Living room 2023, September

Living Room With A Second Light (55 Photos): Interior Design Of A Kitchen-living Room In A House With A Second Light, A Fireplace And A Staircase In The Living Room With A Second L

Living room with a second light: interior design of the hall and kitchen-living room in a large house. What planning features should be considered? What are the pros and cons of such a solution? How to arrange the lighting and what kind of furniture to choose?

Wall Decor In The Living Room (51 Photos): How To Decorate So That It Is Cozy In The Room, How To Decorate With Wall Drawings And Paintings

Wall decor in the living room is necessary to make the room cozy. How to decorate the walls with your own hands or with the help of professionals? How to combine different decorative elements with different finishes? What accessories are suitable for different styles in the interior?

Living Room In Provence Style (73 Photos): Interior Design Of A Small Hall, Decoration With "classic" Elements, Modern Examples Of Renovation

The Provence-style living room will give any room an exquisite tenderness. Many pastel colors can be used for decoration. What interior design for a small hall to choose? How to choose a hall decoration with classic elements?

Living Room In Beige Tones (60 Photos): Interior Design Of The Hall In Brown With Bright Accents

Living room in beige tones will give you a feeling of relaxation and quality rest. How do designers translate this color into interior decoration? How to make the interior design of the hall in brown with bright accents? What should be the color combination?

The Interior Of The Living Room In A Classic Style (83 Photos): "classic" And "neoclassic" For A Typical Room, Fashion Trends - 2021 In The Design Of The Hall,

The interior of the living room in a classic style will emphasize your status, give luxury, comfort and warmth to your life. The classics don't go out of style. For lovers of high technologies and modern materials, neoclassicism will save the day. How to choose furniture, decor, curtains and lighting for a typical room?

Hall Design With An Area Of 18 Sq. M In The Apartment (68 Photos): The Interior Of The Room, The Design Of A Rectangular Living Room Measuring 18 Meters

How to design a hall with an area of 18 sq. m in the apartment? What kind of furniture should be chosen for the interior of a small living room room? What is the best color scheme to choose? What styles are there for arranging small living rooms?

Living Room With Two Windows (66 Photos): Interior Design Of The Hall With Windows On One Side Of The Room And On Different Walls

A living room with two windows is quite common. What should be the modern interior of such a room? What are the design features of a hall with windows on one side of the room and windows on different walls? Consider classic examples and original solutions

Living Room Design With TV (43 Photos): TV Area In The Interior, Plasterboard Niche In The Corner

The TV area in the interior of the living room is often the central object and requires a competent layout. What are the design features of a living room with a TV? What needs to be considered when designing a drywall niche in the corner?

Bar Counter In The Living Room (44 Photos): Bar Furniture In The "Provence" Style, Interior Design Of The Hall In An Apartment With A Bar Counter

The bar counter in the living room is becoming an increasingly common way to dilute a boring interior these days. Is it possible to use a Provence style bar counter? What materials are bar furniture made of?

Living Room In Country Style (98 Photos): Interior Design Of The Hall In A Rustic Style

The country-style living room is quite popular today. Such a hall looks very comfortable and reminds many of a room in a country house. You will be able to plunge into the sensations of childhood. How to create a rustic room interior design?

Hall Design 20 Sq. M In The Apartment (81 Photos): The Interior Of A Living Room With An Area Of 19 Meters With A Corner Sofa

Hall design 20 sq. m in the apartment allows you to beautifully perform the layout of the premises, dividing the room into separate zones. How to decorate the interior of a 19-meter living room with a corner sofa?

Design Of A Living Room With A Bay Window (48 Photos): Interior Decoration Of A Room With A Bay Window, How To Equip A Living Room With An Area Of 35 Sq. M

The design of the living room with a bay window has its own characteristics. Is it so difficult to complete the interior decoration of a room with a bay window? What you need to know about wall decoration, lighting and style selection?

Living Room Decor In A Private House (94 Photos): Beautiful Hall Design Options, How To Decorate A Room In A Wooden House

The decor of a living room in a private house must be selected carefully. You can see beautiful options for the design of the hall in our article. How to decorate a room in a wooden house?

