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Do-it-yourself Bath (114 Photos): How To Build Cheaply, Quickly And Beautifully, Construction Projects, How To Make Repairs

The bath is an affordable pleasure for everyone. What do you need to know before building a bath? How to build a cheap bathhouse in a small summer cottage? Organization of internal space and construction projects. How to make repairs? How to insulate a bath with your own hands? How to make repairs in a bath competently? How to attach a bathhouse to the house quickly and beautifully? How to choose a bath layout?

Polycarbonate Greenhouses (150 Photos): Advantages And Disadvantages Of Polycarbonate Structures, How To Choose, Advice And Feedback, Examples Of Ready-made Greenhouses -2021

Polycarbonate greenhouses help summer residents grow crops in any climatic conditions. What are their main advantages and disadvantages? How to choose them? Rules for proper care of polycarbonate structures

Stove For A Bath (160 Photos): Drawings Of A Stove For A Russian Bath, Designs With A Water Tank Or A Closed Stove, Which Is Better

The sauna stove is the main element of any steam room. How to create it yourself and what drawings will be needed to lay out a stove for a Russian bath? Which designs are better - with a water tank or a closed heater?

Bathhouse (230 Photos): Russian Country Bathhouse, The Dimensions Of Buildings Made Of Vulture Panels, Beautiful Small Structures - Decoration Inside And Outside

What is remarkable about the Russian country bathhouse and the design in other styles, what are the main canons that must be observed? How to build a foundation and walls, choose the optimal type of roof and design, insulate a bathhouse and provide waterproofing? What to drown with?

Do-it-yourself Sauna Stove (110 Photos): How To Make A Stove With High Efficiency, Foundation And Boiler Drawings

Many are attracted by the idea of saving money and making a stove for a bath with their own hands. How to make a stove with high efficiency and what materials will be needed for this? How to equip the foundation? You will find beautiful examples of ready-made solutions, as well as boiler drawings in this article

Greenhouses (129 Photos): The Best Views And Equipment, Dome, "Botanist" And "Strelka", How To Choose A Shape, Modern Models

Greenhouses: the best types and equipment for different models. How is a domed greenhouse different from others? Models "Botanist" and "Strelka": features, subtleties of creation and design advantages

What To Build A Bathhouse From? What Material Is Best To Do, How To Start Correctly, What Kind Of Wood To Choose, Building In The Country From Wood

What to build a bathhouse from? Answering this question, it is necessary to analyze the characteristics of the soil and climate, to determine the size of the structure. What material is the best for making a warm bath? How to start building a bath correctly? What kind of insulation to use?

DIY Greenhouse (107 Photos): The Best Projects And Design Drawings, How To Make It At Home

To build a greenhouse with your own hands, it is not enough to use the best designs, drawings and designs. It is necessary to master several professions at once: concrete worker, carpenter, roofer, and so on. How to make a good greenhouse yourself at home?

Do-it-yourself Gazebo (116 Photos): Projects - How To Make And How To Build, Construction Is Cheap And Beautiful

How to make a gazebo with your own hands? How to reduce the cost of construction? How to carry out the project correctly and select materials? How to build a gazebo made of wood? How nice and cheap to arrange a building?

Sauna 3 By 4: Layout Inside (39 Photos) Projects Of Buildings 3x4, Wash And Steam Room Separately, Plan With Dressing Room And Wash Room

A 3 by 4 m bath can be quite comfortable if properly equipped. What should be the layout inside? What are some interesting projects of 3x4 buildings? Which is better: a sink and a steam room separately or combined?

What Is The Difference Between A Bathhouse And A Sauna (41 Photos): What Is Better In The House And What Is The Difference Between A Russian Bath And A German One, What Is The Diff

What is the difference between a bathhouse and a sauna? What effect does the first and second option have on the body? What is better in the house and what is the difference between a Russian bath and a German one? What is the main difference? The answers to all these questions are in our article

Glass Doors For A Bath (41 Photos): Fittings And Hinges, Dimensions Of Structures For A Sauna, Options From Glass In Size 700x1700 With A Wooden Handle

Bath glass doors are practical, safe and durable products. What are glass door fittings and hinges made of? What are the standard sizes of a sauna door?

Sauna On The Balcony (39 Photos): How To Do It Yourself In A Room With A Window, How To Build On A Loggia, Reviews

The sauna on the balcony can be made by hand if you follow our recommendations. How to make a sauna with your own hands in a room with a window? How to build a sauna on the loggia? What are the reviews about the sauna on the balcony?

