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Suspended Ceiling (175 Photos): Types Of Suspended Wooden And Metal Ceilings, Design Of Structures From Plastic Panels

What is a suspended ceiling and what are the reasons for its relevance in interior design? What types of material, besides wood and metal cassettes, are used for suspended ceilings? Answers to these and other questions can be found in this article

Decorative Plaster (135 Photos): Types For Interior Wall Decoration, Embossed Products For Outdoor Work, Images With Brand Names, Moroccan Products

Decorative plaster can create interesting indoor designs. What types of plaster for interior wall decoration are there? What are embossed outdoor products? What do professionals advise when working with a decorative item?

Plaster For Walls (145 Photos): What It Is And How To Plaster, Types Of Material For Interior And Exterior Decoration Of Premises, Characteristics Of The Composition Of Knauf And "Prospectors"

What is wall plaster and what range of materials does this concept cover? What is it and how to plaster: a complete classification of plastering materials is given in this article

Plastering Work (110 Photos): Plastering And Wall Decoration With Your Own Hands, How To Plaster Correctly, How Much It Dries

Plastering work is an important part of any renovation. What is plaster and what are the nuances of DIY wall decoration? How to plaster correctly? How long does the plaster dry?

Porcelain Stoneware (92 Photos): Porcelain Stoneware Tiles "Keramin", What Is Lappated Porcelain Stoneware, Ceramic Panels

Porcelain stoneware is a versatile finishing material. What are the advantages and disadvantages of porcelain stoneware tiles? What is lapped porcelain stoneware? What is the role of ceramic panels? What are the reviews about the Keramin manufacturer?

Mosaic (120 Photos): What It Is, Types, Mosaic Tiles Made Of Natural Stone, Facade And Stone Mosaics

What is a mosaic? What types of mosaics exist and how to revive the interior with the help of mosaic compositions, giving it individuality? Where are mosaic tiles made of natural stone used and how to create a single composition using facade and stone mosaics?

Primer (92 Photos): What It Is And Why To Prime The Walls, Universal Types Of Material

Primer - what is it? Why should the walls be primed? What types of primers are there? How to choose the right primer mix? What to look for when buying universal and specialized types of material?

Putty Walls: How To Properly Putty And Level The Surface With Your Own Hands, The Subtleties Of The Process

Plastering the walls is an important stage in the renovation work. How to properly putty and level the surface with your own hands? What are the subtleties of the putty application process? What tips and tricks should you follow?

Ceiling "sky" (44 Photos): Options With A Pattern Of Clouds, Models In The Form Of A Blue Sky In Interior Design

Ceiling "sky" is able to add flavor to any room. Are the cloud patterns suitable for children's rooms? Do blue sky models always look good in interior design?

Wooden Ceiling In An Apartment (29 Photos): Wood Structures In Interior Design, Pros And Cons

Wooden ceiling in the apartment: pros and cons. Wood structures in interior design: the use of ceilings in different styles. How does wood work with other materials? Should such a ceiling be painted?

Moldings On The Ceiling (41 Photos): Options For Finishing In The Interior, Classic Ways Of Decorating The Ceiling With Moldings In An Apartment

Just as the cherry is the decoration of the cake, the moldings on the ceiling can give the finishing of the room a finished look. Finishing options in the interior depend on the general style in which the room is decorated

Insulation For The Ceiling: The Better To Insulate, Eco-friendly Roll Options Without Vapor Barrier, The Choice Of Non-combustible Materials

Insulation for the ceiling must be of high quality and correctly selected. What is the best way to insulate a terrace in a private house? How to choose eco-friendly roll options without vapor barrier for a private house and apartment?

Wooden Ceiling (53 Photos): Structures Made Of Wood And Unedged Boards In The Interior Of A Private House, Loft-style Design

A wood ceiling looks attractive and is used in a variety of styles. Why are wood and unedged board structures good? How to use a wooden ceiling in the interior of a private house or apartment?

Light Panels On The Ceiling (36 Photos): Diode Lines And Stripes On The Ceiling In The Apartment, Ceiling Window With LED Backlight

Ceiling light panels are becoming more and more popular today. What diode lines and stripes can be on the ceiling in an apartment? How to choose your own ceiling light panels?

Illuminated Suspended Ceiling (42 Photos): Glass Options With LED Strip, Suspended Luminous Ceiling

The illuminated suspended ceiling can be made in different versions. What are the best glass options with LED strip for a modern home? How to make a suspended luminous ceiling with your own hands?

