Wall coverings 2023, June

Wallpaper Gluing (146 Photos): How To Properly Glue Wallpaper And How To Do It Yourself In The Process Of Renovating An Apartment, Which Is Better To Paint Or Paste Walls

Wallpapering is a simple procedure, if you observe some requirements and nuances. How to glue the wallpaper correctly? How to combine them with your own hands in the process of renovating an apartment? What coatings are best for self-gluing?

Wallpaper In The Hall (274 Photos): What Wallpaper To Choose In The Living Room, Modern 2021 Interior Design Ideas, Catalog With Examples Of Finishing

Wallpaper in the hall deserves special attention. What wallpaper should you choose for the living room using modern interior design ideas? What do you need to know in order to avoid stylistic mistakes and to carry out the cladding correctly?

Wallpaper With Birds (32 Photos): Beautiful Interior Of Walls With Drawings Of Birds Of Paradise On Branches With Cells, Butterflies And Flowers

Have you decided to glue the walls in your house with fashionable wallpaper with birds, but do not know how to make the interior not only beautiful, but also harmonious? We will tell you when wallpapers with drawings of birds of paradise on branches are suitable for the walls. And in which rooms will flying birds or birds in cages look better?

Wallpaper Borastapeter (33 Photos): Swedish Non-woven Products In The Interior, Reviews

Borastapeter wallpaper is a stylish interior cladding that reflects the special taste of the owners of the house. What attracts the attention of Swedish non-woven products in the interior? What do the reviews say about the brand's products?

Wallpaper In The Toilet (72 Photos): Design Of A Coating For Tiles In The Interior, Finishing A Small Bathroom With Liquid Wallpaper, Which Is Better To Choose

Toilet wallpaper is a decent alternative to tiles. They look original and interesting. How to choose the right coating design for tiles in the interior? How is a small bathroom finished with liquid wallpaper or vinyl canvases?

The Combination Of Colors Of Curtains And Wallpaper In The Interior (77 Photos): How To Create An Up-to-date Design Of A Hall With Light Walls, How To Choose Furniture Of A Suitable Tone For The Living Room, Which Is In Harmony With Blue And Purple

The combination of colors of curtains and wallpaper in the interior plays an important role. How to create an up-to-date hall design with light walls? How to choose a beautiful ensemble for different styles? What rules should be followed in the selection of curtains and wallpapers?

How To Glue Wallpaper To The Ceiling? 44 Photos Sticking Ceiling Models On Your Own, Features Of Pasting, How To Properly Stick Two Types Of Coating

How to glue wallpaper to the ceiling? To cope with this task on your own, you need to study all the features of pasting. If you approached the preparation responsibly, gluing ceiling models can be a very exciting activity that will help transform your home beyond recognition

Wallpaper On The Ceiling (80 Photos): Ceiling Coverings In Interior Design, Modern Options For Ceilings, Pasted Over Under The Starry Sky

Today, you will not surprise anyone with wallpaper decorating the ceiling. What characteristics should ceiling coverings have and what role do they play in interior design? What are the modern ceiling options and how to choose the right coatings?

Green Wallpaper (64 Photos): What Models Are Suitable For The Walls In The Interior Of The Bedroom, With What Colors Canvases Of Dark And Light Shades With Stripes Are Combined

Green wallpapers will find their place in every home and style. Rooms can look completely different thanks to the large selection of shades and combinations of green. What models are suitable for walls in the interior of the bedroom and nursery? How to effectively decorate the living room with green shades and create a bright extraordinary kitchen?

Wallpaper For Painting (122 Photos): The Pros And Cons Of Non-woven Wall Coverings In The Interior, Vinyl Models On The Ceiling And Reviews

Wallpaper for painting can perfectly change the design of an apartment. What are the pros and cons of non-woven wall coverings in the interior? What stencils can be used to decorate the walls? Interesting design options

Wallpaper (141 Photos): Beautiful Models For Walls In The Room, Stereoscopic And Anti-vandal Wall Coverings, Types Of Products For The Home

Wallpaper is a popular wall covering that can transform the interior. How to choose the right model for the walls in the room? What rules should be followed when combining wallpaper? Stereoscopic and anti-vandal wall coverings, as well as other stylish and popular options are discussed in this article

Wallpaper Roberto Cavalli (44 Photos): Panels And Print "leopard" In The Interior Design Of The Living Room, Reviews

Roberto Cavalli designer wallpapers surprise with tropical and extravagant leopard motifs, original prints and panels. How to harmoniously fit them into the interior design of the living room and other rooms? What do the reviews say about this wallpaper?

