Private house 2023, September

Two-storey House With A Garage (59 Photos): A Small 2-storey Brick House With One Roof With A Garage For Two Cars

A two-story house with a garage is the choice of practical people. What's the best way to build a small 2 story brick house with one roof with a double garage? Sauna and garage in one house - how to combine?

Projects Of One-story Houses With An Attic (71 Photos): A Cottage With An Area Of 150 Sq. M With Three Bedrooms, House Layout Up To 120 Squares

Many are preparing to become the owners of a cottage with an approximate area of 150 sq. m with three bedrooms and an attic. What is the best way to make a layout in such a house? What projects are there in general for one-story houses with an attic? What needs to be considered before starting construction?

Projects Of Houses With An Attic Up To 120 M2: Drawings Of Attic Cottages With An Area Of 110 Sq. M, Plans For Block Houses, Options From SIP Panels For 100 Squares

To build your house, you need to pick up good drawings of attic cottages, the area of which reaches 110 sq. m and more. But there are also projects of houses with an attic up to 120 m2. Which one is better? How do houses with an attic differ from ordinary buildings?

House With A Garage (98 Photos): A Small Wooden Garage With An Attic For 2 Cars Under One Roof, A Brick Version With An Underground Driveway

You can build a house with a garage yourself. How to choose a small wooden garage with an attic for 2 cars under one roof? What materials to use?

Projects Of Houses From A Bar With An Attic (50 Photos): Plan Of A Log House With Dimensions Of 7x8, 6x6, 8x8, 9x9 And 6x9, Layout Of A Cottage 8 By 9 And 10 By 6

Projects of houses from a bar with an attic are comfortable and interesting. How to make a plan for a 7x8 log house? Who is suitable for buildings with dimensions 6x6, 8x8, 9x9 and 6x9? What type of timber should you choose? What's the difference between them?

Projects Of Houses With An Attic Up To 150 M2 (34 Photos): Layout Of A Brick House With An Area Of 140 Sq. M, Structures Made Of Aerated Concrete And Foam Blocks

Today, projects of houses with an attic up to 150 m2 are in great demand. What are the features of the layout of a brick house with an area of 140 sq. What materials are these houses made of?

Projects Of Houses With An Attic Up To 100 M2 (42 Photos): A Wooden House From A Bar With An Area Of 90 Sq. M, Structures Made Of SIP Panels And Foam Blocks

Common projects of houses with an attic up to 100 m2. What are the features of the layout of such houses? The layout of a wooden house from a bar with an area of 90 sq. Beautiful design examples

Projects Of Houses 6 By 8 With An Attic (49 Photos): Plan Of A Frame Country House 6x8, A Cottage Made Of Timber And Foam Blocks

Projects of houses 6 by 8 with an attic: detailed plans of a 6x8 frame country house. A cottage made of timber and foam blocks: what are the features of construction from combined materials?

House Project 8 By 10 With An Attic (30 Photos): Frame Construction From A Log House And 8x10 Foam Blocks, Drawings Of An Attic House 10x8

House project 8 by 10 with an attic - how to choose it and what opportunities do developers have? What is the difference between the Finnish scheme and the Canadian one? How should a frame construction from a log house and 8x10 foam blocks be performed? What attractive project options are there?

Attic Decoration (51 Photos): DIY Interior Decoration Options, The Best Ideas For Wood Sheathing Of The Attic Floor

Finishing the attic allows you to turn the attic space into a cozy and residential one. What are the options for finishing with your own hands inside the attic room? How should the floor, walls and ceiling be trimmed and provided with a layer of thermal insulation?

Projects Of Houses 7 By 9 With An Attic: The Most Popular Layout Options For 7x9 Cottages, A House Of Permanent Residence From Blocks

Projects of houses 7 by 9 with an attic are suitable for both suburban and urban construction. What are their features? Examples of the most popular layouts for 7x9 cottages

House Project 8 By 9 With An Attic (27 Photos): Layout Of A House Made Of 8x9 Timber

This article will describe the project of an 8 by 9 house with an attic. What is the layout of a house made of 8x9 timber? What are the advantages of houses with an attic? What is the best way to arrange the rooms?