Panels For The Ceiling (55 Photos): What Are There, Aluminum And Wooden Options In The Room, Decorative Mirror And Sandwich Panels

Ceiling panels: what are they, what are their advantages and disadvantages? Which do you prefer - aluminum and wood options in the room, or plastic options?

Acoustic Foam Rubber For The Ceiling: Built-in Acoustics, Panels And Systems, Plates And Mats, Subtleties Of Choice And Installation

How to use acoustic foam for the ceiling? A variety of soundproof ceiling structures, built-in acoustics, panels and systems, slabs and mats. Step-by-step instructions for installing soundproof ceilings

Painting Decorative Plaster (50 Photos): Types Of Painting For Walls, How To Paint In Two Colors With Your Own Hands

Painting of decorative plaster is used for interior and facade works, it gives a wonderful effect. What types of wall painting are used, how to paint a textured surface in two colors with your own hands?

Facade Plaster (78 Photos): Mineral And Terrazite Products For Outdoor Use, Warm Plaster Mix For The Facade

Plaster for facades will help to beautifully decorate the outer walls of the building. What are the varieties of facade plaster? What are mineral and terrasite outdoor products? Which company plaster is better to buy for finishing the facade of a private house?

Facade Plaster (45 Photos): Facade Wet Plaster Mesh For The House On Insulation And Foam, Application Technology

What is facade plaster? What does a wet facade finish give? What are the advantages of using a plaster mesh for a house for insulation and foam?

Consumption Of Plaster Per 1 M2 Of The Wall: How Much Dry Mix Is needed Per 1m2, Calculation Of The Mix With A Thickness Of 2 Cm, "Prospectors" Products

Any renovation is accompanied by the leveling of the walls, whether it is a cosmetic repair or a major overhaul. How to choose the type of plaster? In the article, we will tell you about the consumption of plaster per 1 m2 and how much dry mix is needed per 1 m2, we will give the calculation of a mixture with a thickness of 2 cm.We will tell you about products and manufacturers

Art Plaster (24 Photos): Decorative Wall Coverings In The Interior

Decorative wall coverings in the interior are always beautiful and original. Artistic plaster will allow you to give the most ordinary room a certain zest. What types of plaster are there and how to apply it correctly?

Plaster "Volma": The Thickness Of The Layer Of Cement Plaster Mixture For The Walls, Consumption Per 1 M2, Reviews

What types of Volma plaster are presented on the construction market? What is the thickness of the layer of cement mortar for walls and ceilings? What is the consumption per 1 m2 for different modifications? What are the reviews of professional craftsmen about working with this product? How do they advise you to apply the formulations?

How To Plaster Aerated Concrete Outside? The Process Of Finishing Inside The House, The Technology Of Work And Internal Plastering Of The Walls From The Aerated Block Indoors

How to plaster aerated concrete outside? What is the interior decoration process? What types of plaster are suitable for aerated concrete? What are their differences? Why is it important to follow the sequence of indoor and outdoor work? What do the professionals advise?

Consumption Of Gypsum Plaster For 1 M2 Of A Wall: How To Calculate For 1 M2 At A Thickness Of 1 Cm, Application Layer 10 Mm, Products "Prospectors" And "Volma"

The consumption of gypsum plaster per 1 m2 of the wall is an inevitable stage of every renovation. How to correctly calculate the consumption of the mixture per 1m2 with a layer thickness of 1 cm? Which formula should you use? Which brand of products has a lower consumption at a layer of 10 mm applied per unit area?

Plastering Rules: Tool For Plastering Walls, Do-it-yourself H-shaped Gear Rule

Why do we need rules for plastering? What is the preferred tool for plastering walls? To align the walls, you can choose an H-shaped serrated rule or do it yourself

Plastering Walls With Cement Mortar: How To Properly Plaster, Consumption Of Cement And Cement-sand Mixture Per 1 M2 Of Plaster

Plastering walls with cement mortar is the most affordable and often used type of finishing and leveling the surface. How to properly plaster the bases with it? What materials and tools will be required to work? What does a beginner need to know?

Decorative Plaster In The Kitchen (43 Photos): Types Of Material For Interior Decoration, Modern Wall Design, Examples In The Interior

Decorative plaster in the kitchen allows you to transform the interior in an unusual way. What types of interior decoration materials are most commonly used? How to make a modern wall design at no extra cost?

