Lighting 2023, December

Italian Floor Lamps: Floor Lamps From Italy Reccagni Angelo

Floor lamps from Italy Reccagni Angelo are exquisite taste and Italian quality from the masters of their craft. What to look for when choosing Italian floor lamps? What are the advantages of floor lamps over other lighting fixtures?

Crystal Sconces: Wall Lights With Pendants Made Of Bohemian Black Crystal With Gold

How to use crystal sconces to complement interiors? What style are wall lights with pendants made of Czech black crystal with gold suitable for? This and much more will be discussed in the article

Modern Sconces: Modern Wall Lights, Trendy Flat Wall Models With Up And Down Lights

Modern sconces are a functional and aesthetic element of the interior. What kind of wall lights is right for a modern room? What to consider when choosing a bathroom model?

Floor Lamp On A Tripod: Three-legged Spotlight On A Tripod, Wooden Tripods, Models Of Lamps On Three Legs

A floor lamp on a tripod is a wonderful product that can play the role of interior decoration and a convenient lighting device. What are the advantages of a tripod-mounted three-legged spotlight, wooden tripods and other products? What do manufacturers offer?

Original Sconces: Unusual Wall Lamps, Wall Ideas

Original sconces help to make the interior more stylish. How to choose unusual wall lights? What materials are used to create them? What ideas for wall lamps do designers suggest?

German Sconces: Wall Lamps From Germany Brands Maytoni And Favorite, Chiaro And Natali Kovaltseva

German sconces are very popular in the market. What attracts consumers with wall lamps from Germany, Maytoni and Favorite, Chiaro and Natali Kovaltseva? What is the cost of these products? What kind of reviews do they leave?

Holiday Lighting: How To Decorate A Country House

Holiday lighting is the best way to get ready for the upcoming holidays. How to decorate a country house? What ideas are suitable for decorating a site? What are the most successful side effects?

Horn Sconces: Wall-mounted Single-arm, Double-arm And Three-arm Lamps

Horn sconces allow you to create harmony and an atmosphere of comfort in the premises. What kinds of them can be distinguished? Where to place wall-mounted single-arm, double-arm and three-arm lamps so that everything looks elegant and decorative?

Wall Spots: Swivel Models With A Switch In The Interior, Outdoor Options In Bronze On A Bracket

Do you know what there are wall spots? These are rotary models with a switch in the interior, and outdoor options made of bronze on a bracket, and others. The variety of such lighting devices that can play the role of a complementary element of the interior is enormous

Glass Wall Sconce: Glass Wall Lights Rectangular Frosted Colored Glass And Chrome Metal

Glass sconces are often used for interior decoration. Why are such products popular with consumers? How to choose the right device? How to successfully fit it into the interior?

Lighting In The Children's Room (43 Photos): Design Of A Stretch Ceiling For A Teenage Boy

Proper lighting in the nursery is very important for the harmonious development of the baby. The design of a stretch ceiling for a teenage boy should not be too bright, but for a girl it is better to use pastel colors in the interior. What techniques can you use to preserve your child's eyesight?

Loft Style Lamps: Handmade Table Lamps

Loft-style lamps are another interesting industrial-style room decoration. Are handmade table lamps appropriate in such an interior? How to combine different lamps with each other?

Children's Night Light With Dimming: Wall-mounted Models With Dimmer For Dimming

Children's night light with dimming is a necessary accessory in the children's room. It allows the lighting to be dimmed when the child falls asleep and bright when awake. What are the wall-mounted dimmable models?

Floor LED Floor Lamp: LED Diode Lamps For Home

The LED floor lamp is able to expand the space, add light and air to the room, comfort and warmth, and become an excellent decorative addition. Diode Led lamps for home are a profitable and beautiful purchase. They are a modern and inexpensive lighting solution. What are their features?

Wooden Night Light: Children's Wooden Lamps In The Form Of A Moon, A Star And Three-dimensional Paintings

A wooden night light will make the room more comfortable and beautiful. Why are children's wooden moon-shaped lamps good? Is it possible to make stars on a wooden lamp by hand and what are the advantages of backlit photos and volumetric paintings?

Designer Table Lamps (28 Photos): Beautiful Sconce Models

Designer table lamps are distinguished by their original design and uniqueness. Such an acquisition will add variety to the interior of the room. What stylish table lamps and beautiful sconces are popular now? What options are suitable for the nursery and living room?

Children's Wall Night Light: Wall Recessed Models With Batteries

Children's wall night light will not only help to creatively decorate your baby's room, but will also help your child fall asleep faster without fear of the dark. What is so special about in-wall battery powered models? What are the customer reviews about them?

Tiffany Table Lamp (38 Photos): Collecting A Stained Glass Form In The "Tiffany" Style, Reviews

The Tiffany table lamp is a great option for adding an accent and a luxurious touch to any room. What compositions are collected from the Tiffany-style stained glass form? What are the characteristics of the brand that has earned positive customer reviews?

Forged Sconces (28 Photos): Modern Wall Lamps, Wall Models

Forged sconces are an original and beautiful addition to any interior. Modern wall lamps not only decorate, they also perform their main functions - they illuminate the surrounding space, highlight certain details. How do I choose the best wall mounted models?