Attic In The "loft" Style (33 Photos): Interior Design Of The Attic Room In The Style Of Provence And Chalet, Scandinavian And Country

Attic in the house - an opportunity to create an additional room. How to arrange it? Loft or English? Can you choose the interior design of the attic room in Provence and chalet style, Scandinavian and country? Consider different options

Two-story House With An Attic (43 Photos): A Brick And Wooden House With A Balcony And A Mansard Roof, Foam Block Buildings

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a two-story house with an attic? How to choose the material for the walls? What are the beautiful projects for a house with an attic: with and without a balcony. What unusual structures with a mansard roof are there?

Houses With An Attic Made Of Foam Blocks: Simple Projects And Layouts (52 Photos) Typical Buildings Measuring 7 By 8 And 8x8 With An Attic Floor

Houses with an attic made of foam blocks are gaining more and more popularity. Why is this building material chosen for construction? What simple designs and layouts can be used to build this type of country house?

Attic Project (62 Photos): Examples Of The Internal Layout Of The Attic Floor In A Private House, A Gable Roof Attic And Other Design Options

The attic project assumes a stylish design and great functional convenience of additional space in the attic. What do popular examples of the internal layout of an attic floor in a private house look like? What are the types of attics?

Dressing Room In The Attic (42 Photos): Design Of A Dressing Room With A Slope On The Attic Floor, Options With A Sloped Ceiling

A walk-in closet in the attic of a private house will be a good solution for storing clothes. It is rather difficult to think over the design of a dressing room with a slope on the attic floor. Where can I find special furniture for sloped walls? How to equip a small attic?

A House From A Bar With An Attic (45 Photos): Construction Of The Foundation Of A House With A Size Of 6x8, A Bar-shaped Attic With A Balcony, Projects 8x8 And 8 By 6 From A Profil

What are the features of a house from a bar with an attic? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Construction of the foundation of a house with a size of 6x8 sq.m. Possible design options for a log attic with a balcony

Attic Floor Design (136 Photos): Attic Interior Options In A Private Wooden House, Decor And Decoration Of Rooms

Features of the attic floor design. Attic interior options in a private wooden house. What style to choose for the attic design? What materials should you use for floor, wall and ceiling finishes?

Layout Of The House 6 By 9 With An Attic: Cottage Plan 6x9

The correct layout of a 6 by 9 house with an attic will significantly increase the usable space in a house that would otherwise seem too cramped. What should a 6x9 cottage plan include? What premises should be placed upstairs?

How To Eliminate Condensation In The Attic? Why Is It Formed And How To Get Rid Of It, What To Do If Insulation Sweats In A Cold Attic

How to eliminate condensation in the attic reliably? Why is it formed and how to get rid of it in a cold attic? What to do if dampness began to appear some time after construction or finishing?

Do-it-yourself Attic (76 Photos): How To Build An Attic Roof, Do It Yourself And Stages Of Construction

An attic with your own hands is not such a complicated process as it might seem at first glance .. How to build an attic roof? DIY manufacturing and construction stages, as well as the pros and cons of this design are discussed in detail in this article

Projects Of Houses With A Basement And An Attic: Drawings Of Two-story Houses With A Basement, Attic Small Cottages

Projects of houses with a basement and an attic have recently been in great demand. Which project is suitable for a large family? What should be considered when choosing materials? What are the features of the drawings of two-story houses with a basement?

Dormer Windows (77 Photos): Installation In The Attic Of A Construction-balcony, Dimensions And Features Of Installation Of Velux And Fakro Windows

Skylights look very nice and stylish. How is the installation of a balcony structure in the attic? What are the main types and characteristics of roof windows and how to independently install roof windows at home?

Ceiling Height In A Private House: What Should Be Optimal And What Is The Standard Ceiling Height In Brick And Frame Houses

The height of the ceilings in a private house must meet the wishes of the owners. What should it be? How to independently determine the optimal ceiling height for your own home?

Attic (88 Photos): What Is It, What To Choose - An Attic Or A Full-fledged Second Floor, Internal Projects Of Arrangement From A Gable Roof

The attic often replaces the second floor in modern houses and cottages. What it is? What to choose - an attic or a full-fledged second floor? How to equip the premises? How to insulate it? What type of finish should you choose? What do designers advise on arranging an attic?

