Restroom 2023, September

Children's Toilet: Options For Toilet Bowls For Children - Compact Models, Urinals

What are the features of modern children's toilet bowls? What plumbing options for children are available today? Which brands make the best compact toilets and urinals? How to choose quality plumbing for a child?

Toilet Seat: For Children For Children And For Adults After Surgery. Nuances Of Choice

Toilet stand: what is it and why is it needed? Types of coasters: for a child's feet for a child and an adult after surgery, for the elderly, for people with disabilities. The nuances of choosing a footrest for the toilet

WC With Vertical Floor Outlet, Straight, Oblique And Horizontal. Which One Is Better To Choose?

The industry produces plumbing with different types of releases. How to choose it correctly? When do you need a toilet with a vertical outlet to the floor, with a straight, oblique and horizontal? Which one is better for a private home?

Toilet Design In "Khrushchev" (73 Photos): A Combined Bathroom And A Small Separate One. Tiling And Repair Features

The design of a toilet in Khrushchev is not an easy task, even for a specialist with experience. Designers' advice will help to create a comfortable space and an original interior of a combined bathroom or a small separate toilet in a small apartment

Toilet (74 Photos): How To Choose The Right One So That You Don't Regret It Later? Device And Types. Models That Rinse Well And Without Splashing

How does a toilet bowl work? How to choose the right device so that you do not regret the money spent later? What types and models of toilets are there? Which brands make the best bathroom fixtures?

Toilet Bowls Duravit (Duravit): An Overview Of Models And Reviews

Toilet bowls of the German company Duravit will perfectly fit into any bathroom interior. The original design of the models, high quality and innovative technologies allowed the developers of "Duravit" to create unique products. What reviews do online buyers leave? Brand product overview

Toilet Hose: What Are The Flexible Connections, Connection Features

What is a toilet hose for? What are flexible liners? How to make the right choice and what will it depend on? What connection features do you need to know in order to avoid mistakes during installation? Specialist recommendations

Corrugation For The Toilet (40 Photos): Models Of Cuffs For The Toilet, The Choice Of The Size Of The Fan Pipe And Installation Features

What is a toilet corrugation? What cuff models are there? How to make the right choice of the size of the fan pipe, what are the installation features? How to dismantle an old corrugation? Tips from professionals

Toilet With Bidet Function (64 Photos): Two-in-one Models With A Hygienic Shower, Hanging And Built-in Toilets Combined With A Bidet

Why is a toilet with a bidet function good? What are the most popular two-in-one models with a hygienic shower? What is the difference between wall-hung and floor-standing toilets with a built-in bidet? How to choose such a plumbing?

Porcelain Or Faience - Which Is Better For The Toilet: Which One To Choose? Comparison With Ceramics And Sanitary Ware

Many do not know which toilet to choose. Porcelain or faience? What's the best for a toilet bowl? How do they differ, what are their pros and cons? Which toilet to choose? What does a toilet bowl look like with ceramics and sanitary ware? How to compare 2 models correctly?

Am.Pm Toilets: Spirit And Sunny, Joy And Like, Bliss L And Inspire, Other Hanging And Floor Models, Customer Reviews

What is the difference between modern Am.Pm toilets? What devices are included in the Spirit and Sunny, Joy and Like, Bliss l and Inspire collections? We will analyze other pendant and floor models. How to choose the right branded toilet?

Replacing The Toilet: Do It Yourself Dismantling. How To Install It In A "Khrushchev" With A Cast-iron Pipe Yourself? How To Remove Without Breaking?

Replacing the toilet is not the most difficult moment during the repair, so it is quite possible to cope with this work with your own hands. How to dismantle the toilet yourself? How to install it in a "Khrushchev" with a cast-iron pipe?

Jika Toilets: Models Lyra Plus And Vega, Era And Olymp, Baltic And Zeta, Czech Wall And Floor Toilets With Oblique And Other Outlet, Reviews

What is the difference between Czech Jika toilets? Consider the popular models Lyra Plus and Vega, Era and Olymp, Baltic and Zeta. How to choose the perfect toilet? What feedback do customers leave about the work of the original Czech toilets?