Gypsum Plaster (59 Photos): The Use Of A Building Agent, A White Moisture-resistant Mixture, Which Composition Is Better To Choose For Wet Rooms

Gypsum plaster is a universal coating of walls and ceilings for residential premises. Where will the use of this construction tool be especially relevant? What are the features of a white moisture-resistant mixture?

Leveling Walls With Plaster: How To Level A Wall With Your Own Hands, How To Level The Surface Of A Vertical Structure, Which Plaster Is Better To Choose, How To Properly Align

How to level a wall with your own hands using cement mortar? What are the main stages of leveling walls with plaster? How do you prepare for work? What are the features of cement, gypsum and clay mixtures? Which one is suitable for home furnishings?

Plaster Mortar: The Composition And Proportions Of The Mixture For Plastering Walls With Your Own Hands, How To Properly Dilute, How To Make A Decorative Coating Yourself

How to prepare plaster mortar? What are the composition and proportions of the mixture for plastering walls and ceilings with your own hands? How to properly dilute such a solution, what are the subtleties of each type of plaster?

Removing Plaster: How To Remove Decorative Coating From Walls, How To Remove Old Plaster, How To Clean The Surface From Putty

Dismantling the plaster of the wall and ceiling surfaces is where the finishing of any room begins. Any surface requires preliminary preparation before applying a new layer of plaster. Cleaning and removing the old layer of material is the most time consuming and requires considerable effort. How to remove decorative coating from walls, how to remove old plaster? For successful and easy work, you need to know the nuances of the dismantling process, as well as choose the right tools

Plaster "Bark Beetle" (81 Photos): Decorative Textured Mixture In The Interiors Of Apartments And Houses, Compositions For Wall Decoration

Decorative plaster "bark beetle" is popular not only for interior decoration, but also for facades. Which manufacturers' textured mixture is used in the interiors of apartments and houses more often than others? What are the specifics of compositions suitable for wall cladding?

Gypsum Or Cement Plaster - Which Is Better: How It Differs From Putty, Wall Treatment With Mortar, Product Differences

Gypsum or cement plaster - which is better? What types of compositions stand out? What are the features of cement mixtures? What are the features of gypsum mixes? How is plaster different from putty? How to prepare solutions? Is it necessary to treat the walls with a special solution before using plaster?

Rotband Plaster: Technical Characteristics, Knauf Gypsum Plaster Mix With A Volume Of 30 Kg

Rotband plaster is a high-quality product for interior decoration from the German brand Knauf. What is the scope, technical characteristics, pros and cons of Rotband plaster mix? How is Knauf gypsum plaster mix 30 kg diluted?

Porcelain Stoneware "Uralsky Garnit": Features Of The Plant's Products, Characteristics Of Tiles

The Uralskiy Granit plant is considered a leader in the production of porcelain stoneware. What are the features and advantageous characteristics of the plant's products? What are the use cases for a tile manufacturer? How to take care of the material?

Porcelain Stoneware For Walls: Large Format Porcelain Stoneware Wall Tiles For Hallways, Wood Grain Design, Large Size Product Design

Porcelain stoneware for walls is used more and more often today. Are large wood look porcelain wall tiles suitable for a hallway? Advantages and disadvantages of porcelain stoneware? Where can porcelain stoneware be used?

Kerama Marazzi Porcelain Stoneware: Wood-effect Porcelain Tiles In The Interior, Reviews Of Tilers

Features and benefits of Kerama Marazzi porcelain stoneware. What kind of wood-like porcelain stoneware tiles are best used in the interior. Positive and negative reviews from buyers and tilers

Estima Porcelain Tile (41 Photos): Wood-effect Porcelain Tiles For Steps, Reviews Of Tilers

Estima porcelain stoneware is distinguished by excellent quality, reliability, a variety of colors and textures. Which wood-look porcelain stoneware tiles are suitable for finishing steps? What kind of testimonials from tilers about the manufacturer can be found on the forums?

Laying Porcelain Stoneware (52 Photos): How To Lay A Large Product On The Wall And Floor, How To Make The Facing Of The Stairs Using Clamps

How do-it-yourself porcelain stoneware is laid - the choice of tools and materials, the stages of installation work and how to place the tiles. How to install a large size product on the wall and floor?