Kitchen-living Room Interior (103 Photos): Scandinavian Design Studio, Project Of A Combined Dining Room With An Area Of 20 Sq. M, Chandeliers And Other Elements In The Design

The interior of the kitchen-living room can be made in one color, or you can differentiate. Scandinavian design studio is becoming more and more popular. How to create a project of a combined dining room of 20 sq. m?

Short Curtains In The Living Room - Models Up To The Windowsill (41 Photos): How To Choose Curtains For Window Decor

When choosing short curtains for the living room, we take into account the overall interior design. Models up to the windowsill are well suited for small rooms. How to choose curtains for window decoration, we will learn by looking at the types of different curtains

Kitchen-living Room With Fireplace (24 Photos): Layout Of The Kitchen And Living Room Together In A Country House

The kitchen-living room with a fireplace will perfectly fit into the interior of both a country house and a city apartment. Why is the layout of the kitchen and living room attractive together in a country house?

Chairs For The Living Room (53 Photos): Stylish Beautiful Soft Products For The Hall With Armrests In The Classic Style, Elite Models

Choosing chairs for the living room is not always easy. What to consider when choosing stylish, beautiful and soft products for the hall? What is the best way to choose chairs in the classic style: with or without armrests?

The Combination Of Colors In The Interior Of The Living Room (69 Photos): Finishing In Brown And Lilac Tones, A Green Wall With A Beige Pattern

The combination of colors in the living room interior should be interesting and harmonious. Finishing in brown and lilac tones, in pastel shades and in metallic colors is now in vogue. How to make a choice and what basic colors to combine? What are the criteria for choosing accents?

Living Room With Fireplace And TV (55 Photos): How To Place A Wall With A Fireplace In A Small Apartment

Do you dream of a living room with a fireplace and a TV in your small apartment, but think that this is unrealistic? Thanks to modern models of fireplaces, the problem of how to place a wall with a fireplace in a small apartment is a thing of the past

The Interior Of The Living Room In "Khrushchev" (69 Photos): The Design Of The Hall With An Area Of 18 Meters, Real Examples And Tips For Their Implementation, How To Fur

The living room interior in Khrushchev can be modern and stylish. What can be the design of a hall with an area of 18 meters? What colors should you use in your living room? What real-life examples and tips for their implementation do designers offer?

Layout Of The Living Room-kitchen (58 Photos): Combination, Redevelopment Options For The Combined Room

Combining a kitchen with a living room is an opportunity to save space and create an interesting design. What should be the layout of the living room-kitchen? What are the options for redeveloping a combined room?

Electric Fireplace In The Living Room Interior (56 Photos): Built-in Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces come in several types depending on the size of the room. What styles of fireplace portals are there? What is more interesting to combine a built-in electric fireplace with the interior design of the living room?

Living Room Combined With A Kitchen In A Private House (77 Photos): Design And Interior Design

A living room combined with a kitchen in a private house, if properly planned, can become a meeting place for guests and organizing dinner parties. How to correctly think over the design and interior of such premises?

Living Room (120 Photos): Design Of The Hall In The Apartment In The Style Of "minimalism" And "modern", Beautiful Frescoes In The Interior Of The Room

The living room is the main room in any home or apartment. How to correctly zoning the living room? How to properly equip a hall design in an apartment in minimalism or modern style? What role do beautiful frescoes play in a room's interior?

Living Room With A Corner Fireplace (33 Photos): Design Ideas For An Apartment With A Fireplace And TV

Today, in the age of technological progress, the need for a fireplace as a source of heat has disappeared. Nevertheless, magazines are full of ideas for the design of apartments and private houses with a fireplace and TV. The living room in a city apartment with a corner fireplace has ceased to be something exotic

Living Room With A Fireplace In The House (33 Photos): Layout Of A Fireplace In A Country Private Wooden Or Stone House

The living room with a fireplace in the house creates a cozy atmosphere, gives warmth and decorates the interior. What is the layout of a fireplace in a country private house? Where is the best place to install a fireplace in a wooden or stone house?

