inimitable. What styles of decoration are the figures for giving in the shape of a dog and other animals made of polystone and concrete suitable for? How to properly care for your products?

DIY Concrete Pot (57 Photos): Concrete Street Structures For Flowers, How To Make A Flower Girl For A Garden From Cement And Rags

In the arrangement of the territory of the garden plot, the manufacture of a flowerpot from concrete with your own hands is gaining popularity. Is the creative process so difficult? Can you make your own concrete outdoor structures for flowers and greenery? What are the original design techniques for the models?

Universal Tile For Paths In The Country (79 Photos): Garden And Outdoor, Rubber And Plastic, Clinker For Paving In The Yard And For The Blind Area Around The House

Universal tiles for paths in the country will allow you to create a truly unique coating on your personal plot. How to choose the right garden and outdoor tiles? Which is better - rubber and plastic tiles or their wooden, concrete or stone counterparts?

Plants For An Alpine Slide (94 Photos): The Names Of Flowers That Are Needed To Decorate The Landscape In The Country With Their Own Hands, Perennial And Annual Plants

Have you decided to make an alpine slide, but don't know where to start? What flowers and shrubs should be planted to get a beautiful and well-groomed site? How to plant the plants correctly and which species would be most suitable for an alpine slide?

DIY Garden Paths (94 Photos): How To Make Cheap And Beautiful In The Country, Wooden And With The Help Of A Mold, From Tires Or From Cement

DIY garden paths can be made from scrap materials. How to make an exclusive path at the dacha cheaply and beautifully? How to create wooden and paths yourself using a mold?

Forged Sliding Gates (31 Photos): Gates With Forging Elements, Combined Options With The Addition Of A Profiled Sheet

Wrought iron sliding gates are a combination of undeniable aesthetics and functionality. How to choose the right gate with forging elements? What combined options with the addition of a professional sheet are practical? What gate decor is in fashion?

Sliding Gates With A Wicket (27 Photos): The Construction Of A Sliding Gate Made Of Corrugated Board, Metal Models With A Built-in Wicket Inside

Sliding gates with a wicket inside are one of the most common types of fencing. What are the features and benefits of such systems? What are the advantages of corrugated sliding gate designs?

Repair Of Sliding Gates: Do-it-yourself Troubleshooting Of Drive Automation

How are sliding gates repaired? Is it possible to troubleshoot drive automation with your own hands? What are the most common malfunctions? What is preventive maintenance for sliding gates?

Sliding Gates On Screw Piles: The Dimensions Of The Columnar Monolithic Foundation In The Installation Sites, Reviews Of The Owners

Sliding gates on screw piles are a modern high-tech design that allows the owner of the site to design it in an interesting way. How to install them and what to consider when installing? How to calculate the dimensions of a columnar monolithic foundation, to successfully start and complete construction work?

Accessories For Sliding Gates: A Set Of Accessories For Self-installation Of Suspended Gates, Models With Top Suspension

Sliding gate accessories are essential elements for creating reliable structures. What should be the set of accessories for self-installation of suspended gates? Which manufacturer's product is better to prefer?

Rollers For Sliding Gates: A Set Of Guide Models For Sliding Gates, Dimensions And Arrangement Of Supports, Support Rollers For Sectional Options

Rollers are an important part of sliding gates. How to choose a rail kit for sliding gates? What does the size and arrangement of the supports affect? How is the installation carried out?