Insulation For A Bath: Non-combustible Foil Products For A Sauna, Names Of Heat-insulating Materials, How To Insulate With Foil

Sauna insulation allows you to keep warm inside the room for as long as possible and make your stay in the steam room more comfortable. How do non-flammable foil products for a sauna work? What names of thermal insulation materials should you pay close attention to?

Sauna On The Wood (76 Photos): A Russian Sauna With A Pool, A Firebox And A Font For A Wood-burning Country Steam Room, Fireplaces And Chimneys, Device And Subtleties Of Operation

Sauna on the wood: advantages, disadvantages and features of the arrangement. What is the difference between a Russian sauna with a swimming pool and a Finnish steam room? What is the easiest way to install a firebox and hot tub for a wood-burning country steam room?

Ceiling Insulation In A Bath (56 Photos): How To Insulate A Structure With A Cold Roof, How To Insulate From The Attic, How To Choose Insulation

Insulation of the ceiling in the bath is a prerequisite. How to insulate a structure with a cold roof with your own hands? How to insulate the bath from the attic side and which heaters are more suitable for bath buildings?

Japanese Bath (66 Photos): Ofuro, Furako And Sento - What Is It, Do-it-yourself Barrel Sauna, Option With A Wood-burning Stove

The Japanese bath is exotic with healing properties. Ofuro and furako - what are they? What is special about Japanese sento baths? How to make a sauna barrel with your own hands and what types of stoves are there for Japanese baths? Is the wood stove option always beneficial?

Rest Room In The Bath (86 Photos): Interior Design Of The Relaxation Room Inside The Bath, Decoration Of The Building With A Bedroom On The Second Floor In The Country

The relaxation room in the bathhouse can be made in different styles. How to draw up an interior design for a relaxation room inside a bath? What materials and pieces of furniture can be used for this? What kind of lighting would be appropriate for the break room?

Greenhouses "Volia": Greenhouses Produced By The Company From Polycarbonate, Reviews Of The Company From The Russian Federation, Frames Of Country Structures

Greenhouses produced by Volya and polycarbonate greenhouses are in constant popularity. What are the main models of a Russian firm and their features? What are the pros and cons of the product? What do the reviews of buyers of the Russian Federation say?

Pool In A Greenhouse (35 Photos): DIY Options From Polycarbonate, How To Make A Frame Reservoir In A Greenhouse In The Country, Owner Reviews

The pool in a polycarbonate greenhouse can be made with your own hands. What type of construction to choose for a small area? What are the advantages of an overflow filtration system over a skimmer? What advice do the professionals give?

DIY Greenhouse Made Of Wood (56 Photos): Drawings Of Wooden Structures, Step-by-step Instructions On How To Build A Greenhouse Under The Film

You can make a greenhouse made of wood with your own hands. Do I need to draw up drawings of such wooden structures? What are the step-by-step instructions for making them? What should be considered when doing this? How to choose the right material?

Thermal Drive For Greenhouses: The Need For Ventilation And An Automatic Opening Device, An Auto-opener For A Window Leaf With Your Own Hands

Airing greenhouses is very important for growing crops. What is a Greenhouse Thermal Actuator? What is the necessity and importance of auto-ventilation? What does the automatic opening device consist of? What are the types, principle of operation of a thermal drive? How to make an auto-opener for a window with your own hands?

Glass Greenhouses: Do-it-yourself Glass Structures, Beautiful Options From An Aluminum Profile And Double-glazed Windows

What are the pros and cons of glass greenhouses? How to make glass structures with your own hands, is it expensive and how to save money? How to make a foundation and a roof? What is important to consider when making and using?

Which Polycarbonate Is Best For A Greenhouse? How To Choose Honeycomb Carbonate And What Thickness Is Better To Use, Material With A Density Of 4 Mm And Reviews

In recent decades, polycarbonate has replaced glass and PVC film in greenhouses. What is the best material to choose for a greenhouse? How to choose a honeycomb carbonate, what thickness is best to use in order to optimally meet all the requirements?

Infrared Polycarbonate Greenhouse Heaters: Ways To Heat A Winter Greenhouse In Spring And The Best Way To Heat It In Winter

There are many heating methods for heating a greenhouse annually. The most common option is to use infrared equipment to create an optimal microclimate in a building. What kind of infrared polycarbonate greenhouse heaters are there?

Do-it-yourself Greenhouse From A Metal Profile: Manufacturing From A Galvanized Profile For Drywall And Step-by-step Assembly Instructions

A greenhouse from a metal profile can be made by hand. What are the features and benefits of this design? How to make a frame and cladding of a greenhouse from a metal profile yourself?