Wall Lamps For The Hallway And Corridor (53 Photos): Sconces On The Wall In The Interior, At What Height To Hang

Wall lamps for the hallway and corridor are usually matched to the style of the room. Where is the best place to place a sconce on a wall in an interior? At what height should the lamps be hung which lamps to choose?

Candle Lamp: Decorative Ceiling Chandelier In The Shape Of A White Candle In The Wind, Flickering Fire

Candles give a certain aura of romanticism. If you have a ceiling chandelier without shades, match it with white candle-shaped lamps with the effect of a flame swinging in the wind. Such a candle lamp with a flickering fire will add comfort to your home. Where else are such devices used?

Sconces For The Bedroom (47 Photos): Pendant Lamps In The Interior, At What Height To Hang On The Wall, How To Choose, Ceiling And Wall Models

A sconce for the bedroom will help you to optimally illuminate your room. What are the pendant lamps in the interior remarkable for? At what height should the lamp be hung on the wall and how to choose the most stylish option for their location?

LED Lamps For A Chandelier (22 Photos): Connecting Small LED-lamps For Crystal Chandeliers

LED chandelier lamps are becoming more and more popular. How should the small LED lamps for crystal chandeliers be connected correctly? What to look for when choosing such lamps?

Floor Lamp In The Style Of "Provence": Features Of Floor Models

The Provence style floor lamp will be an elegant addition to the interior of any home. What are the features of Provence style floor lamps? What are the best floor lamp colors for this style?

Luminaires With Motion Sensors: LED Outdoor Wall Light, Outdoor Lighting Devices

Luminaires with motion sensors help to illuminate a low-traffic area, saving energy. What is LED outdoor wall light? How to install and adjust it correctly?

Wireless Lighting In The Apartment: Types And Features

Today, many people choose wireless lighting in the apartment. What are its types and features? What should you focus on in order to achieve the best results? Which models are especially popular with consumers?

Sconces In The Style Of "retro: Antique Wall Lamps, How To Make Your Own Hands In The Old Style

The retro-style wall lamp performs not only the main function, it is a decorative element of the apartment. Why are vintage wall lamps popular? What features do these devices have? How to choose them correctly?

Lighting In A Wooden House (30 Photos): A Wire On A Veranda From A Log With Low Ceilings

Lighting in a wooden house allows you to create an original interior and gives an atmosphere of comfort. How to properly route the wire on a veranda made of logs with low ceilings? What recommendations should you keep in mind?

High-tech Sconce: Modern Wall Lamps, Do-it-yourself Art Nouveau Ceiling

What should be a high-tech sconce, what are the secrets of choosing and decorating modern wall lamps? Are high-tech lampshades suitable for Modern? The answers to these and other questions can be found in this article

Lighting On The Balcony (40 Photos): Street Lamps For Loggia Design

Lighting on the balcony will allow the most efficient use of this room. Street lamps for the design of an unglazed loggia will be the best option. How to independently mount the wiring and which lamps to choose?

Smart Lamp: Touchscreen Table Lamp With Philips Remote Control

Is the Philips touchscreen desk light the only smart device in your home? A "smart" lamp is no longer a luxury, but an affordable device for every apartment

LED Night Light: Children's Wood Models With LEDs And Battery-operated Motion Sensor

An LED night light is a device that uses diodes to convert electrical current into light. For a children's room, it is best to choose children's wooden models with LEDs and a motion sensor. Are there any battery-powered options among them?

LED Light With Motion Sensor: 2-wire Switch For LED Home Light

The motion sensor LED lamp is the state-of-the-art in living space lighting. How does the two-wire switch for LED home light work and can it be used outdoors?

Loft-style Pendant Lights: Lussole Model Varieties

Loft-style pendant lights look very simple and concise. What kinds of models from Lussole and other brands can I choose? How to make a room more cozy with beautiful lamps?

Lamp Diffuser: Opal Diffuser, The Most Durable Material

The diffuser for the luminaire is necessary to create pleasant lighting in the room. What are the advantages of an opal diffuser? What material is considered the most durable for such devices?

Round LED Light: Large Diameter Flat LED Diode Lamp With Remote Control

A round LED light is an option that is very popular today. Is it true that a large-sized flat LED diode lamp can be equipped with a control panel? How to choose the right model?

Night Light "Starry Sky" (69 Photos): Children's Rotating Projector Lamp, Model "turtle" For Children

The "Starry Sky" night light can create a magical cosmic atmosphere anywhere. What are the advantages of the baby model "Turtle" and others? What is special about a rotating projector light?

Table Lamps In Various Styles: Lamps In Japanese, Chinese And Nautical, Tiffany And Retro, Provence And Modern

Table lamps in various styles can be a great addition to your decor. How to choose Japanese, Chinese and nautical lighting fixtures? How do lamps differ from the Tiffany brand and where would modern and retro lamps be appropriate?

Floor Lamps In Modern Styles: Loft And Hi-tech, Modern And Country, Scandinavian And Classic Lighting Fixtures From Tiffany And Other Manufacturers

Floor lamps in modern styles are widespread. Thanks to them, the interior becomes more comfortable. What lamps should be used in Loft and Hi-tech, Modern and Country? Which brands should you refer to?

Designer Sconces: Ceramic Wall Lamps, Gold Wall Models

Designer sconces can become an original accent in your room. Are ceramic wall lights good? Should you choose gold wall models? How to find the right luminaires for different rooms?