Drawings With Liquid Wallpaper (43 Photos): How To Make Images Of Flowers And Wood In The Interior On The Wall Using Stencils

Drawings with liquid wallpaper - what is the technique for making them? How to make pictures of flowers and wood in the interior on the wall? And will it also work for those who are not professional artists? These and other interesting details about the spectacular coating

Yellow Wallpaper (55 Photos): What Curtains Are Suitable For Delicate Shades For The Walls, How To Choose Beautiful Combinations With Black And Red, Examples In The Interior Of The Room

Yellow wallpaper is a complex technique for interior stylistics. How to harmoniously fit a unique cladding into the space? What kind of curtains match the delicate shades of yellow for the walls?

How To Glue Wallpaper In The Corners? Where To Start, How To Properly Stick Wallpaper With A Pattern In A Room, Pasting External And Internal Corners, How To Cover Uneven Walls

How to glue wallpaper in the corners of a room? Where to start wallpapering? How to properly stick wallpaper with a pattern in a room, how to combine an ornament or a strip?

How To Align The Walls Under The Wallpaper? How To Align In An Apartment With Your Own Hands, What Materials Are Needed For Alignment, Stages Of Work

Among the large number of building materials, it is not always easy to decide how to align the walls under the wallpaper. What kind of leveling mixtures are there? How do you align the walls in an apartment with your own hands? What are the advantages and disadvantages of different materials?

Black And White Wallpaper (91 Photos): A Combination Of Wall Coverings With A Black Pattern Or Flowers In The Room, Models With A White Pattern Or Striped, Ideas-2021 In The Interior

Black and white wallpaper is a trendy design option in a modern interior. What are the features of these colors? How to choose the right combination of wall coverings with black patterns or colors in the room?

White Wallpaper (60 Photos): Options With A Silver And Red Pattern For The Walls In The Living Room, Canvases With A Stone Pattern In A Modern Interior

White wallpaper allows you to create a variety of stylish interiors. What are the benefits of snow white coatings? What types of wallpaper are on the market? Are silver and red designs suitable for living room walls? What is the best wallpaper for the bedroom?

Wallpaper Victoria Stenova (36 Photos): Non-woven Wall Wallpaper And Options For Painting In The Interior, Reviews

Victoria Stenova wallpaper - author's canvases for decorating walls indoors. What are the features of non-woven wallpaper and paintable options? What kind of reviews do consumers of the products of this brand leave? Beautiful options for using wallpaper in the interior

Adhesive For Non-woven Wallpaper: Which Adhesive Composition For Non-woven-based Coatings Is Better - "Quelyd" Or "Methylane", Wallpaper "Moment", Reviews

Today, a wide variety of wallpaper adhesives is available on the domestic market. If you choose a non-woven coating, you must definitely know which adhesive is best. Which glue for non-woven wallpaper is best suited - Quelyd, Metylan, Exclusive, or maybe another manufacturer's glue?

Decorative Painting Of Walls (37 Photos): Painting Wallpaper With Your Own Hands, Methods Of Applying Paint With A Roller, Examples In The Apartment

Do-it-yourself decorative painting of walls as an alternative to professional repair. Coloring wallpaper with your own hands and the methods of applying paint with a roller are original for all their simplicity of application as a basis for creating your own design

Walls For Painting In The Interior (63 Photos): Painted Walls In The Design Of An Apartment And A House, Design Ideas For Decorating A Bedroom In Different Colors

Paintable walls in the interior look very stylish and attractive. Painted walls in the design of an apartment and a house are recommended today by many eminent designers. What ideas to apply to different rooms?

How To Paint The Walls In An Apartment With Your Own Hands? 70 Photos: How To Remove Paint Correctly, How To Decorate The Walls In The Bathroom In An Original Way

Painting the walls is a simple and inexpensive procedure that allows you to easily and inexpensively update your apartment renovation, and with the right approach, make it stylish. How to paint the walls in an apartment with your own hands and what tools are needed for this? How to remove paint correctly?

Painting Walls (81 Photos): Options And Examples Of Painting Structures For An Apartment, What Color Is Better To Paint Concrete Walls

Do-it-yourself painting of the walls of an apartment is a responsible process. How to properly prepare surfaces and how to paint? What is the best enamel color to use? Variants and examples of painting structures in an apartment will help you create your own unique interior

Grout Consumption For Tile Joints Per 1m2: How Much Fugue Is Needed Per 1 M2, Calculation Of The Rate, How To Calculate Correctly

The consumption of grout for joints per 1 m2 of tiles can be calculated independently if you follow the advice of experts. Are there fugue consumption rates? How much fugue do you need per 1 m2? How should the rate be calculated? What is the correct method to calculate the amount of grout mixture? Does the size of the tiles and their thickness affect the grout consumption per m2?