Drip Irrigation In A Greenhouse: How To Do It Yourself, The Advantages Of A Drip Irrigation System, Irrigation From A Barrel And From Plastic Bottles

What is greenhouse drip irrigation? What are the advantages of a drip irrigation system and what are its disadvantages? How to make it yourself and how to determine the need of plants for water?

The Foundation For A Bath (60 Photos): Which One Is Better To Choose For Building With Your Own Hands, Screw Piles And A Columnar Option For A 4x6 M Room, A Base Of Blocks

The foundation for a bath - which type is better to choose for building with your own hands? What to look for and how to correctly complete all stages of the work? Under which bath, what basis is it better to do, how does the soil affect the right choice, and how should the water supply and sewage system be organized?

Baths In Various Styles (60 Photos): Modern Projects In High-tech And Loft Styles, Modern And Minimalism, Russian "goblin"

What is the difference between baths in different styles? What is remarkable about modern projects in high-tech and loft styles, modern and minimalism, Russian, goblin, rustic, chalets and other directions?

A Foam Block Bath (75 Photos): Pros And Cons, Foam Block Structures - What Will Happen After 10 Years, How To Build It Yourself, Step By Step Instructions

A foam block bath, like a building made of any other materials, has its pros and cons. How to build a foam block structure with your own hands? What will happen to the material 10 years after the start of the bath's operation?

Stove For The Bath "Varvara": The Device Of The Domestic Stove, Wood-burning Mini-models With A Side Tank Of 50 Liters, Advantages And Disadvantages, Owner Reviews

What is a sauna stove from the Varvara trademark? Features of the device of the domestic stove. Woodburning mini models with 50L side tank. Illustrative examples in the interior

Stoves For Gefest Baths: Cast-iron Wood-burning Devices With A Closed Stove For A Russian Bath, Models In Soapstone, Reviews

The Gefest sauna stoves are becoming more and more popular on the market. The company offers cast-iron wood-burning appliances with a closed stove for a Russian bath. What are the pros and cons of the products? Customer Reviews

Installing A Stove In A Bathhouse (47 Photos): How To Install It Correctly, How To Install It - Step By Step Instructions

Installing a stove in a bath is an important component in the construction of bath facilities. How to install a metal stove structure correctly? In order to know how to install - step-by-step instructions will help to correctly and safely place the furnace equipment

Tiles For The Stove (44 Photos): What Is It, Stove Tiles, What Is The Name Of A Lined Room Stove And Fireplace, A Tiled Russian Stove

Tiles are a stylish and interesting covering for a stove or fireplace both in a private house and in an apartment. What it is? What is the name of a tiled room stove and fireplace? How to choose the right stove tiles for the interior?

Homemade Stoves For A Bath (50 Photos): Drawings Of A Stove Made Of Metal And Wheel Disks, Homemade Metal Stoves

Homemade sauna stoves are an interesting and practical idea. How to develop drawings for a metal stove and rims? How else can you make a homemade metal oven?

Harvia Electric Sauna Stove (34 Photos): The Advantages Of An Electric Stove, Instructions And Reviews About Finnish Electric Heaters

Electric ovens are very popular. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Harvia electric ovens? How to choose the right Harvia electric sauna heater? What do experienced buyers say about Finnish products?

Brick Stove For A Bath With A Firebox From A Dressing Room: Installing An Outboard Structure With Your Own Hands, How To Install It Correctly

A brick stove for a bath with a firebox from a dressing room can be made by hand at home. How do you install the outrigger structure yourself? How to install a chimney?

Electric Oven For A Bath: An Electric Stove With A Steam Generator, A 220 V Boiler, A Stove That Can Be Watered, Options For A Russian Steam Room And For A Sauna

An electric oven for a bath is a device that converts electrical energy into heat. What is an electric oven with a steam generator? In which models is a 220 V boiler with a steam generator required? What does a watering stove look like?

Furnace-fireplace Vesuvius: Reviews, Corner Pc 01 220, Garden Hurricane Deluxe 28 205 And On Pellets Typhoon 16

The Vesuvius fireplace stove from a Russian manufacturer has established itself as a quality product with an optimal price. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the devices? Review of models and customer reviews

Stove For A Bath "Ermak": Models Of Stoves 12, "16 PS", "20 Standard", Options With A Closed Heater, Reviews Of The Owners

Stoves for a bath "Ermak": types and all the subtleties of choice. What are the main features of the products of this brand? What is the difference between stove models such as Ermak 12, 16 PS, 20 Standard and others? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these stoves? How to install the unit correctly?