Dry Closets-toilet Bowls For A Summer Cottage: How To Choose A Bio-toilet For A Country Toilet? Characteristics, Types And Modern Models

Dry closets-toilet bowls for summer cottages, their features. Characteristics of construction and fluids. How to choose biounitase for a country toilet

Toilet Bowls "Keramin": A Review Of "Leader" And "Palermo", "Bergamo" And "City", "Quadro" And Other Models, Selection O

Why are Belarusian-made toilets under the Keramin brand so popular? Let's study their features and types. Let's consider a brief overview of the popular models of this type of plumbing and find out how the Leader and Palermo toilets differ from each other

Jacob Delafon Toilets: An Overview Of Floor-standing Models, PATIO And ODEON UP, PRESQU &Apos; ILE And ESCALE, OVE And Others

What is the difference between Jacob Delafon branded toilets? Consider an overview of floor and pendant models, PATIO, ODEON UP, PRESQU ILE, ESCALE, OVE lines. What feedback do customers leave about the products of the French manufacturer?

Attachable Toilets: Floor-standing With A Hidden Cistern, Their Installation, An Overview Of BelBagno Alpina And Marino, Albano And Other Models

Attached toilets, their features. Floor-standing versions with a hidden cistern, design advantages. Review of manufacturers BelBagno Alpina and Marino, Albano and other brands. Self-assembly of the structure

Cersanit Toilets: Wall-hung And Floor-standing, Carina And Just, Toilet-compact City, Trento And Delfi, Other Models, Customer Reviews

Features of Cersanit toilets. Wall-mounted and floor-standing compact toilets from the Carina, Just, City, Trento, Delfi collections and other models. How to choose the right toilet? Consumer reviews about Cersanit plumbing

Toilets For The Disabled: We Choose Toilets With Attachments, Special Seats And Handrails For The Disabled, The Elderly And People With Hip Problems, An Overview Of Models

Toilet bowls for the disabled and their features What are the details of this design? Recommendations and optimal parameters. Choosing toilets for disabled people with nozzles, special seats and handrails included

Toilet Heights: Height Standards From The Floor, For Toilets With And Without Cistern, Use Of Stands To Increase The Height

What is the correct height for the toilet? What are the floor height standards for suspended products? How is the height measured - with or without a cistern? What are the sizes of non-standard toilet bowls? How can you make the toilet taller?

Iddis Toilets: A Review Of Skif, Mirro And Atlant, Calipso And Other Models, Customer Reviews

How are modern iddis toilets different? Let's analyze an overview of the popular skif, mirro and atlant, calipso and other models. What are the customer reviews of the brand's toilet bowls? What are the disadvantages of branded plumbing?

Child Toilet Seat With Step: Ladder Pads For Children Thermobaby Kiddyloo And Others

What is the difference between a toilet seat with a step? What are the different toilet seat covers? Consider the Thermobaby Kiddyloo ladder models and others. How to choose such a device? How to use it?

Poppet Toilets: Cast-in-bowl Models, Hybner Neptun And Other Models From Various Manufacturers

What are poppet toilets? The advantages and disadvantages of such plumbing. Features of models with one-piece cast shelf in the bowl. Selection Tips

Smart Toilets: Japanese Innovative Toilets With Control And Heated Toilets Xiaomi, Other Models

Smart toilets with manual and remote control: what are they? In this article, we will tell you what Japanese innovative heated toilets are like, as well as other models of electronic plumbing, including from the popular Chinese brand Xiaomi

Country Toilet Bowls: Garden Ceramic For Outdoor Toilet In The Country And Metal Straight Toilet Bowls, Other Models

Country toilets: features and differences from home. Ceramic garden toilet bowls for outdoor toilet, metal straight toilet bowls and other models for summer cottages. How to choose a toilet for a country toilet?

VitrA Toilets: Suspended And Floor-standing, Compact, Zentrum And Arkitekt, Serenada And Diana, Other Models Made In Turkey, Reviews

What is the difference between vitra toilets? In which collections are there multifunctional pendant and floor models, as well as compact products? What is the difference between the collections zentrum and arkitekt, serenada and diana?

Red Toilets (19 Photos): A Choice In The Interior, Examples Of Design Of A Toilet Or A Bathroom With A Red Toilet

Red toilets: choices, pros and cons. How can the interior beat? Examples of the design of a toilet or bathroom with a red toilet. What should you focus on when choosing plumbing in such a color scheme?