Corner For Tiles (42 Photos): External Plastic, Aluminum And Metal Corners For Ceramic Products

Tile corner: what types of products are there? External plastic profiles: how to choose? Aluminum and metal corners for ceramic products: the pros of using

Feldhaus Clinker: Clinker Tile Sizes, Advantages And Finishes With Feldhaus Klinker

Feldhaus clinker tiles are perfect for decorating the facades of the house. The advantages and types of finishes with Feldhaus Klinker materials will help fulfill any design idea. What is clinker and what are the sizes of clinker tiles? What product range does the manufacturer offer? What are the differences between popular series?

Wallpaper Maxwall (26 Photos): Models On Vinyl And Non-woven Basis In The Interior, Reviews

Maxwall wallpaper: an overview of popular collections. Why are vinyl and non-woven models good? What wallpaper to choose for the interior decoration of the living room and nursery? What reviews do customers leave about the company's products?

Wallpaper For Venetian Plaster (35 Photos): Which Is Better For The Corridor, Italian Light Options For Painting In The Interior

Venetian plaster wallpaper is an alternative to the popular plaster mix. What are the advantages and disadvantages of such coatings? What varieties are best for the corridor? How to make the right choice of coverage

Mosaic Tiles For The Bathroom (94 Photos): Design In The Room, Tile Countertops, Mosaic Stretch Marks, Choose A Cheap Option

Bathroom mosaic tiles allow you to decorate this room in a variety of styles. What design would be appropriate for this room? How to include tile countertops and mosaic stretch marks in the interior?

Calculation Of Tiles: How To Calculate The Number Of Ceramic Tiles, How Much Is Needed For Laying, How Many Tiles Are Required On The Wall

How to calculate the number of ceramic tiles for bathroom or toilet renovation? Calculation of tiles in various ways. How many tiles do you need for a simple installation? How is diagonal styling different from herringbone styling?

Tile Golden Tile: Ukrainian Ceramic Wall Coverings, Reviews

Tile Golden Tile is quite popular today. What Ukrainian ceramic wall coverings are better to choose? What reviews does this tile have? How to choose it correctly?

Grout For Tiles (69 Photos): How To Choose A White Joint For The Seams Of A Tile Surface, How To Select By Color

Tile grout is necessary when facing surfaces with tiles or ceramics. How to choose a white joint for the seams of the tile surface in the bathroom? How to select a mixture by color for different shades of tiles?

Ceresit Tile Grout (26 Photos): The Color Scheme Of The Joint Compound, The Color Palette, Moisture-resistant White Options

Ceresit tile grout is very popular. What is the color range of Ceresit joint compounds? What shades are included in the main color palette? How to choose the right type of tile grout? What to consider when choosing?

Tile "hog" (45 Photos): Wall Ceramic White And Green Tiles, Options In Size 10x20

It is difficult to imagine a modern interior without ceramics, the "hog" tile is especially good. Which type to choose for the kitchen and which one for the bathroom? It can be white and green ceramic wall tiles or 10x20 cm options

Travertine Tile (33 Photos): Travertine Stone In The Interior, Wall Ceramic Tiles From The Travertino Beige Collection From The VitrA Brand

Today one of the most demanded solutions, slightly differing in price from ceramic tiles, is travertine tiles. How does the travertine stone look in the interior? What are the preferred tile flooring colors?

Brick-like Gypsum Tiles (46 Photos): White Decorative Tiles For Interior Decoration, Apartment And House Decor

Brick-like gypsum tiles are very often used in modern interiors. What should be white decorative tiles for interior decoration? How to choose the right brick plaster tile?

Black And White Tiles (26 Photos): A Ceramic Surface With Staggered Squares In The Interior Of The Hallway

Black and white tiles are always relevant. In what rooms is it most often used? What methods of laying diachrome tiles are there? How to decorate the interior in black and white so that it does not seem gloomy? What furniture is appropriate in a black and white room?

Tile "Gzhel" (23 Photos): Ceramic Surface In Interior Design

Gzhel tiles have a characteristic blue and white floral pattern. The ceramic surface is durable, durable, moisture and chemical resistant. How to use it in interior design?

Decorative Tiles (58 Photos): Ceramic Wall Surface In The Interior, Products For Interior Wall Decoration

Decorative gypsum tiles are a great alternative to ceramic wall surfaces in the interior. In what rooms can this tile be used? What types of decor look beautiful?