Solid Wood Furniture For The Living Room: Room Decor With Natural Wood In A Modern And Classic Style, Wooden Models In The Design Of The Hall

Solid wood furniture for the living room looks especially elegant. What is the best material for making it? What styles are these products combined with? You can find answers to these and other questions in this article

Living Room With Fireplace (98 Photos): Provence, Loft, Country, Classic, High-tech, Scandinavian And Modern Style

The living room with a fireplace looks very cozy and homely. What design solutions are there? how to decorate a living room with a fireplace in Provence, loft, country, classic, high-tech, Scandinavian and modern style?

Tiles On The Floor In The Living Room (44 Photos): Ceramic Floor Tiles In The Hall, Design Options

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using floor tiles in the living room? How to choose the right ceramic floor tiles for the hall? Let's get acquainted with the design options and other information in the article

Showcase For Dishes In The Living Room (102 Photos): Wardrobe With Glass, Corner Glass Furniture, "classic" And "modern", Options From Italy And Russian Product

A crockery display case in the living room will help to preserve and at the same time display services and relics. Where to buy a wardrobe with glass and what are the advantages of corner glass furniture? What is the difference between the options for showcases in the classics and the objects of our time?

DIY Renovation Ideas For An Ordinary Hall (109 Photos): Decorating A Living Room In An Apartment, Room Decor In A Modern Style

Living room decoration is the face of every home. The decor of a room in a modern style implies current stylistic directions, interesting ideas for repairing an ordinary hall with your own hands You should find out which materials are better to use

Upholstered Furniture For The Living Room (57 Photos): Modern "classics" In The Interior, Beautiful Furnishings In A Classic Style, Elite Sets In The Design Of The Hall

Upholstered furniture for the living room should be not only comfortable, but also of high quality. In what style is it better to choose upholstered furniture: classic, provence or modern? What should be a beautiful classic-style setting?

Modern Living Room Design Ideas (123 Photos): Room Interior In The "classic" Style, Hall Decor Options In The Apartment - 2021

How to apply modern living room design ideas to your apartment? The interior of a loft-style room - how to implement and for which rooms is it suitable? Hall decor options in an apartment with a large, medium and small square

3D Wallpaper For The Hall In The Apartment (52 Photos): Options For The Living Room Visually Expanding The Space In The Interior

3D wallpaper for the hall in the apartment is quite popular today. They are able to enliven any interior. What are the options for the living room that visually expand the space in the interior? What canvases to choose for the living room?

The Layout Of The Living Room (65 Photos): A Plan Of The Hall With An Area Of 20, 16 And 18 Sq. M, Design Rectangular Room In The Apartment

The layout of the living room should be carefully thought out. What can be the plan of a hall with an area of 20, 16 and 18 sq. m? How to design a rectangular room in an apartment? All planning secrets, see this article

Living Room In A Modern Style (126 Photos): Beautiful New Designs Of 2021, "classic" For The Hall In The Apartment

A living room in a modern style can look no less luxurious than a classic. What are the beautiful design novelties of 2021? How to choose a decoration for a hall in an apartment? How to choose furniture for a living room? How to divide the hall into zones using lighting?

Console In The Living Room (23 Photos): Options For Furniture For TV In A Modern Interior, Beautiful Models In The Styles Of "baroque" And "classic"

The living room console is being bought more and more often. It is not only beautiful but also functional piece of furniture. What are the options for TV furniture in a modern interior? What beautiful models exist in different styles, for example, baroque?

Living Room Design With An Area Of 17 Sq. M (69 Photos): Real Examples Of A Hall In An Apartment In A Classic Style

How to decorate the design of a living room with an area of 17 sq. m, what you need to pay attention to when planning a panel house and a "Khrushchev"? Real-life examples of a hall in a classic-style apartment are luxurious

Living Room Renovation (131 Photos): How Beautiful To Make A Room Decor In An Ordinary Apartment, Real Examples Of Hall Design

Living room renovation is an interesting and responsible occupation. How to beautifully decorate a room in an ordinary apartment and in a private house? How to bring real examples of hall design to life?

Living Room Furniture (178 Photos): Beautiful Glossy Sets For A Hall In An Apartment, How To Furnish A Living Room

Living room furniture sets the mood for style. How to furnish a living room using glossy and matte sets for the hall in the apartment? What are the details of the arrangement of the living room and how to arrange the furniture harmoniously?