Ifo Toilets: Frisk And Arret, Sign And Cera, Other Series, Wall-mounted, Floor-standing And Compact Models With Oblique Outlet, Customer Reviews

What is the difference between Ifo branded toilets? Consider models from the collections of Frisk and Arret, Sign and Cera, and other series. What kind of hanging devices does the brand offer? How to choose the perfect toilet? How to install and repair it?

Villeroy & Boch Toilets: An Overview Of O.novo And Subway 2.0, Finion And Venticello, Amadea And Other Models, Selection Options

What are Villeroy & Boch branded toilets famous for? Consider an overview of models from the O.novo and Subway 2.0, Finion and Venticello collections. How Do I Pick a Good Brand Toilet? What types are the toilet bowls of this manufacturer divided into?

Colored Toilets (30 Photos): Brown And Green, Blue And Blue, Pink And Gray Models, Russian And Foreign Production

Colored toilets - what are their main features and benefits. Brown, green, blue, light blue, pink, gray and other models. The best manufacturers and examples of the use of colored plumbing in interiors

Built-in Toilets (27 Photos): The Device Of Models Built Into The Wall, Their Pros And Cons, Height, Reviews

Built-in toilets: what is the structure of in-wall models? In this article, we will analyze their pros and cons, talk about the existing standards for the height of such products, and also consider the reviews of consumers of such plumbing

Poorly Flushes The Toilet: Reasons And Solutions. Why Did The New Toilet In A Private House Become Poorly Filled With Water?

Poorly flushes the toilet: the main causes and solutions to the problem. Why does the water go badly in apartments and private houses? What to do if the toilet is clogged or no water flows into the cistern? What recommendations do the experts give?

Fastening Toilets: How To Fasten To The Floor On A Tile Without Drilling So That It Does Not Stagger? Bolting And Other Methods

The correct approach to the process of attaching toilets guarantees a long service life of the plumbing fixture. The main thing is to check that the sanitary ware does not stagger. How to install a toilet with wall plugs? How to fix the toilet bowl to the floor on the tiles without drilling?

Toilets With Anti-splash System: What Is It? Choosing A Good Toilet With Anti-splash Function And Dual Flush

Toilets with an anti-splash system - what is this? What is the principle of such plumbing, what are its main features? How to Choose a Good Splash-Suppressing Toilet?

Laufen Toilets: An Overview Of Pro And Palace, Living And Palomba, Kartell, Rimless And Other Floor-standing Models, Selection Options

Laufen toilets - what makes this brand's bathroom fixtures so special? Review of Pro and Palace, Living and Palomba, Kartell, Rimless and other outdoor models. What to look for when choosing?

Toilet Lights (21 Photos): How To Choose A Backlight With A Motion Sensor? Instruction, Pros And Cons

What is a toilet light and what explains its high popularity? How to choose motion sensor backlight? What does the installation, use and care instructions look like? What are the pros and cons of such designs?

TOTO Toilets: Japanese Toilets With Bidet Function, "smart" Electronic And Other Models From Japan

TOTO toilets: how to choose Japanese toilets with bidet function? This article examines the features of "smart" plumbing, as well as gives advice on choosing electronic and other models of such devices from Japan

Ideal Standard Toilets: Connect And Tesi, Tempo And Oceane, Other Floor-standing And Wall-hung Options, How To Choose

What are Ideal Standard toilets? Consider the popular Connect and Tesi, Tempo and Oceane, other floor-standing and pendant options and see which one is the best. We will learn how to choose and install such plumbing correctly

Geberit Toilets: Wall-hung And Floor-standing, Water Consumption, Advice On Choosing, Reviews

Key features of Geberit toilets: wall-mounted and floor-standing models. Installation method, water consumption, dimensions and other important characteristics. Selection tips for those who want to buy high-quality and easy-to-use plumbing fixtures. Review overview

Toilets With Oblique Outlet: What Does It Mean, An Overview Of Disc And Visor, "Katun" And Imported, The Best With Anti-splash And Other Models

Slanting toilets - what does this mean? Overview of dish-shaped, funnel-shaped, visor models. The best imported models, sanitary ware brand "Katun" and other manufacturers