Attic Floor: Waterproofing Device On Wooden Beams, Heat Engineering Calculation - Example

Attic floors are available in many private houses. What should be the waterproofing device for wooden and metal beams? What are some examples of heat engineering calculation? How to create long-term overlap?

Mansard Roof (136 Photos): The Device Of The Roof Truss System Of Private Houses With An Attic, Types Of Roofs

A mansard roof makes any home special. What is the device of the roof truss system of private houses with an attic? What are the types of roofs? What are the secrets of interior design?

Attic Staircase With A Hatch: The Dimensions Of The Manhole To The Attic, Ceiling Folding And Retractable Hatch To The Ceiling

An attic staircase with a hatch is a functional and attractive design that will become a decoration and a helper in any home. What are the running dimensions of the manhole to the attic? Which skylight, retractable or retractable ceiling hatch to install in your home?

Insulated Attic Staircase With A Hatch: Types Of Structures In The Attic

Insulated attic stairs with a hatch can be found in many private houses. What are the types of structures leading to the attic? What are their features, strengths and weaknesses? How to make a ladder and a hatch with your own hands and prevent hypothermia at home?

Insulation Of The Attic From The Inside, If The Roof Is Already Covered (57 Photos): Insulation For The Attic Roof Of A Private House

Insulating an attic from the inside is not an easy task, and especially if the roof is already covered. What insulation for the attic roof of a private house to use in such cases? What are the features of the insulation process with a covered roof?

Projects Of Wooden Houses With An Attic (33 Photos): Features Of Wood Construction, Log Cottages With A Bay Window, A Village House With An Attic Floor

Projects of wooden houses with an attic are impressive in their variety. What are the features of wood construction? What kind of wood to choose for the building? Examples of log cottages with a bay window

Arrangement Of The Attic (43 Photos): How To Equip The Space Under The Roof In A Country House? Ideas For Arranging An Attic Floor In A Private House

Arrangement of the attic: features and nuances. How to equip the space under the roof in a country house? How to decorate a living room, bedroom, nursery and study? Useful Tips

Fakro Attic Staircase: Installation And Installation, Dimensions Of Structures, How To Install In An Attic With A Hatch, Reviews

The Fakro attic staircase is the leader in the modern staircase market. Simple assembly and installation, coupled with excellent quality, have met with warm consumer approval and popularity. How to choose the right size of structures and how to install it in an attic with a hatch? Which models are more popular, which ones have reviews?

Projects Of Frame Houses With An Attic (51 Photos): Layout Options For Cottages Of 8x10 And 7x9, 8x8 And 6x4 M, A Brick Building Attic Floor Frame 6 By 9 M

Frame construction today is very popular not only in Russia, but also abroad. Many people use projects of frame houses with an attic. What are the pros and cons of such housing? Consider the layout options for cottages of 8x10 and 7x9, 8x8 and 6x4 m

Projects Of Small Houses With An Attic (38 Photos): Drawings Of Small Cottages Made Of Aerated Concrete, Beautiful Small Houses

What should be considered when thinking over projects of small houses with an attic? Drawings of small cottages made of aerated concrete or foam concrete, wood or brick will help to take into account all the nuances when building a house

Insulation Of The Attic Floor: We Insulate The Cold Attic On Wooden Beams, The Best Insulation On A Reinforced Concrete Slab

Insulation of the attic floor must be carried out following our advice. We insulate the cold attic using wooden beams on our own. What insulation is better for a private house?

Projects Of Houses With An Attic And A Terrace (48 Photos): Beautiful Frame Country Structures, A Plan Of A Country House On A Slope

Features of projects of houses with an attic and a terrace. What materials to choose for the construction of practical and beautiful suburban structures? What are the advantages of timber, frame, brick and foam block houses?

Attic Hatch: Do-it-yourself Insulated Attic, Dimensions Of Fire Hatches, How To Make Drawings And Diagrams

The attic hatch must be insulated and functional. How to create an insulated attic with your own hands at home? What are the main dimensions of fire hatches? How to make drawings and diagrams of an attic hatch?

Projects Of A Two-story House With An Attic (38 Photos): Plan Of 2-storey Houses With A Gable Roof And An Attic

Projects of a two-storey house with an attic. How to choose a plan of 2 storey houses with a gable roof and an attic? What beautiful examples in the interior can you create yourself?